Michael Page vs Derek Anderson fight prediction

One of the brightest fighters of the Bellator organization, representing Great Britain-Michael Page, continues his ascent to the top. His next fight will take place under the banner of the 258 tournament, and the opponent will be an athlete nicknamed "The Barbarian", Derek Anderson. This character is not familiar to everyone, although he has been playing in the league for the last 7 years.

Michael Page vs Derek Anderson fight prediction
After the loss to Douglas Lima, Venom no longer faced top opposition, taking down mostly passing opponents. But Anderson can not be attributed to such, because he is very good, even if he does not have a big name. The upcoming fight will show whether Paige is ready to break back to the top of the ratings and fight with someone more serious.

Michael Page vs Derek Anderson

Michael Page

Michael, who has a background in kickboxing (multiple world champion), has been conquering the MMA scene for the past 8 years. This is a thoroughbred striker who has adapted his style to work with both drummers and wrestlers. He moves out of the box, has a unique style of defense, as well as outstanding indicators of anthropometry, as for someone who competes in the welterweight division.

Along the way, Paige met fighters of the caliber of Paul Daley, Evangelista Santos, David Rickels, and others. The only one who managed to cause him problems is Lima, but this is not surprising, given the level of the Brazilian. Otherwise, the Venom did not experience any inconvenience with the opponents, dominating them, thanks to its non-trivial style of fighting.

Michael Page vs Derek Anderson fight prediction

The elusive Finisher

Footwork, timing, impressive speed and a sense of distance-thanks to these characteristics, Michael has become one of those fighters who takes the minimum damage. It is almost impossible to get close to him, catch him on a blow or transfer him to the ground. At the same time, Paige not only presses well, but also catches on counterattacks. In Bellator, there are not so many fighters who are ready to compete with him in these indicators.

Rare encounters with TOP fighters

The upcoming fight will be the 20th in the career of the Briton, but at the same time there are not so many big names in the list of fighters defeated by him. The main problem with Michael is that he is fed middle-class people, against which he looks great. Even now, with the status of a league star, matchmakers manage to select little-known counterparts for him.

Current form and readiness of the fighter

Page had his last fight in October last year. Having lost to Lima, he gave out 4 confident victories (3 of them by knockouts). Without a doubt, at this stage of his career, the athlete is in peak condition, although the age of 34 years, indicates that Michael is not so much left until the moment when the body begins to dictate its conditions. And yet, for the fight with Anderson, he should come out rested and in good shape.

Derek Anderson

Derek, started with wrestling, but the transition to MMA forced him to take up boxing and other shock disciplines. At the moment, he can work equally well in all planes, finishing opponents, both in the rack and on the ground. At one time, the athlete competed in the division up to 70 kg, then rose to the welterweight division and showed good results there.

Michael Page vs Derek Anderson fight prediction

Of Anderson's opposition, special attention should be paid to Patriki Freire, whom he beat twice, Kailis Mota and several other fairly serious opponents. Most importantly, 70% of all those Derek defeated were suffocated, and equally by knockouts and submissions. The American himself, only once in his career, conceded a reception.

A fully developed fighter

Derek is one of those fighters who demonstrate an average level of skills in all planes. He can do everything, but he is not ready to compete in any particular component with an elite-level opponent. And yet, the "Barbarian" can set a high tempo of the battle and stun the opponent with attacks in the rack, which will smoothly transfer the battle to the horizontal plane.

Not checked by TOPS

Paige will be the first top in Anderson's path. At least, he is waiting for a serious test in percussion, although here we will probably not have to talk about competition. The rest of the names on Derek's list of defeated fighters are most likely not known to the general public.

Current form and readiness of the fighter

Derek Anderson has three wins in a row, and the last time he entered the cage was in November last year. It is still too early to say that he has already passed his peak, so we should expect the native of San Diego in his best conditions for all time, because this victory can make him a real superstar, and bring him to the top of the rating.

Bookmakers ' odds

Bookmakers single out Michael as the favorite, giving him a win ratio of 1.31. At the same time, Anderson took the place of the underdog, with a kef of 3.40. Make a bet in the 1xbet apk app!

Comparative analysis

The first thing that catches your eye is the difference in height and arm span. Michael in this case surpasses the opponent in these indicators very significantly: 190 cm against 183 in Derek's height, and 201 cm against 188 in Rich. In terms of striking technique and experience, Venom is far ahead, because, despite the general statistics, he has dealt with fighters of a higher level. And as a basic kickboxer, this guy is much better than Anderson in all aspects of the stand, from movement to speed.

If we talk about the fight, then Derek is more savvy here, but Page's takedown defense is so good that it's hard to believe in the success of the American on the ground floor. Even if you take the clinches, then Anderson can look better in them, but it will be extremely difficult to close the Brit at the net. The age and general physical condition of the athletes are approximately equal, but if we conclude-Michael is simply above the level as a fighter.

Page – Anderson Fight Prediction

In this confrontation, we are waiting for a clash of a brisk and very fast kickboxer, with an assertive and quite strong wrestler. Anthropometry, experience and unique physical characteristics, on the side of Page, and Derek can be called an ordinary hard worker who wins victories due to the versatile development of skills. Given all of the above, I see Michael as the clear favorite in this pair, because he has already had a good dozen such opponents, but Anderson has not yet had one. But the American has a chance, because he, at least, competes in Bellator for more than a year, and it's worth a lot.

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