Prediction for the fight Movsar Yevloyev vs Iliya Topuria

The UFC featherweight division has stalled with the same challengers fighting the same champions. Only “young blood” can breathe something new into this category, and Movsar Yevloyev, together with Ilya Topuria, have every chance to be among the top weight groups up to 66 kg in the shortest possible time. Their clash will take place at UFC 270, and the intrigue in this fight is just crazy.

The guys do not know defeats in their professional careers, both are very close to the TOP-10, and most importantly, the level of their skills allows them to compete with opponents from any kind of martial arts. Who will prolong their winning streak, and which of the participants will manage to enter the opposition of a qualitatively new level, you will find out in our forecast.

Movsar Yevloyev vs Iliya Topuria

Movsar Yevloyev

Ingush occupies the 13th place in the top of the division, and also comes from Greco-Roman wrestling. He has the title of master of sports in this discipline, which, in fact, helped him to win the title of champion of the Russian league M-1 Challenge, in 2017 (2 defenses in the bantamweight). Before signing in the UFC, Yevloyev delighted fans with frequent finishes, but after that he draws fights at the expense of referee cards.

Movsar shows amazing consistency in the cage, he always hears corners well, and never deviates from his plan for a fight. Thanks to this, albeit sometimes not very successfully, he pulled out victories in confrontations with fighters of the level of Nick Lenz, which is already worth a lot. At the same time, the athlete also remains undefeated in the professionals.


In his speeches, Evloyev relies on the fight, carrying out an average of 4 takedowns per fight. Good control, endurance and muscle mass allow him to work out full distance, preventing opponents from working, either in stance or from behind on the ground. Although he can take part in notches, but only if the opponent does not surpass him in speed - this indicator for Movsar is far from the best in the division. Thanks to anthropometry, a Russian can afford to smash an opponent from afar, if he does not lend itself to translations (the fight with Mike Grundy is direct evidence of this).


Despite the normal level of striking technique, Evloyev can not be attributed to either knockouts or gamers, rather it is about superiority in size - only under this condition, he can show something. Another drawback that greatly affects the quality of the performance of this fighter is the inability to adapt to the opponent during the fight. Blind adherence to the plan for the fight, even if everything did not go as planned, creates unnecessary difficulties for him.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Movsar is 27 years old, his winning streak consists of an impressive 15 victories, and in 2021, he had 2 appearances, beating Nick Lenz and Hakim Douda. Before them, the athlete passed the aforementioned Mike Grundy and Enrique Barzola. Note that, having burst into the top, Evloev seemed to stop showing growth in performance, his fights became more boring, and it seemed as if he was in a crisis, although at this age and at this stage of his career, such things should not happen.

Movsar Yevloyev vs Iliya Topuria

Iliya Topuria

At this stage of his career, Ilya is not included in the UFC TOP 15. Starting with Greco-Roman wrestling, he became a representative of the new MMA school, thanks to which he improved his skills in all respects, and started from European tournaments as a professional. Topuria is the champion of the Spanish MFE league, but apart from that, he could have won the Cage Warriors title in the category up to 61 kg, but did not make the weight.

After his debut in league number 1, the athlete did not deal with eminent opponents, and his best achievement was a victory over a native of the TUF show - Ryan Hall. Elijah, has established himself as a bright finisher, who rarely spends more than one round in a cage. Although in single protracted fights, his cardio was enough to give a spectacular fight.


The three pillars that hold Elijah's style are: power, good wrestling, and sharp strikes. He is quite successful in translations, and each of his fights is accompanied, if not by a knockout, then by hard work on the ground floor. In addition to the ground-and-pound, he can always offer the opponent access to submissions, and if all this does not work, then due to power hits, the fighter crushes any resistance in his direction.


If you do not touch on technical aspects, the main problem of the Spaniard is the absence of fights with the top opposition and questions about cardio, because there are two big differences to spend 3 rounds with a middle peasant and a serious opponent. Otherwise, the main shoals of the athlete will be more obvious with the increase in the level of the counterpart.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Topuria is only 24 years old, he goes on a streak of 11 wins, as previously mentioned - he has no defeats in his career, and the last time he fought on July 11, at UFC 264. There he defeated the aforementioned Hall, having previously dismantled Damon Jackson and Yousef Zalal ( 2020). Ilya has just started his way in mixed martial arts, because it is quite normal that from fight to fight, he shows an increasing set of skills, and most importantly, he does not just strive to fill statistics, always going out to performances against good opponents.

Comparative analysis

As before, let's start with anthropometry, especially since the situation here is quite interesting. With an identical height, the guys have a serious spread in the span of the arms - 184 cm Movsar, versus 175 cm for Topuria. Interestingly, the dimensions of athletes are also common: Ilya is leaner and more muscular, while Evloev is rounded, puffy and voluminous. Even despite the same base in martial arts, both promote completely different fighting styles. The Russian is pragmatic, does not recognize risk, and uses in a duel what he does best - he fights.

At the same time, Elijah is explosive, likes to finish the opposition in the first 5 minutes of the meeting, and has good knowledge of grappling and BJJ, having cannon strikes as a safety net. However, unlike him, Movsar has already demonstrated that he is ready to work all 15 minutes at a good pace, so Topuria has a chance to surprise everyone, moreover, both in a good way and in a bad way - tired after the equator of the meeting. And in wrestling, they use their trump cards in absolutely different ways, because the native of Georgia loves ground-and-paud with submissions, while the Ingush lies with their counterparts until their last breath, looking for an opportune moment to quickly lower him to the ground from the rack.

Movsar Yevloyev vs Iliya Topuria Fight Prediction

Putting together all the strengths and weaknesses of the guys, we can safely conclude that none of them will just give up their "0" in the column of defeats. Both are versatile, tech-savvy, and can set a good pace from the start. But, Topuria will do everything possible to endorse Evloyev in 1-1.5 rounds, moreover, in a standing position, because on the ground it is not the best idea to compete with such a large opponent. Yes, and in the UFC so far no one has been able to transfer Elijah to the ground, only he dealt exclusively with the second-rate opposition, no offense to them was told.

At the same time, Movsar should not stay on his feet, since his opponent perfectly reduces the distance, shoots the body and head, and then leaves there, performing maneuvers at high speeds. Simply put, if the fight goes to the ground, Evloyev has more chances of winning, especially when it comes to the later rounds, and he has less chances in his hands, even despite his superiority in reach. As a result, taking into account all the moments, it is more likely that Topuria will win here, but if he does not drop his counterpart at the start, the meeting will become protracted, because as an option, I recommend using a bet on the total of rounds. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Victory of Topuria / Total over 2.5

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