Forecast for the fight Amanda Nunes vs Julianna Peña (DELAYED)

You can look at three things endlessly: how the fire burns, how the water flows and how Amanda Nunes gets rivals who neither in theory nor in practice pose any danger to her. It is difficult to say how long this will last, since it seems that Dana White himself does not know for what reason he is not organizing her trilogy with Valentina Shevchenko.

Julianna Pena, once a promising athlete who at one time had every chance to gain a foothold in the top list, agreed to become the next victim of the double league champion, but in the end decided to take up her personal life, and returning after two and a half years of downtime, she won two victories with one defeat, which earned her a title chance. The face-to-face meeting of the athletes will take place as part of the second most important event of the UFC 265 tournament, which will be held on August 8.

Amanda Nunes vs Julianna Peña

Amanda Nunes

The first line of the official women's rating regardless of the weight category and the champion of the organization in the women's lightweight and featherweight. He has a background in boxing, karate and capoeira, as well as brown and black belts in such martial arts as judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, respectively.

At the beginning of her career, the Brazilian fought in various leagues, including such TOP promotions as Strikeforce and Invicta FC, where she collected a 7-3 record in five years. After that, she got into the UFC, losing the third fight under the sign of the organization and thereby almost entering her name into the list of ordinary representatives of the roster. But, despite this unsuccessful performance, two years later the athlete took the championship in the women's lightweight, being better than Misha Tate, and then became the champion in the women's featherweight, defeating Chris Cyborg and demonstrating that even with not the strongest start in this sport, you can eventually achieve great heights. Since then, she has had a total of seven successful title defenses.


Nunes refers to fighters who are dangerous both in the stand and in the stalls. Versatility is a common phenomenon among male fighters, however, as for women's mixed martial arts, this parameter is almost uncharacteristic for them, and it is for this reason that it has practically no competition.

The Brazilian has more than a dozen victories by knockouts, which were won by her over rivals of various caliber. Having already not the smallest knockout power, it is also characterized by strong pressure, which when mixed turns into a rattling mixture.


The champion rarely went into the late rounds of the fight, but when it did happen, she invariably lost to her rivals in the matter of endurance. She was saved from defeat at such moments by her moral and strong-willed qualities and an advantage in skills, and after all, no one knows when these parameters will not be enough.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

After a resounding victory over Chris Cyborg, the athlete never met someone who could compete with her, easily stopping Holly Holm, Jarmaine de Randami, Felicia Spencer and Megan Anderson. Five months have passed since her last performance, while she started the camp in early May.

Forecast for the fight Amanda Nunes vs Julianna Peña

Julianna Peña

The fifth number of the official rating of the organization in the women's lightest weight category and the winner of the 18th season of The Ultimate Fighter project within the same weight. He has a very good background in kickboxing and a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Having scored a modest 4-2 record in the first four years of her professional career, Pena received an invitation to the 18th season of the TUF project. On the show, she easily reached the final stage, in which she was stronger than Jessica Rakoczy, thereby winning the tournament and earning a contract with the UFC. Following the results of three consecutive victories under the sign of promotion, the athlete was brought to the challenger match against Valentina Shevchenko, which she lost in the second round. After that, due to pregnancy, she left the fights for two and a half years, having won two victories with one defeat on her return.


And although the first martial art that the American woman met was kickboxing,she devoted most of her training and continues to devote herself to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It is in the stalls that she manifests herself best, differing in the high frequency of translations and dangerous skills of conducting submishens.

In fact, recently the American woman has been only engaged in what she stands against top rivals. Of course, she can not defeat all of them and overcomes them, but, one way or another, she earns invaluable experience that will be useful to her in battles with ordinary and the best representatives of the women's roster of the promotion.


There are wrestlers who specifically give takedowns to get under an opponent and try to zasabmit him. But the applicant just has problems with protection from transfers. She was transferred in six out of eight fights in the league, and according to statistics, only one out of four attempts to transfer her is blocked, which is a very bad indicator.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

In the last five fights, the athlete won three victories with two failures. She was beaten by Kat Zingano, Nikko Montagno and Sarah McMann, while Valentina Shevchenko and Jarmaine de Randami were able to be stronger than her. She will enter the main fight in her life after a six-month break and three months of purposeful training.

Comparative analysis

Both athletes have impressive dimensions, which is why none of them has a serious superiority in this regard. In this matter, they are distinguished only by their height – the Brazilian is five centimeters taller than her counterpart, but she hardly needs this advantage. And without it, she looks three heads stronger in the stance of an American woman who shows herself on her feet, but still is a representative of the Sikjitsu hall, specializing in grappling.

Nunes is more technical than her in boxing and kickboxing, more active, faster, more explosive, more assertive and more accurate, losing only in defense, which will not affect anything. The only chance for the contender in this fight is to catch her counterpart on a mistake in the stalls. But the problem is that it is difficult to translate and control it on earth, and with the effectiveness of Pena's translations, this seems to be an impossible task at all. At the same time, the champion herself is unlikely to translate it, since, firstly, the fight is very exhausting for her, and secondly, with such an advantage in striking, it makes no sense to transfer the confrontation to a plane comfortable for the opponent and thereby unreasonably expose herself to danger.

Amanda Nunes vs Julianna Peña Fight Prediction

Another match, which shows that only one athlete from the women's league can compete with a Brazilian, whom everyone knows perfectly well. The peak Penya of the sample of four years ago could have opposed her something, but now her basic kickboxer submitts, and she herself somehow passes the fighters who have lost their former positions. For the Brazilian, she is a danger only in the stalls, where, as was said earlier, this fight is unlikely to be transferred. In turn, if Nunes delayed the fights, it was mainly with those who were dangerous for her in the stand, leveling their strengths with her grappling. In the same matchup, her dominance on her feet and a quick victory are expected, respectively. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: victory of Amanda Nunes in the 1-3 round.

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