Prediction for the fight Islam Makhachev vs Tiago Moises

The UFC leadership is working on various strategies for the development of certain fighters. If some take off in the ratings after 2-3 fights, then others have been fighting for a place in the TOP 15 for years. Islam Makhachev belongs to the second type, because he has been in the UFC since 2015, but still gets those who are below him in the ratings as opponents. However, this time for an athlete from AKA, we have prepared a difficult opponent, even if he is not so popular.

Tiago Moises is a strong grappler, and his style will make it possible to finally reveal all the talents of Islam. Let's just say that this is the last step, after passing which, our fighter will finally convince everyone of his championship ambitions. And the fact that the guys will lead the tournament indicates the high confidence of the bosses in their capabilities. Whether it will be another triumph of the Dagestani or an apset is waiting for us – we will understand this forecast.

Islam Makhachev vs Tiago Moises

Islam Makhachev

Islam occupies the 9th line of the rating of lightweights. He is the champion of Russia and the world in combat sambo (category up to 74 kg), one of the best wrestlers of the UFC, as well as the winner of the "Fight of the Evening" award, for the fight with Arman Tsarukyan. Unlike many wrestlers, Makhachev is constantly progressing in his striking technique, and in the current conditions he poses a serious threat to all opponents, since he has knockout power.

In the UFC, the Russian has already held 9 fights, and lost only once, to Adriano Martins back in 2015. In other confrontations, he won confident victories, demonstrating his superiority in endurance, wrestling technique and class. It is he who is predicted to be the future champion in the division up to 70 kilograms.

A top wrestler with a good punch

Islam is perfectly protected from translations, feels free in the clinch and on canvas. At the same time, he has one of the highest indicators for the success of takedowns (almost two-thirds reached the goal), and excellent defense in the rack, since it is very difficult to hit Makhachev. So far, the Dagestani's crooked striking technique, in some way, plays into his hands, since few people know how to avoid hits that fly out at non-standard angles.

No fights with tops

This is perhaps the main drawback of Islam, but it is not his fault here. The guys from the top of the ratings will show us whether there are serious gaps in the technique of our athlete, but for now, we can only highlight an insufficiently high level of boxing.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Islam is 29 years old, on average he performs twice a year, and his last appearance in the octagon dates back to March 7 of this year. A series of 7 victories (3 early), and extreme victories over Drew Dauber, Davi Ramos and Arman Tsarukyan, demonstrate Makhachev's clear progress in all technical aspects. Before that, he dismantled Kian Johnson and sensationally knocked out Gleison Tibau in 57 seconds. Full-fledged preparation and a clear rise in physical conditions, tell us that this time Islam will show an excellent performance.

Prediction for the fight Islam Makhachev vs Tiago Moises

Tiago Moises

The fighter occupies the 14th line of the rating, and represents Brazil. Tiago has been practicing jiu-jitsu since the age of 8, starting to perform in MMA, was a contender for the Atlas Fights title, then became the RFA champion (2 defenses), and now he is conquering the UFC lightweight. At the" Challenger series", Moises gave out a beautiful knockout, from which it can be concluded that his striking technique, despite the base, also poses a danger.

Tiago, like many jitters, is extremely dangerous as an attacker, while he can work with his hands both in a stand and on the ground. The Brazilian is not threatening with a single control, but also with a ground-and-pound. It is noteworthy that the athlete does not break through the opponent so often, but he does it with enviable accuracy, even if we take into account the indicators of the strikers.

An experienced grappler

It is impossible to say that Moises belongs to the elite of the division in terms of wrestling skills, but he is able to disassemble the vis-a-vis on the ground floor, having finished everything with a reception. At the same time, Tiago is physically strong, and it is certainly not worth underestimating his activity in any position – the athlete has what he needs.

Problems with basic wrestlers

The main problem of the Brazilian is a weak defense against takedowns (he misses almost half of the transfers), and the same problem in the rack. And here we are talking about serious shortcomings, because for every 2 blows thrown, Tiago can miss 3, or even more. Because of this, higher-level opponents won against him on points.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Tiago is only 26 years old, he is moving on a series of 3 victories, and in the last 5 fights his statistics are 4-1. Having defeated Alexander Hernandez, Bobby Green and Kurt Holobau by decision, Moises scored a finish over Michael Johnson. But Damir Ismagulov, managed to find the keys to victory, taking every round of the meeting. The Brazilian will enter the cage 5 months after the last performance, so he had more than enough time to prepare. For this reason, you should also expect a great shape from him.

Bookmakers ' odds

Experts consider Islam Makhachev a big favorite, bringing a coefficient of 1.15 to his victory. But Tiago Moises goes with indicators of 5.5, despite a well-deserved place in the TOP 15. Install 1xbet apk and place a bet on the favorite!

Comparative analysis

The guys are almost the same in size, the only thing is that Makhachev will be a couple of centimeters taller. As for the styles, despite the approximately identical base (wrestling and grappling), Islam boasts a large arsenal, in the form of control, excellent work at the net, the highest level of work from all positions and, most importantly – an abundance of various techniques. In addition, he translates opponents many times better, competently prepares them for this, and defends himself from counter attacks, which Tiago can not boast of in any way.

If you look at their stance, then the Brazilian takes the championship here – he is more accurate, throws more punches, although he is inferior in defense indicators. According to experience and the opposition, Moises is a little ahead, but the problem is that he lost to all famous rivals, unlike Islam. And the cherry on the cake is early victories – the Dagestani spends much less time in the octagon than his opponent.

Islam Makhachev vs Tiago Moises Fight Prediction

On the part of the bookmakers, there is some kind of underestimation of Tiago Moises, as if he does not pose any threat to Makhachev. In fact, we are dealing with a really intelligent jitter. It is certainly not worth rushing to his "embrace", because Islam will have to exchange blows with him for some time anyway. After that, the power struggle of the Russian will play a role, as well as the low level of protection of Moises from transfers. That is why our athlete has more keys to open all the" doors " of the opponent. Wrestling, competent work on his feet, constant shifts – all this is at a fairly high level for Makhachev, so he will win, but it is unlikely to be early.

Prediction: Islam Makhachev's wins

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