Prediction for the fight Jan Blachowicz vs Alex Pereira

The premier expert in wiping out middleweights eager to prove their dominance over light heavyweights, Jan Blachowicz, who possesses intimidating Polish power, is preparing to examine another candidate. This time around, it's ex-84kg champ Alex Pereira who's heading to the cage at UFC 291 as a co-main event on July 30th. For the Brazilian, this is the best opportunity to jump into the title train by beating the veteran, however, he will have a tough nut to crack, and who knows if the Hands of Stone will be able to crack him.

Jan Blachowicz vs Alex Pereira

Jan Blachowicz

Pole - 3rd division number, a native of Muay Thai and BJJ, who has achieved significant results in these martial arts. In Thai boxing, Yan became the world champion and the European Cup, and in jiu-jitsu he repeatedly won first places in the Polish Cup and the national championship. For several years in a row, Blachowicz won the KSW Home League Grand Prix, then became the champion, and in 2020 won UFC gold, after fighting again for the vacant belt.


Yang combines a good striker with heavy kicks and a knockout punch. And also a worthy wrestler who is no match for the elite of the division, but a problem for the middle peasants. He has good stamina, a strong jaw, as well as a peculiar technique. Let's just say that timing and the ability to reach the striking distance in a fraction of a second allowed him to send the opposition to the floor, even with the shortest hooks. Plus, Blachowicz has really good takedowns and control.


Ian has a feature that prevents many professionals - he gets turned on by missed shots. And given that he has drawdowns with protection, especially after the equator of the battle, all-in trips happen, although with age, less and less. Well, wrestling - in this aspect, the Pole was able only in the position of an attacker, which we have repeatedly seen in his clashes with guys of the caliber of Teixeira and Ankalaev.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

The ex-champion is 40 years old, and these are definitely his extreme attempts to get close to the title. The defeat to the previously mentioned Glover Teixeira, moreover, a devastating one, as well as a draw with Magomed Ankalaev, prove that Blachowicz is still very good, but still does not reach the level of a confident division leader. Be that as it may, victories over Israel Adesanya, Alexander Rakic and Dominik Reyes level out misses in fights with sharks of the category. And right now, Ian can boast of a good form, which he was able to maintain by the time he gained irreplaceable experience in the UFC.

Jan Blachowicz vs Alex Pereira

Alex Pereira

So far, "Poatan" is out of the light heavyweights ranking, but on the 10th line of the P4P table. It's no secret that in the past, Alex is a kickboxer, whole legends were composed about this in the UFC. He is the champion of the prestigious Glory League in two weight categories, the world champion in several versions, and concurrently, the ex-UFC champion who managed to take away the belt and beat Israel Adesanya himself.


Anthropometry, even with the transition to the next category, remains the advantage of Pereira. To this, let's add a chic technique, with the most dangerous left side, which injures both the head and the liver, as well as deadly kicks, especially in the calves, which disable the legs of opponents. Combos on all floors, excellent distance control, discipline and the ability to set traps, not to mention the physics of Alex - all this makes him a dangerous striker.


Despite the training with Teixeira, it is not necessary to expect instant progress in the fight, especially with such a base and at such an age, from the Brazilian. He had problems on the ground even with Adesanya, not to mention the virtual lack of understanding of the game on the ground floor from the position of attacker and defender. And lowering your hands low, at 93 kg is not the best way to prove to everyone that you have a good reaction.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

The former champion, before the fight with Stylebender, went to a series of 7 victories, and this is provided that he is now 36 years old. Bruno Silva, Sean Strickland and Adesanya (the first MMA fight) left no questions about Alex's kickboxing skills. However, we have not yet seen him in 5-round meetings with strong wrestlers who are exhausting from the first minutes of the meeting, and now the superiority in size will not be so obvious. In any case, Pereira's power is enough to win in the new category. The only thing that makes Poatan's success doubtful is its one-sidedness.

Comparative analysis

As mentioned earlier, Alex is a big guy, and in this pair he has 2.5 cm in arm span and 5 cm in height. The knockout potential of both is identical - one punch can solve everything. The only thing is that the guys work in completely different styles. If Blachowicz is more focused on the head and body, then Pereira destroys all the tiers, moreover, he combines punches chaotically, but this is a controlled chaos. Yes, in the upright position, the championship belongs to the Brazilian, but it is not categorical, so Jan will have something to answer if he works at medium and close distances.

And as soon as we go down to the ground floor, it becomes clear that the chances of success for the debutant will melt before our eyes, because Blachowicz, who is not a freestyler at all, understands the basics of exhausting the opponent on the ground better. Control, submissions, ground and pound, in the end - all this will work. And if at the start, due to physics, Alex will be able to oppose something, then to the equator of the fight, it is unlikely. Therefore, Jan's success lies precisely in the fight, and he should take care not to linger with the cunning Brazilian in the rack for too long.

Jan Blachowicz vs Alex Pereira Prediction

The confrontation between Jan and Alex is very interesting, because there is a place for both a knockout from Pereira and a finish by Blachowicz. If the Pole does not start beating his chest with his fist and proving that his Muay Thai is better than his opponent's kick, we will have a systematic three-round analysis of the "Stone Hands" on the ground with subsequent attempts to enter the KO / TKO. Otherwise, Yan will be provided with an express train to a resuscitator. Be that as it may, in the fight with Ankalaev, the ex-champion proved that he is ready for protracted battles with the most dangerous strikers who know how to fight.

And here he will have to deal with a clean drummer, and even some 15 minutes of pure time. Putting all the skills together, the tongue does not dare to say that it is the very vaunted strike of Pereira that will prevail over the skills of Blachowicz. Therefore, his triumph is more likely, although the alignment of forces here is 60 to 40, and this is all with the same condition that Yang does not start to build out of himself the product of the symbiosis of Badra Hari with Buakav Por Pramuk. As an additional option, you can bet that the meeting will end ahead of schedule. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Jan Blachowicz / total under win (2.5) by rounds

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