Prediction for the fight Jamaal Hill vs Johnny Walker

Hill and Walker went through a fairly similar path in mixed martial arts, although their backgrounds are completely different. Both became champions in the regional leagues, then came to the Dana White Challenger Series, and, having won bright victories, got into the UFC roster. Now, matchmakers have brought them together in the co-main event of the UFC Fight Night 201 tournament, where the main chairman of the division's top ten will be determined.

Johnny, as if on a carousel, either takes off very high, then falls sharply down, giving out crushing knockouts, and going into them because of his own negligence. Against this background, the question arises: which of the guys will get the victory in the upcoming confrontation? Judging by the quotes of the bookmakers, the Brazilian finisher has long been withdrawn from the accounts, but in his case, it is quite difficult to be sure of any particular outcome.

Jamaal Hill vs Johnny Walker

Jamaal Hill

American fighter, occupies the 12th line of the rating table. In this case, we can say that Jamaal started fighting "the other day". His career kicked off in 2017, after years in basketball, and so far, he's had 11 fights and only once lost to seasoned veteran Paul Craig. At the same time, he has the status of the champion of the KnockOut Promotions organization, and a worthy victory in the Challenger Series.

Hill has already dealt with former title contender Ovince Saint Preux and his top weight champion, Jimmy Cool. By the way, he also, like his future counterpart, had experience in the heavyweight division, but he never gained much weight, remaining a maneuverable and “compact” heavyweight.


Jamaal is a techie and has never put any emphasis on taking down an opponent with a single blow. This guy is good with his hands, skillfully combining them with legs, which every now and then strive to fly into the opponent's liver. It is the serial work on each tier that gives him the opportunity to pass through the deaf protection of the fighter standing opposite him.

You can't give Hill the award for the best footwork in the division, but he really does a good job of playing a supporting role when opponents get fed up with his attacks. Timely backward movement, a side-shift counter strike, and an instant burst with a combo is a feature that Jamaal uses in many fights. And even considering his size, he manages to remain very fast and agile.

Almost half of his few performances, this guy ended up with referee decisions. And it is worth noting that this did not affect their quality in any way. We are talking here even about five-round battles, where "Sweet Dreams" looked pretty confident.


Such a hint, perhaps, sounds most often from the corner of any fighter. And Jamaal in this moment, also often sins. Taking full control of the situation, he is ready to keep his hands at waist level and bomb the enemy in series, but sometimes such carelessness led him to the resulting damage, which could be easily avoided.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Hill is 30 years old and his last appearance in the octagon dates back to December 2021. A 3-1 record in the UFC indicates that this athlete is on the right track, and given his time at a high level, it can be said that he is just getting started. If the victory over Saint Preux looks unconvincing, due to the age of the veteran, then the young Root was on the floor after 48 seconds, so Jamaal is growing, and from fight to fight he demonstrates his achievements from the hall in the cage.

Jamaal Hill vs Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker

The Rio native rounds out the top 10 in the light heavyweight division. For 9 years in mixed martial arts, Johnny had experience in absolute weight, where he even got to the championship fight in the Brazilian SFC league, and after moving to 93 kg, he became the champion in the Ultimate Challenge, and then noted in the Belgian European Beatdown promotion, also acquiring there with a belt.

Walker's fighting arsenal consists of Muay Thai, which is his basic discipline, and BJJ (brown belt). However, based on the athlete's record, it remains to state the fact that on the ground he does not show himself from the best side, putting most of his efforts into improving the stance. Although there, Johnny's gross mistakes led him to knockout defeats even from wrestlers.


It is impossible to characterize in what style the Brazilian fights. He constantly pulls the opponent, deceives with fake jerks, reminiscent of the starting movement of a strike, and waves his arms, completely knocking down the normal course of the fight. And this is undoubtedly a big plus, because working with such an opponent is a serious problem for any athlete.

It’s not for nothing that Walker devoted a certain part of his career to heavyweight performances. He is very large, has long limbs and a short body, due to which he can instantly change the distance in battle. And its natural strength allows not only to soar up with a flying knee, but also to lay counterparts on the floor from a half-kilometer distance.


The explosive style of work and a lot of moving around the octagon deprive the big guys of energy and Johnny was no exception. He himself is a hostage of his own manner of fighting and from time to time the 1st round is enough for him to get exhausted.

The Brazilian showed himself well in episodes where he could go forward, and did not experience pressure from the enemy. But when they start working with him, depriving him of space for maneuvers and throwing blows, then all Walker's shortcomings are exposed. Long arms become a hindrance in a dead defense, and confusion over missed punches makes him err even more, backing away in a senseless attempt to hit the target, being shocked.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Johnny is only 29 years old, he last fought in October last year, where he lost in a five-round war to Thiago Santos. Before that, the athlete had a victory over Ryan Spann, but Corey Anderson and Nikita Krylov also turned out to be an insurmountable barrier for the Brazilian, moreover, each in an unusual aspect for himself - the wrestler Corey knocked him out, and the drummer Krylov lay on the ground. One gets the feeling that Walker cannot get on the same track and find himself. It is not known whether these are mental problems or the inability to work harmoniously with the team and listen to it, but it is too early to say that this guy is already finished.

Comparative analysis

As before, starting with anthropometry, we note that Walker looks preferable in this pair, because not only is he 7 cm ahead of the enemy in arm span, but also due to the ability to quickly change the distance, he can create a gap in centimeters from this , a big problem. In the early minutes, Johnny's randomness works great, and he's been able to repeatedly finish his opponents at the start, breaking the patterns of scouting and reading the opponent's reactions, with a unique approach to preparing attacks. However, with a certain frequency, his own chips begin to play against him, and a techie like Jamaal will definitely be able to maintain a safe distance for himself until the lanky Brazilian plays enough.

In the stand, they are equally dangerous for each other, because Hill's protracted series will not allow Walker to calmly wait in an ambush, and his knockout blow will slightly reduce the ardor of the American at the start. As for the parterre, it will not come to him, because both of them know how to work from above, but no one wants to be on the back, therefore it is worth waiting for attempts to transfer only if someone misses a lot and swims. So it turns out that cold calculation, slowness and a competent game plan will play a key role in this fight, and Johnny, as we know, is not famous for any of the above.

Jamaal Hill vs Johnny Walker Fight Prediction

The co-main event of February's penultimate tournament is almost equal in age, but at very different stages in their careers. Whereas Walker has already been in trouble, has fought many tops, and has shown his best at the moment, Hill is just getting closer to these positions, and his peak of form is yet to come. Given Johnny's past experience, he has always had problems with guys like Jamaal. His tidy work, high activity, ability to slowly wear down his opponents with body kicks, and unwillingness to go into mindless exchanges, can lead to the Brazilian being dismantled in the distance, or even dropping in the end of the meeting, once again not having calculated his strength for the rounds. There is no doubt that he has that knockout punch which has its own weight in every fight. Also unpredictable knees and elbows coming from different positions can end anytime, but between chance and regularity I have to choose the latter, therefore Jamaal Hill's victory is more likely than Walker's 'lakipunch'. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Jamaal Hill win

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