How lottery tickets can help you make money

Lottery tickets from the betting company 1xbet are a great test of luck: whether a player is lucky or not. The process is no different to slots, where you have to rely on the indulgence of the machine. True, the lottery is not veiled with colourful images, spinning reels and matching pictures. Everything here is transparent and straightforward. The user understands that no one can influence the outcome, including him. It all depends on luck and fortune. Therefore, the more he buys lottery tickets, the higher the chance of winning. Read more about how tickets from 1xbet work below.


Determining the winner

The rules for determining the winner are quite simple. First of all, you need to buy a lottery ticket, which costs $50. Any number of tickets may be purchased. There is no maximum winnings limit. It depends on the number of tickets sold. The draw is held every day at 18:00. Any player may purchase a lottery ticket until the last minute of the draw.

How lottery tickets can help you make money

Each draw brings the top prize to one player, 5 second category winners and 30 third category winners. If the user is unlucky, the non-winning tickets can participate in the weekly draw from the 1xbet bookmaker office. If this also fails to win, a third plan can be used: participate in the monthly draw. To take part in three draws at once, you must purchase lottery tickets according to a special rule:
  • Visit the official website and go to "More";
  • Click on "Sweepstakes";
  • Select "Lottery";
  • Purchase your tickets.

Rules and regulations for the lottery

Lottery tickets from BK 1xbet are automatically triggered, so player intervention is minimal. But no one has ruled out the rules for participation in the draw:
  • Bookmaker 1xbet calculates bets based on the results of the main draw. Bonus balls are not taken into account;
  • If the draw is postponed by more than 12 hours, it means that the lottery tickets will be cancelled. The money will be refunded to the users at the betting shop 1xbet;
  • The start time of the draw can be seen in the "Line" section and the list of winners on the official website;
  •  If the user is unable to follow the drawing online, this is not a reason to cancel the bet. If the data appears on the portal, the calculation will be carried out.
These simple rules will help you avoid getting into trouble and know exactly what you need to do to enter the lottery.

where to play

Lottery types

The bookmaker 1xbet offers a wide range of different lotteries. However, only five types of lotto remain the most popular. These include classic, instant and long draws. We will tell you more about them below:
  • Bonuses. The user needs to go to the "Bonuses" section and search for lotteries. Then you choose a ticket, erase three zones out of nine and look at the result. What you see on the ticket is what you win. If the box is blank, you lose;
  • Daily draw. One ticket costs €0.71. You select a ticket and wait for the drawing to begin. If your number wins, the administration will automatically transfer money to your account. Any number of tickets can be purchased by the user. The bigger the number, the higher the chance of winning;
  • Super lottery. This includes 34 lotteries from all over the world. Choose from Italian, German, Russian, Japanese or any other lottery and try your luck;
  • TV games. There are online draws on the menu. Many players give preference to this type, as it is impossible to tweak anything on purpose in real time. Everything is as fair and transparent as possible. There are roulette, betting battles, poker and more in the TV games section;
  • Blockchain lotteries. This is a relatively new offering that appeared in 2018. However, it has already managed to gain fans among users. Keep in mind that the entertainment here is only available to players who have an Ethereum wallet. The point of the lottery is that it uses a GCG, which is built on a blockchain system.
No matter which type of lottery you choose, it all depends on luck. There are no set strategies to follow. When participating in lotteries, you must be prepared to lose everything. But if you are very lucky, you will end up with a lot of money. The choice is yours.

Lottery types

9 rules for lotteries

Before you buy lottery tickets and enter raffles, you should find out all the rules and requirements. Unfortunately, few participants do so and then find themselves in an unpleasant situation. In order to avoid this, we suggest you familiarise yourself with the main rules and requirements:
  • Every user who wants to participate in the lottery lottery must register an Ethereum wallet or use one that is available;
  • Tickets are purchased when a player makes a transfer of ETN to a smart contract address;
  • A user can quickly register an Ethereum wallet at;
  • The player can purchase an unlimited number of lottery tickets;
  • After purchasing the lottery, the user will need to fill in several boxes. If he does not want to do that, it is possible to use the "two-click" function. The system will automatically fill everything in for you;
  • Purchase tickets no later than one hour before the start of the draw;
  • Statistics on winnings and losses are available in the "Lotteries" section. To enquire, enter the ETN of the wallet from which the tickets were purchased;
  • The winnings are credited to the winner's account automatically. The user does not need to keep track of the list or write anywhere;
  • Accrual is made within several hours. It all depends on the load on the network.

Questions - Answers

How do I check tickets at the betting office 1xbet?

First, you have to wait for the draw to end and wait one or two days. Then you open the "Lotto" section and see the results. You do not need to open the Results menu on the home page. There won't be any information there.

What is the real winnings?

It is impossible to say exactly how much you can win. Everything depends on luck and luck alone. It may happen that users win nothing, win small or medium amount or snatch a jackpot right away. Besides, it is possible to win not only money but also bonuses, equipment and so on.

What is a daily lottery?

A daily lottery is a lottery that takes place every day. On the 1xbet website the draw is held at 18:00. To find the lottery, you need to go to the "Extras" section. There you will see the words: "1xbet daily lottery". In this section you will be able to buy lottery tickets.

Have there been any people who have won large sums of money?

Yes, of course, there have been such people, and quite a few of them. However, it should be understood that the probability is extremely low. Generally, the players receive small amounts of money. Large winnings started at ten thousand dollars and ended with a hundred thousand dollars. It is not worth relying entirely on lotteries alone. It is better to consider such an opportunity as additional earnings on the 1xbet website. Anyway, do not get your hopes up for a big win, as the raffle involves a rather large number of users.

What reviews do users leave about lottery tickets from 1xbet?

If you look on the internet, you can find different reviews about the lottery tickets from the betting company 1xbet. Some people think that it is a great opportunity to dive into the gambling world and tickle their nerves. Someone that you can earn good money here. And someone does not like the draws. In any case, most of the reviews are positive, even in spite of the losses. All because the system is transparent and does not arouse suspicion. Everything depends on luck. No one can influence the result. So it is up to the player to decide whether he is ready to take such a risk or not.


In this article, we have talked in detail about the lottery tickets from the 1xbet betting company. The draws are held every day, week and month. Any user can take part. To do so, he has to buy one or more tickets. The system is transparent and clear. Everyone has an opportunity to get a big sum of money. The main thing is to believe in yourself and your success!

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