Prediction for the fight Tai Tuivas vs Augusto Sakai

An Australian, Tai Tuiwasa, despite his position in the rankings, has a fairly large fan base, and every fight of his is a show where he, or his rival, ends up on the floor. The athlete managed to restart his career after a series of defeats, and now he has an excellent opportunity to appear in the TOP-10, if Augusto Sakai does not become a serious obstacle for him. The guys will meet in the framework of the UFC Fight Night 198 tournament, and the winner will be able to enter the opposition of a qualitatively different level, so there is definitely something to fight in this fight.

Tai Tuivas vs Augusto Sakai

Tai Tuivas

An Australian-Samoan athlete by birth, he stands out from the rest by the speed and force of impact that is enviable for his body structure. Tai has experience in kickboxing and boxing, although mixed martial arts allowed him to fully reveal himself. On account of his impressive statistics on early victories - 92% of finishes in the stand. And in addition, Tuivas managed to win the title in the AFC home league and even defend the belt, before signing in the UFC.

By and large, "Bam-bam" has experience of playing against top opponents, including even ex-champion Junior Dos Santos. But, often, such fights for him ended in failures. And yet Tuivasa is a young heavyweight who has every chance of breaking through to the top of the rankings thanks to his outstanding standing skills.


As mentioned earlier, for his build, Tai has good speed and explosive power. At the same time, he cannot be attributed to the gamers - he works as the first number, but at the same time he is not deprived of the skills of a counterattacking link. Add to this resilience, as befits the Samoans, as a result of which we got a charged knockout who does not avoid exchanges.


It is characteristic that an athlete trained in striking technique has a number of shortcomings on the ground. Tuivasa defends against less than half of the takedowns, almost never works as an attacker on the ground, and has little to demonstrate by being on his back.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Ty is 28 years old, he has three victories in a row, over Stefan Struve, Harry Hansaker and Greg Hardy (the last two he finished in 2021). The fighter has gained a good move, he is not afraid to take risks, and most importantly, he demonstrates an excellent level of preparation and progress, given the kind of opposition he managed to get through without significant damage.

Tai Tuivas vs Augusto Sakai

Augusto Sakai

The Brazilian, like his counterpart, is a drummer. His base is karate, but Augusto also has a brown BJJ belt. The athlete did not manage to stand out in any promotion, but he should be given his due, because over the years of his performances Sakai fought at the top level in Bellator, and then knocked his way into the UFC, having held several fights with strong opponents.


Judging by the record, the Brazilian's strong point is striking, although he also has a certain skill on the ground, which he uses only at the very last moment. But the athlete shows himself especially well in close combat - the clinch is the place where he fully reveals himself. He likes to press, hit and exhaust his counterpart, not giving even a millimeter of space to work.


The problem that Sakai has not dealt with until now is endurance and speed. Despite the large number of early victories, he is slow, rarely cuts corners, and hopes that the "tank" strategy will always work. Only the tops of the division have already denied this.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Augusto is 30 years old, and as soon as he reached high positions, defeats began to appear in his statistics. Now the fighter is 2-1 in the last three bouts, losing to Alistair Overeem and Jairzinho Rosenstrike. Although before that, he passed Blagy Ivanov and Marcin Tyburu. It is difficult to judge the shape of the Brazilian, since he always performs in the same manner, without relying on quick finishes.

Comparative analysis

Let's start with the fact that Sakai is larger than his counterpart: he has an advantage of 6 cm in height, and 5 cm in the span of his arms, but the guys are about the same in weight. Note that stylistically Augusto is more convenient to Ty, because he is unhurried, measured and often goes forward - this is where the Australian will uncover his guns for counterattacks. Although it is worth noting that in close combat, he will have a hard time considering how skilled his opponent is at clinching and ground and pound.

The fighters have experience in confrontations with top opponents, both work well on floors, often using lowkiki, but, in all these similarities, there is one big difference - Tuivasa is on the rise, and his explosive qualities will cause a lot of problems for the brooding Brazilian. The footwork, quick hands, and a complete lack of fear of nicks open the way for Ty to knockout, while Augusto, as usual, will go forward, hoping to lock the nimble "Bam bam" at the net.

Tai Tuivas vs Augusto Sakai Prediction

The battles between the bands are always interesting, especially when it comes to drummers. The matchmakers made the perfect choice when they pushed these athletes, as one of them will fall anyway. But let's be honest, Tuivasa has all the trump cards on his side: speed, explosive power, youth, a good winning streak and so on. He's approaching the peak, and Sakai doesn't seem like the one who can stop all of this. Therefore, it is most reasonable to bet on Ty to win, however, given that these are huge guys with a knockout blow, as an option, you can choose a bet on the fact that the fight will not reach the final bell (early end of the fight, or TU 2.5). Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Victory of Ty Tuivasa / early victory of one of the fighters

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