CSKA vs Zenit. Who will become the champion of the VTB United League?

The final series of the VTB United League throws up the most interesting matches, each of which becomes a real decoration of the current competition draw. At the moment, the score is 3-3, so the winner of the main prize will be determined in the upcoming match.

CSKA was in the lead with a very comfortable handicap and looked like the undisputed favorite of the confrontation. But first he made a mistake at home, and then he lost a lot on the road. Therefore, the emotional state of basketball players definitely leaves much to be desired, they are unlikely to be able to enter the floor without nervousness and jitters. Zenith has already accomplished quite a feat as they saved a near-dead streak and hold on to their chance to win the title with the last of their strength. Moreover, the club is definitely in a better position, as it was able to turn the situation around at the most difficult moment. Now he can relax a bit, because even in the event of a final defeat, he deserves recognition and support for a worthy fight. On June 5, the decisive seventh match of the series will take place on the floor of the Megasport Arena in Moscow.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on CSKA vs Zenit


CSKA looked just perfect, but then the fifth match happened and everything started to fall apart. He crumbled and lost confidence in his own abilities. Surprisingly, the leaders who up to this point had acted almost flawlessly literally turned off. They started making mistakes in very simple situations, often losing balls.

In such a situation, the state of Alexei Shved can play a very important role. An experienced Russian basketball player is well aware that it is his actions that most often lead the team to the desired result. Therefore, he will definitely try to pull the blanket over himself more often, take the initiative into his own hands. In addition, the coaching staff should think about how to wake up dozing legionnaires who have lost their former fuse. Of the tangible positive moments in the hands of the “soldiers”, only the home ground, which rarely fails.


Zenit managed to be written off, because after the fourth match it seemed that the basketball players had already frankly given up and could not oppose anything to the opponent. In the course of the fifth meeting, the situation only worsened when the team lost by 13 points. But even that didn't stop him from turning the tide and fully returning to the title fight.

It is curious that the Russian basketball players, on whom high hopes were initially placed, are practically inactive at the club from St. Petersburg. They do not withstand the tension of the final series, they act rather amorphously and are afraid to take the initiative into their own hands. At the same time, foreign players who have the opportunity to reveal their full potential have received a lot of room for creativity. They are not constrained by anything, they feel as comfortable and confident as possible. And two victories in a row once again confirmed that hidden resources remained.

CSKA vs Zenit

History of the confrontation

The rivals have already faced each other 36 times in various competitions and even held friendly matches. The obvious advantage is still on the side of CSKA Moscow, which turned out to be stronger 25 times. In the remaining 11 meetings, luck still smiled at Zenith. The last face-to-face match took place on June 2, 2022 on the floor of the Sibur Arena in St. Petersburg. The hosts of the site demonstrated a phenomenal defensive game and turned out to be stronger than the opponent with a score of 82:63. And the best basketball player of the meeting was recognized as the American Loyd, who scored 17 points and made four assists.

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CSKA, even after two defeats in a row, continues to be the obvious favorite of the confrontation. It is offered to bet on a possible victory of the hosts with a coefficient of 1.56. But now they believe much more in the final success of Zenith. You can bet on a potential victory for guests with a coefficient of 2.58. The base total of the fight was set at around 158.5 points. To bet on its penetration is given with a coefficient of 1.92. The reverse option is estimated at 1.9. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

CSKA is still obliged to recover and become more active, finally turn on the maximum and start winning. If this does not happen, the team risks completely failing this season. Then in the summer a very serious restructuring can happen. Zenit third match is under crazy pressure and emotional pressure. And now the club from St. Petersburg can simply not withstand the stress. We predict that the Moscow "soldiers" will win with a handicap of (-5.5) points and win the title.

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