Prediction for the fight Mukhumat Vakhaev vs Tony Johnson

In the fall of 2020, Mukhumat Vakhaev, being the reigning champion of the ACA league in the heavyweight division, decided to leave the belt for career growth. But everything turned out in such a way that the fighter came back, and again won the right to challenge the title, which is now owned by Tony Johnson. The overweight American frightens his rivals with his striking power, but Vakhaev is ready to oppose him with his struggle. Their meeting will be the main event of ACA 132, and will be held within the absolute division. Who will take over? A tough drummer or a technical parterre master? We will understand this issue with the help of a detailed analysis of the participants in the fight.

Mukhumat Vakhaev vs Tony Johnson

Mukhumat Vakhaev

A fighter from Grozny is a basic sambist. He has the title of champion of the Rostov region in combat sambo, the status of champion of the Southern Federal District in mixed martial arts, as well as the first place in the Cup of Russia in MMA. In professional sports, Vakhaev was able to achieve equally impressive results, becoming the heavyweight champion of the ASA.

Muhumat played in such leagues as ProFC and ACB, where he met with a number of top opponents, including foreign prospectuses. Tanner Boser, who is now performing pretty well in the UFC, was also on the list. Now Vakhayev has only one task - to regain his belt.


Muhumat mastered the wrestling technique, which he fully implements in his performances. He puts great pressure on opponents, reducing their room for maneuvers, and then performs transfers, keeping them on the ground and clearly controlling all positions.

Control on the ground is good, but it is much better when a fighter knows how to go out on receptions, or to smash counterparts with pood fists. Vakhaev does not have any problems with this, which he clearly demonstrates in the cage.


A deficiency that an athlete cannot eliminate over the years is cardio. He is thrown out on average in two rounds, after which he has serious problems with opponents who are better than him in functionality. Immediately, Mukhumat's defense quality falls, which is why he can miss both the blow and the passage to the legs.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Vakhaev is only 31 years old, he is on a series of 8 victories, and in the last 3 fights, he defeated Sergei Bilostenny, Evgeny Goncharov and Rafael Pessoa ahead of schedule. The last loss of the athlete dates back to 2015, which testifies to the good physical and mental state of the fighter. Preparations lasting 2 months (the last fight took place on August 28), will allow Muhumat to reveal himself in this fight from the best side.

Mukhumat Vakhaev vs Tony Johnson

Tony Johnson

The American athlete belongs to the mixed martial arts fighters - this is exactly where he started, but he relies on striking technique in fights. During his long career, Tony became the champion of the KOTC organization, twice claimed the ACA belt, but only on the third attempt was he able to win it and now has one successful defense.

Johnson played under the auspices of ONE FC, Bellator, then fought a couple of times in Fight Nights, and during all this time, he had to fight with very strong opposition. Daniel Cormier, Tim Sylvia, Alexander Emelianenko, Vitaly Minakov, Cheik Congo - many domestic athletes can only dream of such a list of opponents. But, for the sake of fairness, we note that he lost to most of them.


Tony is one of those fighters who have to lift weights to meet the heavyweight limit. He is big, has serious knockout power, which he actively uses - more than half of the fights he won, he completed ahead of schedule.

When the opponent surpasses Johnson in speed, the American skillfully neutralizes this difference with clinching and work at the net. He knits vis-a-vis, hangs on him, thereby tiring.


To summarize, then Tony has a certain base in the fight, he can occupy dominant positions, and even has one victory by submission. But because of his own weight, it is difficult for him to rise from under the enemy, and there is no need to talk about active actions on the ground from the back. Controlling such an overweight fighter is pretty straightforward.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Johnson is 35 years old, he has 2 victories in a row (the last fight took place in April), and he fought with Evgeny Goncharov, Daniel Omelyanchuk and Dmitry Poberezhets. Tony has never been distinguished by high speeds and mobility, therefore it is not easy to judge his current form. But the fact remains - its power will always be a threat to any adversary.

Comparative analysis

In anthropometry, the guys have equality - Tony is a couple of centimeters taller, and Mukhumat's arm span is 2 cm larger. But their weight and physique are different, since the American weighs 125-130 kg, versus 112 kg, on average, for Vakhaev. From the advantages of the Russian, we single out speed, wrestling skills, good skill in terms of submission, as well as mobility. At the same time, Johnson can offer him his hooks, which he fly out with an enviable frequency, moreover, both at medium and close range.

Due to his weight, Tony may have superiority in clinching, but technique will play a key role in this aspect. Muhumat will bet on transfers, as usual, and due to the ideal balance, he will transfer the vis-a-vis to the ground. And there, from a position from above, he will have unlimited opportunities to work on the enemy. The only problem is that it is extremely difficult for the Hulk to finish, and this may be due to the lack of endurance that Vakhaev suffers from. That is why these two pose a serious danger to each other, one in a stance and the other on the ground.

Mukhumat Vakhaev vs Tony Johnson Fight Prediction

Taking into account all the pros and cons of the fighters, one conclusion suggests itself: a younger, faster and more technical fighter, with the greatest degree of probability, should rework a heavy and clumsy drummer. The same Vitaly Minakov showed that Tony does not pose a particular threat on his back, and it is quite possible to break him with his hands. Therefore, if Muhumat is able to realize his plan for the fight, and finish Johnson on the ground floor in the first two rounds, then he should not experience serious problems in this fight. However, it should always be remembered that the American's blows will easily shake Vakhayev, so in this case it is better to use two betting options. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Victory of Mukhumat Vakhaev / early completion of the fight by any of the fighters

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