Prediction for the fight Charles Oliveira vs Beneil Dariush

Despite having a title match headlined by UFC 289, it's the co-main event that will have all the attention of the public. The fight between the ex-champion Charles Oliveira and the owner of one of the longest winning streaks in the division - Beneil Dariush, is of a contender's nature, and will determine the next opponent of Islam Makhachev. On the morning of June 11th, we will witness a clash of true lightweight tops, each with a trick up its sleeve to get past the opponent. So which one of them will get the baton in the current title race?

Charles Oliveira vs Beneil Dariush

Charles Oliveira

"do Bronx" is a well-deserved first number in the division and one of the most dangerous jitters in the promotion, wearing a black belt of the 3rd degree. He also holds the title of BJJ World Champion, was 2nd in the World Cup, and also won the Predator FC Grand Prix. He has an incalculable number of bonuses for the best submissions, broken UFC records for the number of victories by this method, but there are also repeated weigh-in failures. Actually, he stopped being a champion precisely because of this.


The trump card through which Oliveira makes the opposition make mistakes is unbridled pressure at the start. He boldly goes forward, throwing a variety of punches, because with Thai boxing, the Brazilian is doing well. Instant twos give way to a clinch where elbows and knees always find their target. Well, it’s hard to find equals to Charles in the stalls - the variety of tricks performed by him looks frightening.


The above virtues are greatly undermined by Oliveira's standing defense. You probably won't find fighters in the lightweight division who get knocked down just as often and then come back up trying to make amends. Here we also include the very strange actions of Charles in the form of rash attacks, or sudden exchanges, from which he does not take any pluses at all. Simply put, with a fighting IQ and analysis of the situation, he clearly has flaws.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Oliveira is 33 years old, and now we can state the fact that he showed the peak of his physical and technical capabilities. Going on a series of 11 victories, moreover, over Gaethje, Poirier and Chandler, and not the usual prospects, he managed to lose to Makhachev, deciding to break him in a knee jump without covering his head at all. What is this if not stupidity? However, his combat arsenal and experience is still able to put the lion's share of the top lightweight in a difficult position.

Charles Oliveira vs Beneil Dariush

Beneil Dariush

The Iranian-American fighter is on the 4th line in the lightweight rankings. It combines two martial arts schools: BJJ (black belt) and Muay Thai (also black belt). By the way, Beneil became the world champion in jiu-jitsu in the category up to 82 kg three times, not counting silver and bronze from the same competitions, and was also the champion of the MMA promotion RITC, based in California.


Dariush is a patient counter puncher with a good base of kicks, confident wrestling and grappling. Endurance and stamina help him survive the toughest moments in a fight, and then connect his signature jabs, overhands and uppercuts, combining this with body shots. Completes the list of the athlete's virtues with excellent protection against takedowns.


Speaking about the ability to survive difficult situations, it is worth noting that Beneil gets into them due to frequent stagnation, lack of footwork and expectant tactics. Deaf protection, at times, forces him to take unnecessary blows. Plus, not the highest efficiency in transfers creates the need to work hard at the net, although Dariush has complete order with clinches.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Beneil is 34 years old and, apparently, he did get to the finish line. Eight victories in a row, the last of which was obtained by Mateusz Gamrot, led him to the position of one of the main contenders. Before that, the American had no problem dismantled Tony Ferguson, wanting to tear his leg off at a home barbecue, defeated Diego Ferreira and Scott Holtzman. Dariusz has reached the peak of his abilities, but still has to work on the rack - there are quite a few gaps there. Otherwise, he was brought together with the ex-champion at almost the perfect moment.

Comparative analysis

In comparison of anthropometric indicators, let's give preference to Oliveira - his arm length is 5 cm longer than Dariusz's. Considering that in the standing position, the Brazilian is not only more aggressive, but also more diverse, provided that Beneil often acts as the second number, there is no doubt that the ex-champion will take the first 5-7 minutes of the meeting. Both in the clinch and at a distance, he looks preferable, however, you can be sure that Charles will be on the canvas at least once after the counterattacks of his counterpart (if BC gives a line for this, this option should be considered).

On the ground, an equal and tight fight awaits us, because Beneil is better in control, to which Oliveira will respond to him with his agility and constant threats of submissions. True, Charles should be the initiator of the passes to the legs, since in this aspect he has higher indicators, but the takedown of the opponent’s defense is unlikely to allow him to be on top without losing a huge amount of strength. What does it say? About the protracted nature of the battle total over (1.5) 1.78, therefore, bets on the duration of the meeting have the best chances of calling.

Charles Oliveira vs Beneil Dariush Prediction

At first glance, Charles looks even preferable as a winner. His stand is more varied, and on the ground he is no worse than the opponent - even more experienced and destructive, if we take the number of submission victories. But some kind of irresponsible attitude of Oliveira to defensive actions and unacceptably frequent, gross mistakes make it impossible to consider him as a clear leader for choosing a victor.

Beneil, although more “wooden”, also waits a long time for a chance to attack, which is not the best idea within 3 rounds, performs more stable, and does not fly off into knockdowns from everyone he meets. Therefore, the starting pressure of the Brazilian will be experienced, and when the meeting goes beyond the equator, Dariush simply has to become more active, and his attacking actions, on the already sagging Oliveira, will take on a completely different weight. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: total over (1.5) by rounds / Win by Beneil Dariush

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