Prediction for the fight Alexander Volkov vs Marcin Tybura

A large fee, worldwide popularity, a title shot - none of this can motivate a fighter to perform better than the prospect looming on the horizon to be left without a contract due to unsatisfactory results. And the career path of Marcin Tybura perfectly confirms this. Having found himself on the verge of losing his place in the UFC two years ago, today the Pole is leading a streak of five victories and, moreover, has every chance of becoming the next contender for the title chance. But in order to do this, first he must beat Alexander Volkov, who had previously lost the fight for the interim champion title and now clearly does not intend to roll back to the margins of the official league rankings, as a result of which the opposition of athletes scheduled for the expected UFC 267 tournament on October 30 promises to become one of the best fights of the evening.

Alexander Volkov vs Marcin Tybura

Alexander Volkov

Number 5 in the official heavyweight promotion ranking and former M-1 Global and Bellator champion in the same weight class. He has brown belts in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and karate-kyokushinkai, which he learns from school, as well as a black belt in tsu shin gen.

During the first few years, the athlete fought in various Russian organizations, in which he collected a 16-3 record at that time. Feeling the readiness to conquer new heights, he flew to the USA, where, when choosing a new job, he settled on Bellator. And he did not lose, because in just the first three fights within the walls of the league, the Russian won the Grand Prix and won the absolute championship, becoming famous all over the world. But in the very first defense, he was stripped of the title through the efforts of his compatriot Vitaly Minakov, after which he could not return it. At the same time, in parallel with attempts to regain his former positions, the fighter became the champion of the M-1 Global promotion, which not only smoothed out the negative impression of his latest results at that time, but also provided a place in the UFC, where he won seven victories with three defeats since signing...


In his performances, the prospect uses skills from a variety of martial arts, but karate is a key one. Thanks to his sophisticated technique, he is distinguished by high accuracy of hits, and is also able to carry out prolonged combinations, which are often the last thing his rivals see due to tonnage.

Size and especially height, in which he surpasses all active fighters of the promotion, is one of the key features of the athlete. And not because it exists, but because, unlike some of his other colleagues, he knows very well how to use them, being a fighter with whom it is very difficult to close the distance.


Lately, the prospect has repeatedly stated that his ground game is enough to resist the top grapplers on the ground. But practice shows that this is not so, because it can still be translated and controlled, albeit not as often and for a long time as before.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

The Russian will enter the confrontation under consideration after the defeat from Cyril Gan, before suffering which he defeated Greg Hardy, Walt Harris and Alistair Overeem, and also turned out to be weaker than Curtis Blades. Four months have passed since his last battle, and he was given three months to complete the camp.

Alexander Volkov vs Marcin Tybura

Marcin Tybura

The ninth number in the official ranking of the organization in the heavyweight division, as well as the grand prix winner and former champion of the M-1 Global promotion in the same weight category. He has good Muay Thai skills and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt.

Like most of his compatriots, the prospect comes from the Polish leagues, in which he, however, spent a minimum of time. With a record of 6-0 collected in a year, he decided to leave his native land and went to the M-1 Global organization, where he replenished his asset with the previously named regalia, which together provided him with the coveted ticket to the UFC. Despite a good start, soon after signing into the roster, the athlete began to lose one fight after another and was one step away from losing the contract, but, realizing all the negative consequences of this development of events, he rallied himself and since that moment won five victories in a row.


The Pole cannot be called a high-class grappler, which, nevertheless, does not negate the fact that he has good wrestling skills at his disposal. Especially strong in this aspect of combat, he is distinguished by the ability to knit opponents in a clinch, tenacious control on the ground and a powerful ground and pound..

Tybura is one of those fighters who can look completely exhausted, but still work actively. In his career, he has repeatedly covered a distance of three rounds and five rounds and almost never lost against the end, which only confirms the above.


The main problem of the prospectus was and remains the relatively low speed of work, from which several disadvantages logically follow. First of all, this is defense in a standing position, which became the reason for his several knockout defeats, as well as difficulties in interrupting and transferring high-speed opponents to the ground.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Today, the athlete is on a streak of five victories, which he won over Sergey Spivak, Maxim Grishin, Ben Rothwell, Greg Hardy and Walt Harris. On the eve of the fight with the Russian, he has a three-month camp and a five-month break under his belt.

Comparative analysis

As one of the largest fighters among all currently active heavyweights, Volkov, as expected, surpasses his counterpart in size, having an advantage over him in reach and growth by 5 and 10 centimeters, respectively. And this is a good argument, considering that the Russian is better in the standing position in all respects. He is faster, more technical and more accurate, as well as much stronger in pressing and combination work. It is more than obvious that the Pole will not be able to win this confrontation on his feet and will try to transfer it through the clinch to the ground, where he has, though not strong, but an advantage.

In theory, Tybura is able to implement this gameplay, but in practice he is unlikely to be able to. All those whom he transferred to the ground in more than a dozen fights in the promotion either have a weak ground game, or, on the contrary, are savvy in this aspect and were happy to be on the ground, giving takedowns at certain moments of their own free will. The Russian prospect will definitely not allow itself to be translated and has in its asset the skills of protection against transfers, which, together with its superiority in speed, should be enough to stop the opponent's grappling.

Alexander Volkov vs Marcin Tybura Fight Prediction

Recently, Tybura has shown noticeable progress in many aspects of combat. However, he would not have won any of those five fights without his fight, without which he would not have pulled the superior in the stance of any of his counterparts Russian. And in whatever form the Pole is now, in our opinion, his skills will not be enough to constantly fight Volkov. Moreover, he almost always experiences difficulties before pulling his opponent into a clinch and starting to work on transferring the fight to the ground, which may well turn out to be a premature defeat for him. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: victory for Alexander Volkov.

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