Prediction for the fight Jan Blachovic vs Glover Teixeira

History is cyclical, and this also applies to mixed martial arts. Until recently, it was difficult to imagine that the UFC would return to old school times, when fighters who today, at the same age, would have long admired gloves hanging from a nail, fought for the championship of the promotion. However, thanks to the efforts of the Brazilian mastodon Glover Teixeira, this has become a reality. Over the past three years, he has stopped five tough opponents, which gave him the chance to win the league title at 42 and take second place to Randy Couture in the ranking of the oldest fighters to ever win the organization. True, it will definitely not be easy for him to do this, because his obstacle on this path is Jan Blakhovich, who is now at the peak of his form.

Jan Blachovic vs Glover Teixeira

Jan Blachovic

Seventh in the official rankings regardless of weight class and champion of the league in light heavyweight, as well as the former champion title in 205 pounds of the KSW promotion. He has developed skills in Muay Thai and Judo, as well as a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The initial stage of the Pole's professional career fell mainly on the KSW organization, in which he had 15 fights. During his six years in its walls, he won the Grand Prix three times and on the second attempt won the champion belt in the light heavyweight category, which he later defended lightweight twice and thereby made the last step towards starting work with Dana White.

Despite all its promising and potential, in the first time after signing into the UFC roster, the athlete showed frankly not the best results and won only two victories with four defeats. It is not known what he did to himself after that, but over the next three years, his record was replenished with seven victories and only one failure, as a result of which he received a title chance, which he successfully used, having spent the first defense of the title in the last appearance.


The athlete is one of those rare representatives of light heavy and heavy weight who are able to work effectively both at a distance, and in clicks, and in the stalls. In fact, it was the all-round development considered to be a good quality for his division that made him a champion who is ready to defend the title from any challenger.

A few years ago, a Pole could easily be attributed to any category of fighters with the exception of punchers. However, as often happens, with age, he discovered in himself the ability to send a counterpart to the world of dreams, which he successfully used in three of his last five speeches.


As practice has shown, the athlete copes well with jitters, which, however, does not save him from those who have been actively studying wrestling skills all their lives. And the reason for this is simple - unlike those who like to carry out submissions, wrestlers a priori have strong transfers and control in the ground, which he cannot always cope with.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

In anticipation of the matchup under consideration, the athlete has a series of victories over Luke Rockhold, Ronaldo Sousa, Corey Anderson, Dominic Reis and Israel Adesanya. About eight months have passed since his last appearance in the cage, while in preparation he completed a four-month camp.

Jan Blachovic vs Glover Teixeira

Glover Teixeira

Number 1 of the official rankings and former contender for the champion title of the promotion in the light heavyweight division. He has an impressive experience in boxing, as well as black belts of the second and fifth degrees of mastery in such martial arts as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kazukenbo, respectively.

Before becoming a UFC fighter, Teixeira fought nearly two dozen fights in various American and Brazilian organizations, in which he collected a 17-2 record and won the South American Shooto League title in the 220 lb. division. Having become a fighter of the best promotion in the world, he gave out five victories in a row and naturally entered the title fight, in which, however, he crashed devastatingly from John Jones, after which he could not recover for a long time. In the next four years, the athlete won five victories with four defeats and was one step away from losing the contract. However, as is often the case with representatives of the light heavyweight, he only became stronger with age and, having almost exchanged his fifties, began to demolish one vis-a-vis after another, collecting since then a series of five victories.


In addition to the second degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the veteran has a silver and gold medal at the World Grappling Championships held by the ADCC. Of course, with such merits, he is very dangerous on the ground, where he is distinguished by good tenacity and advanced submission skills.

As is the case with any other sport, mixed martial arts is not only about skills, but also about character, which often covers all the shortcomings. The veteran was on the verge of defeat more than once, but he always showed the will to win and got out of difficult situations, thereby establishing himself as a psychologically strong fighter.


Over the past few years, the athlete has entered the octagon with the same drawback, which each time leaves an ever more noticeable imprint on his performance - this is his age. As the oldest active light heavyweight in the league, he is characterized by sluggishness, stamina problems and stamina drawdowns.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

By analogy with his counterpart, the veteran approaches this meeting on a series of five victories, which were won by him in duels against Karl Roberson, Ion Kutselaba, Nikita Krylov, Anthony Smith and Thiago Santos. A little less than a year has passed since his last performance, and he received four months to pass the camp.

Comparative analysis

With the same height, the champion surpasses his counterpart in arm span by five centimeters, which, although it is some kind of advantage, will not significantly affect the course of the battle. Which of the fighters is stronger in the stance is obvious. If earlier the challenger could still box quite well, now, due to age, there is nothing left of this ability. Blakhovich is more varied, stronger, faster, more accurate, better in defense and has no obvious problems with resilience. Even in his favorite clinch, the Brazilian is unlikely to be better, because he loses to his opponent in physical power. Whether it is a parterre. Teixeira is very dangerous in this aspect and, as he has repeatedly let us know, is capable of submission any fighter. However, there is one caveat here. All the last counterparts of the Brazilian, whom he easily disassembled on the ground, are basic average weights, while those who created serious difficulties for him - people from heavy weight. Obviously, the veteran's implementation of his grappling skills directly depends on the opponent's physical strength, which the Pole has in abundance. It is unlikely against this background that the champion will drag the challenger to the ground, but at the same time it is also unlikely that he will allow himself to be dragged there, having the necessary protection from transfers and physical data.

Jan Blachovic vs Glover Teixeira Fight Prediction

The victory of the Brazilian veteran will be a landmark event for the division, however, the likelihood that he will win it is minimal. In each of the last matchups he won, the challenger was worse than his counterpart in the standing position, and now this will not change. The champion, of course, is also not young, but is still fast, capable of exploding and pressing well, which is more than enough to interrupt the current Teixeira. At the same time, in our opinion, the physical strength of the Pole will become a stumbling block for the Brazilian, who will not be able to transfer him to the ground and will naturally suffer an early defeat accordingly. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Jan Blakhovich's victory KO / TKO.

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