How to sell a registered 1xbet bet

Selling bets is an opportunity to abandon a bet before the coupons have been calculated and even go into the black. Some bookmakers, including 1xBet, provide this service. Customers can sell the bet or part of it, if they wish.

How to sell a registered 1xbet bet

This service is used for a variety of reasons. For example, a person urgently needs to get money for a better bet or to change a quote before the event starts. Moreover, at the bookmaker's office 1xBet it is possible to insure the bet, which will reduce the chance of losing and reduce the possible money loss. Read more about selling bets at 1xBet below.


Selling bets at 1xBet

1xBet's rules state that when placing a bet, the bettor confirms that the bet has been placed. After that, it is not possible to change or cancel the bet, even if an error has been made. A good solution in such a case is the "Sell Bet" service offered by the administrators of 1xBet. The bettor can sell his betting slip for the amount offered by the bookmaker's office.

The difference between selling and cancelling is that there is no fixed price per coupon. In each case, the price is chosen individually.

NOTE! Please note that not all bets can be sold. The deal is only available after the bet has been confirmed.

Features of the "sell bets" function

A coupon sale is a partial refund for a bet made. The amount depends on what the situation on the field is and can increase or decrease. For example, you have placed a bet of one thousand roubles. In that case, the bettor will be able to get back between $10 and $15 before the event. If everything leads to a team loss, the price will be reduced. In the case of a winning bet, the sale amount will increase to $25. The coupon cannot be sold in the event of a loss if it has not been calculated.

Selling a bet will help the bettor partially make up the loss for the lost deal. Keep in mind that betting on a deliberately winning team will result in the bookmaker offering less than what is in the settlement. However, there is one advantage here: the money from the sale goes straight into your account. And then it can be used for new bets.

Features of the sell bets function

If the bettor does not have the money to place a bet, he can use the "Trust Bet" feature. The idea is that the bookmaker's office lends you the money. Once the event on which the bet has been placed has passed, the money will have to be repaid.

Why sell bets at 1xBet

As discussed above, the reasons why bettors sell bets can vary. Let's look at the main ones:
  • A person keeps a close eye on the situation and realises that the team on which the bet has been placed is likely to lose. In this case, it is better to sell the bet and get at least part of the money spent than to lose it all;
  • The bettor doubts whether his bet is correct, so he decides to sell the bet to avoid worrying about the outcome;
  • 1xBet's line is overloaded. It happens when the betting is placed long before the match starts. Selling a coupon in such a case is a good way to prevent a big money loss;
  • Unlucky start of the match. The bettor realises at the very beginning of the game that he has made a mistake and the bet will lose;
  • An error in making a deal with 1xBet. This is often encountered by bettors who have the "one-click betting" function enabled. Also mistakes are made by beginners;
  • A person has changed his/her mind about betting on an event;
  • Urgently need money for other purposes.
There can be many reasons why bettors sell bets. They vary from person to person. The main thing is that the bookmaker's company 1xBet does everything to make playing comfortably and to be able to get back at least part of the money spent. And it's all thanks to the "Sell Bet" service.

What to do to sell a bet at 1xBet

In order to sell a bet at 1xBet, you need to click on the "Betting history" button in your personal office. Then go to the "Last bets" game box. Next to the sell button you will see the current amount the company can offer for the bet. If you are happy with this, agree to the sale of the coupon. The money will instantly appear in your account. You will then be able to use it as you see fit.

Auto Selling Bets

1xBet offers the opportunity to automatically sell your bets. This is usually used by bettors if they are not happy with the amount the bookmaker is offering for a betting slip. The user can activate the "Autosell" feature in the settings and specify the amount for which the bettor is willing to sell the bet. After that, all you have to do is wait for the bookmaker to contact you. If this does not happen, the bet will be calculated based on the coupon.

IMPORTANT: at autoselling it is possible to specify an amount that is higher than the bet amount.

Which bets can be sold

The service applies to "Express", "Regular" and "System". The number of events in the coupon does not affect the possibility of selling a bet, but it does affect the price: the more events, the less the bookmaker's office will pay. The bookmaker reserves the right to refuse to sell a bet without giving a reason or to limit the use of this function to a specific bettor.

Refusal to sell a bid

The bookmaker 1xBet very rarely refuses to sell bets to users. Especially when it comes to popular events.

As a rule, the refusal to sell a bet is due to the following reasons:
  • The bet has been sold before;
  • Coupon has already been calculated;
  • There is an outcome in the coupon that cannot be sold;
  • The user has insured the bet;
  • There has been a change in price.
You don't have to worry about being refused a coupon. There is also a solution to this situation. The user can simply insure the bet. The service will help him or her get back the money spent in case of a loss. There is a charge for this feature. There is no fixed cost. The price is influenced by the odds of the event the bettor is betting on. Bookmaker's office 1xBet offers the following betting percentages:
  • 10%;
  • 20%;
  • 30%;
  • 50%;
  • 100%.
If the bet loses, the insured part of the money is returned to the bettor's game balance. The user receives the whole winnings in case the coupon has been calculated. It may happen that an event is cancelled for reasons beyond the user's control. In this situation, the betting amount and the insurance amount will be returned to the bettor.

Rules for using the "Betting insurance" function:
  • Only "Express" and "Ordinary" can be insured;
  • The user can buy several insurances for one bet. For example, at the beginning 30%, after 50% and so on;
  • The maximum insurance percentage is 100%;
  • An insured coupon cannot be sold;
  • The amount of insurance varies in proportion to changes in quotations.
It is also worth reporting one popular misconception. Many users believe that a bet can be outbid. That is, from one team to bet on another. This is far from being the case. Based on the rules of the bookmaker 1xBet, only the first bet made is calculated.

Problems when selling a coupon at 1xBet

Low betting value is probably the main problem faced by users when they want to sell their coupon. The bookmaker's office 1xBet analyses the deals made and offers to redeem them when the game situation has changed not in favour of the bettor. In turn, he has to agree to the terms and price in order to get back at least some of the money spent. Alternatively, the user can offer his own betting price. However, as practice shows, the bookmaker rarely agrees to the player's terms.

Problems when selling a coupon at 1xBet

IMPORTANT: the bookmaker will deduct margins from all bets, regardless of whether or not they are settled early.

The second most popular problem is technical failure. The bookmaker may cancel the function at any time if there has been a technical problem. In such cases, the bet is settled according to the general rules.

Question - answer

How do I get a coupon from 1xBet?

To obtain a coupon, the user needs to enter the outcome, select the type of transaction, decide on the amount of bet and confirm it. After that, a coupon with the number, outcome, odd and price will appear in the personal profile on the official website.

How to sell bets later?

Users can sell bets later. To do so, you need to start the 'Auto Sell' function by specifying the desired amount. If the bookmaker is satisfied with the value of the bet, he will purchase it, after which the funds will be credited to the player's account.

Why do I need coupons?

The coupons contain all the information about the transaction made by the bookmaker's office and the player. The money is paid out based on that information.

In what cases can I not sell my slip at 1xBet?

You cannot sell a coupon if it is insured, calculated or sold. There may also be other situations in which a bet cannot be sold.

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