Roman Dolidze vs Laureano Staropoli fight forecast

In the middle of 2020, Roman Dolidze made his debut in the UFC, and in less than 12 months, for the fourth time goes to the octagon. His opponent has changed, and now the Georgian fighter will have to face Laureano Staropoli, who shared a cage with quite famous fighters. Their fight will be part of the main card of UFC Fight Night 189, and will take place within the middleweight division.

Athletes are well versed in the techniques of fighting in the rack and stalls, and this foreshadows a bright and competitive match for the audience. None of the participants can be called a clear outsider, so we will have to find out which of the participants has more tools to win the upcoming battle.

Roman Dolidze vs Laureano Staropoli

Roman Dolidze

The Georgian athlete is not listed in the rankings. His base is sambo, wrestling and BJJ, and the fact that Roman is a world champion in grappling tells us about the high class of the athlete. He has excellent performance on the ground, and on top of everything else, Dolidze translates opponents well, achieving success in more than 60% of cases. Here, we will take the fact that the fighter is very well protected in the rack.

He began a romance in 2016, and with a light heavyweight, took the belt in the WWFC, and then signed up for the UFC. Here he was waiting for the victory over Hadith Ibragimov, John Allan, as well as the defeat in the fight with Trevin Giles. Dolidze is quite diverse in the stance, as for a basic wrestler, and distributes about 40% of the blows to the middle and lower floor of the opponents.

Athletic all-rounder

The advantages of Roman over his rivals are that he is quite large, muscular, and has impressive physical strength. He is able to hit hard, fight and catch the opponent on the submishen. Without a doubt, as a professional, he has not yet matured, but everything suggests that this will happen in the near future.

Lack of experience

It is not easy to adapt to fighting according to the rules of mixed martial arts, and Dolidze is a vivid example of this. He can do everything, but so far it is at an average level. The same Trevin Giles showed that, defending against transfers, and confidently working with Roman in the rack, you can win against him.

Current form and readiness of the fighter

Dolidze is 32 years old, he lost for the first time in the last fight, before that 8 times in a row breaking his opponents. Seven early victories, and quite a decent opposition, indicate that the Novel is gaining momentum and with each performance demonstrates even minimal, but progress. That is why we should expect him to be in good shape and eager to win.

Roman Dolidze vs Laureano Staropoli fight forecast

Laureano Staropoli

The Argentine is a drummer who is part of the team of Diego Lima. But at the same time, in his arsenal there is also a BZHZ, because 2 wins in the career of Laureano, got at the expense of submishenov. This is a very active fighter, demonstrating high performance in his fights, and his main feature is to put pressure on the enemy, showering him with a hail of blows. Still, after all, Staropoli gets dense punches almost every 10 seconds of the battle.

The athlete started in 2013, and for a certain time fought in the welterweight division, periodically rising to 84 kg. At this stage of his career, he has a victory over Tiago Alves, as well as fights with Muslim Salikhov and Tim Means, which ended in a decision of the judges not in his favor. However, the meetings with them certainly left their mark, and in terms of the experience gained, Staropoli can be envied by many colleagues.

Perfect stryker

Laureano is not particularly diverse, but he understands well how to disable the enemy. Active work at the top level, good mobility and good defense, allow the Argentine to adequately show himself, even in fights with high-class opponents.

Another "near top"

Laureano failed to develop success with those who neutralized his strengths. That is, he can not quickly react to changes in the situation, adjust and change the plan for the fight, which leads to defeats. While this guy can not be attributed to the elite, and there are doubts that he will be able to break through to the top, given the current situation.

Fighter's current form and readiness

Staropoli is 28 years old and is on a 2-game losing streak. The fight won against Tiago Alves is worth a lot, but in fact, the athlete has reached a certain level, and is stuck on it, without showing any progress. Perhaps a fight with a new opponent will reveal him from the other side, but it is still hard to say whether Laureano will be able to return to the winning path, lingering in the UFC.

Bookmakers ' odds

A small favorite, according to experts, is Roman Dolidze, with a coefficient of 1.65. At the same time, Laureano Staropoli enters the battle with quotes of 2.25. You can place a bet in the app. Download 1xbet, where you can place a bet on your favorite.

Comparative analysis

Earlier it was mentioned that Dolidze is a large middleweight, and if he is only 5 cm taller than his opponent, then his arm span is already 11 cm. Staropoli, deals almost 2 times more accentuated blows every minute. In return, Roman can "please" him with an abundance of takedowns, because if he has problems in the rack, then in the stalls the Georgian is exactly a head higher than his counterpart.

In terms of experience, the fighters are approximately equal, except for Dolidze's background in other disciplines, but Laureano is slightly ahead in terms of the level of opposition. From this we conclude that Roman is bigger, physically stronger, and his struggle is a big problem for Staropoli. But in the rack, the Argentine will definitely give him a lot of trouble, so the situation for the fighters is about the same relative to each other's strengths.

Roman Dolidze vs Laureano Staropoli Fight Prediction

Before us is another classic-the wrestler will clash with the drummer, but the whole difference here is that the Novel is far from a complete zero in the punch, as well as Laureano in the stalls. And yet, due to the size and excellent technical savvy, Dolidze looks better in this pair. He is most likely to put a lot of pressure, keep the opponent near the net and transfer him to the stalls. By the way, he also has a good ground and pound, so if Staropoli can't get away from the takedowns and work all 3 rounds at the highest pace, using the footwork, he will definitely lose.

Prediction: Roman Dolidze's Victory.

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