Prediction for the fight Rafael Fiziev vs Brad Ridell

The chance to see two high-profile drummers from different parts of the world confrontation in the UFC Octagon is too rare to miss the clash of Rafael Fiziev against Brad Ridell. Both managed to gain a status in percussion martial arts and now these two are planning to measure their skills in the cage, because the opportunity to get into the top ten is at stake, or to fight with one of its representatives.

The fighters will act as the co-main event of UFC on ESPN 31, and on December 5th fans will be able to enjoy the spectacle that the Kyrgyz and New Zealand athletes show in every performance. Regardless of the bookmaker's quotes, we expect an extremely competitive fight, and which of the guys has more chances to win - let's figure it out in our detailed forecast.

Rafael Fiziev vs Brad Ridell

Rafael Fiziev

The representative of Kyrgyzstan ranks 14th in the lightweight division rating. Before his debut in MMA, and in parallel with performances in this discipline, he had a successful career in Muay Thai. He won the title of champion of his native country, Kazakhstan, and then reached a higher level, having won a number of prizes in competitions from IFMA, and became an intercontinental champion. Training takes place in several rooms, including Tiger Muay Thai.

Rafael fell in love with UFC fans and management for the kind of show he managed to put on in his performances. Bias, daring style, a little antics, talking with the opponent - all this the athlete brought to MMA from Muay Thai. And at the moment, in 5 fights he fought in the top league, Fiziev was awarded three times for performances and fights of the evening.


Rafael is now at a stage in his career where his technical skills are brought to the level of "master", and his chin can easily withstand heavy hits. That is why an athlete can afford to give out an intricate combination in order to give a spectacular performance, and miss something in response. But the audience is delighted with his dodges, kicks and furious ligaments from both hands.

Fiziev penetrates less than half of the total number of blows into the opponent's head. He perfectly distributes the damage done to the body and legs, doing it all at the same time - combining work.

Considering that only drummers fought with this guy, it would be strange if he was on the ground with them. However, the fact remains - Rafael is getting away from takedowns well, and so far no one has been able to knock him to the ground.


The only minus that could be noticed behind Fiziev (considering that he did not fight with wrestlers, and new "nuances" may still be revealed) is his cardio. The athlete goes all-in from the first seconds, does not skimp on heavy blows, which exhausts him on average in 1.5-2 rounds.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Rafael is only 28 years old, out of 11 professional fights he has only 1 loss (4-1 UFC), and that two years ago to Magomed Mustafayev. The rest (Mark Diakesi, Renato Moikano and Bobby Green), he was able to pass, though in an extreme duel, Fiziev's poor endurance almost became the reason for his defeat for him. At the same time, the athlete is in excellent shape, he is clearly improving and demonstrating success in striking technique, so one should expect from him no less high-quality performance than usual.

Rafael Fiziev vs Brad Ridell

Brad Ridell

The New Zealander is on the 12th line of the rating table. He also has tremendous experience in Muay Thai and kickboxing, and he fought in the Glory, One Championship, and regional leagues, where Brad became the champion several times. Moving to MMA, Ridell won the Wollongong Wars title, lifting 77 kg, and then signed to the UFC.

To become a full-fledged mixfighter, the Auckland native made a bet on wrestling, and now, with each new performance, he makes everyone understand that it is time to start respecting his work on the ground. It is worth noting that in kickboxing, his record was 59-10, and in mixed martial arts, 10-1, and he just started.


Brad's trick is that he always works for sure, kicks a little, and focuses on techniques that allow him to minimize the damage he takes. The main target is the enemy's head (72% of the total number of hits), and it is really possible to see low-kicks performed by him only a few times during a battle.

When it came to the development of wrestling skills, there was no expectation that Ridell suddenly began to do painful, he just learned to control the opponent well on the ground, openly "lay" him, without taking any serious active actions.

Brad's current cardio raises no questions - he works out 15 minutes at a high pace flawlessly. At the same time, the fighter is even able to increase his pace by the 3rd round, fully revealing his potential.


Ridell is not doing the best in the role of the second number, especially for the parterre, although there he is unlikely to be in a fight with Fiziev. Nevertheless, he needs room to maneuver, so at the start of the meeting, under severe pressure, his technique may not be fully revealed.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Brad is 30 years old, he goes on a series of 7 victories, and in the last fights he took apart Drew Dober, Alex Coelho and Magomed Mustafayev. Since joining the UFC, this athlete has shown an impressive rate of progress, so there is no doubt that in the next couple of years, we will see him at the top among the best lightweights in the organization. And taking into account the regularity of performances, the minimum downtime between fights will provide him with a quick ascent.

Comparative analysis

The rivals are absolutely equal in size and anthropometry, so no one will have any advantage in this regard. But their styles, despite the identical base, are completely different. If Fiziev can be attributed to the swashbucklers pursuing quick finishes (even if this does not always work out), to such fighters of the "first round", to put it bluntly, then Ridell is a completely different character. He is ready to look for a target for a long time, gain points, and even dry out the fight to achieve a positive result.

The New Zealander will be more accurate in the stand, but Rafael is more dangerous at the start. As for the parterre, here we should not expect Brad's colossal advantage - protection from takedowns will definitely play a big role, at least until our fighter is exhausted. But at this point we will dwell in more detail. If we take the general picture, then the chances of winning here are 50-50, only if the fight crosses its equator, the forces will begin to lose their equality, and it is Ridell who will take the lead. He is able to rework his counterpart, and even finish him at the end of the confrontation, therefore, in comparison, Fiziev is clearly inferior to his opponent, both in terms of skills in the ground and in physical condition.

Rafael Fiziev vs Brad Ridell Fight Prediction

In any case, the audience will get incredible pleasure from the collision of two high-level drummers. And if you face it, Brad should be the favorite here, not the other way around. Most likely, he will try to exhaust Rafael at the start of the meeting, he will avoid outright hacks, where he can get caught in a heavy blow, and will turn on in the second half of the fight. Further, Fiziev will begin to sag, if he suddenly fails to show a completely different form (and most likely, he will not succeed). Therefore, we consider Brad Ridell as the winner, whose parterre and cardio, along with the general accuracy and quality of work, look preferable. In addition, there is confidence that Raphael will withstand all the allotted five minutes, so the bet on the total of rounds should also come in. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Brad Ridell Win / Total Rounds (Total Over 2.5)

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