CSKA vs Zenit. Will the "soldiers" become champions of the VTB United League?

The final series of the VTB United League is nearing its logical conclusion, both teams are doing their best and trying to demonstrate the optimal level of play. The obvious advantage is on the side of CSKA Moscow, which won three victories and leads the series - 3-1.

The "soldiers" demonstrate that they do not experience much resistance within the League, they are too much superior to all opponents in the speed of decision-making, the use of their chances and individual skill. They approach the home meeting with the most comfortable advantage, so they should not experience any special moral pressure. The team will try to resolve all issues already in the upcoming match, so as not to drag out the fight for the title, not to waste extra strength and emotions. Zenith gives up the last of his strength on the floor and acts with great desire, but even this is not enough for the final victory. It’s impossible to close completely “own” matches, stupid mistakes fail at the most key moment. Therefore, the emotional state of basketball players frankly leaves much to be desired. On May 30, the fifth fight of the series will take place, which can dot the i's.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on CSKA vs Zenit


CSKA looks just great and proves its dominance in Russia with a very convincing final. Right now, the team has a handicap of two wins, which, in terms of their experience and skill, simply should not be squandered. The Moscow "CSKA" competently select tactics and strategy of the game for almost every match. At the right moment, the individual skill of the performers is also connected, who shoot bright moments.

The final "buzzer-bitter" in the last match can finally put an end to the hopes of the club from St. Petersburg, but it's too early to relax. The team definitely wants to put a beautiful end in front of their audience. In addition, Aleksey Shved burns with the desire to improve, who in the previous match committed the silliest fifth foul and almost let his partners down. Now he wants to demonstrate that this was just an unfortunate accident.


Zenit had just experienced an emotional outburst and began to look convincing. But then a most offensive defeat followed, which could finally finish him off. It is very painful to yield in front of the native audience, and that's exactly how it is. First, the team bounced back in the last seconds of normal time, then saved the first overtime. But the second five minutes still went to the opponent's piggy bank. The club from St. Petersburg, a moment before the final siren, led the score, but allowed the winning throw to be made.

It will be almost impossible to recover from this. At the same time, basketball players were definitely on the brink of an abyss. Now they need to turn on to the maximum, since any next misfire will be fatal. A wounded beast is doubly dangerous, so there is no doubt that the players will give their last strength and emotions.

CSKA vs Zenit

History of the confrontation

In the history of this rivalry, a big advantage is on the side of CSKA, which turned out to be stronger than 25 times. In the remaining nine meetings, the victory went to the treasury of Zenith. The last face-to-face fight took place on May 27 on the floor of the Sibur Arena in St. Petersburg. According to the results of the second overtime, the Moscow “CSKA” turned out to be stronger with a score of 111:110. And Clyburn was recognized as the best player of the meeting, who scored 33 points and made five assists.

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On the home floor, CSKA looks like the obvious favorite of this confrontation, since it can win the title in the upcoming match. It is offered to bet on the final victory of the hosts with a coefficient of 1.36. But Zenith is in a bad emotional state after a painful failure. You can put guests on a potential victory for 3.42. The base total of the match was set at around 159.5 points. Both its penetration and the reverse option are evaluated with a coefficient of 1.83. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

CSKA almost sent the series to its piggy bank with one throw. Now it will be almost impossible for the opponent to fully return to the fight for the main prize of the competition. Zenith will certainly try to come back, because they do not want to let go of the series. But it will be incredibly difficult to do this after such a blow. We bet that the hosts will be stronger with a handicap of (-6.5) points.

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