Prediction for the fight Israel Adesanya vs Alex Pereira

Nigerian kickboxer, Israel Adesanya, has become a real discovery for the UFC middle division. His ability to put on a show before and during a fight won the hearts of mixed martial arts fans. However, when Stylebender began his career in the top league, few knew about his history with Brazilian bouncer Alex Pereira.

Their kickboxing dilogy ended with a score of 2-0 in favor of "Poatan", and now this guy has come to the octagon behind Easy's head. In their face-to-face meeting, Adesanya fell, but at UFC 287, in sunny Miami, on April 9, the “Last Master of Styles” will have another opportunity to recoup. Will the fourth attempt be successful?

Israel Adesanya vs Alex Pereira

Israel Adesanya

For the ex-UFC champion, being in the ring before his MMA debut was also crowned with significant success. In boxing, he won the Champion Super 8 tournament twice, and in kickboxing he took victories three times in the King in the Ring eight tournaments in the categories up to 86 and 100 kg. During his performances in Glory, he achieved the status of the main contender for the title, but he could not pick it up.

As far as MMA is concerned, Adesanya has been doing great: he became the champion of the AFC and Hex Fighting Series leagues, was awarded the title of leader of the UFC middle division, and also earned a huge amount of awards and bonuses for his performances. Stylebender's plans to top the light heavyweight division of the major leagues failed, but he plans to return there in the future.


One of Israel's main features is close to ideal timing, as well as an amazing sense of distance, which, as it turned out, he maintains until the moment when he is beaten off by his feet. Easy does not have impressive power, but the speed and accuracy of his hits shake even the toughest opponents. In addition, he tirelessly develops his skills on the ground, and despite the low percentage of successful transfers, he is quite capable of controlling his own kind - that is, drummers. And, of course, many top UFC strikers will envy him in technicality and possession of kicks.


Over the years, Adesanya's resilience has waned noticeably. He is no longer able to eat any blows, as he was in the collision with Gastelum, and landings on the head force him to retreat, pressing against the net and going into a dead defense. In addition, the last fight showed that he also has problems with defense against lowkicks, but here the point is that the Nigerian has not met kickers of this level in the cage before. Yes, and in clinches, Israel’s activity is lame, which is why he opens up a large field for counterattacks before the opposition.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Adesanya is 33 years old and has lost twice in his last 5 fights to Jan Blachowicz and Alex Pereira. Remarkably, both crushed him precisely due to superiority in size and physical strength - the ex-champion never learned to cope with this. However, he has triumphs in fights with Jared Cannonier, Robert Whittaker, and Marvin Vettori, which is the best result in this division. Israel had problems with motivation due to the lack of competition at 84 kg, so he decided to foray into light heavyweight, but now, this aspect should be all right, because Pereira is his main offender in his entire sports career.

Israel Adesanya vs Alex Pereira

Alex Pereira

The reigning middleweight champion boasts an impressive track record in kickboxing. He was the only double champion of the major Glory league in middleweight and light heavyweight, held the titles of WGP (twice), WAKO Pro, defending his belts on multiple occasions. As a pro, his record is 33 wins and 7 losses.

In addition, Alex owns a black belt in kickboxing (equivalent to the title of MS), he reached the level of brown in BJJ, and even has 1 victory in professional boxing. In the UFC, the fighter collected 3 bonuses in 4 fights, as well as a number of bonuses for the knockout of the month. By the way, in 2022, Pereira was recognized as the best fighter for his rapid achievements in mixed martial arts.


In addition to discipline, strict adherence to the game plan and mental stability, Alex stands out from the rest with a significant advantage in anthropometry. Even against the background of light heavyweights, he looks impressive, which is a problem for his opponents. At the same time, the Brazilian perfectly uses his rich due to well-trained technique. The champion is good both in the clinch and at a distance, and his power allows you to drop the opposition even with short non-amplitude hits.


As practice has shown, the wrestling skills of "Poatan" are in their infancy. From the back, he works extremely uncertainly, positional struggle is not his forte, therefore, so far, he cannot offer anything but brute physical strength to get out of difficult situations. However, the presence of Glover Teixeira in his camp can seriously change the course of affairs.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Alex is 35 years old, and in MMA he goes on a series of 7 victories in a row. Bruno Silva, Adesanya and Sean Strickland found a place in this record, and in the fight against Israel, Pereira proved that he was quite capable of fighting 5 rounds while maintaining knockout potential. Teixeira's mentoring should bear fruit even in such a short time, therefore, in the upcoming confrontation, one should expect a more confident partner from the Brazilian, at least from a defensive position, for sure. In the rest, the champion looks convincing, without demonstrating frank weaknesses in technique and physics.

Comparative analysis

Looking at the official data on anthropometry, where Adesanya overtakes Pereira by 3 cm in reach, with identical height, there are doubts, but were the experts doing the calculations correctly? Visually, the Brazilian looks not only taller, but also much more powerful, as if they are from different weight categories. In addition, Alex almost immediately appropriates the center of the octagon, forcing the opponents to play the role of counter-strikeers, which happened in their first meeting with Stylebender.

It is impossible to say that one of the athletes is a higher class in the stand. Pereira is more resourceful in the clinches, while Adesanya outpaces him in speed and moves better. Considering that the Brazilian almost knocked out in the very first 5 minutes of their fight, it’s stupid to say that he is more dangerous than Israel, it’s more important how skillfully Alex uses the cumulative effect of his punches. He smashed the legs of the ex-champion from the opening round, which he perfectly took advantage of in the 5th, having suffered setbacks on the ground.

If Easy does not decide to radically change his style and become a wrestler, and Poatan may well find an answer for this, then we are unlikely to see a radically different result in their meeting - they are quite ready to spend 4 rounds in the total over (3,5) cage 1.78. This is reinforced by the fact that the “Lord of Styles” has always been much more careful in rematches. And this time, he should come up with something to counter Pereira's low kicks, and then the victory by the decision of the judges will be in his pocket win 2 1.67. At least in the last fight, he looked good until he "lost his legs."

Israel Adesanya vs Alex Pereira Prediction

As mentioned earlier, Israel experienced a motivational hunger, since in the standing position, none of the previous battles in recent years left him in a helpless state. He was impeccable, but he drastically reduced the number of spectacular combinations in the last matches, and ceased to be the same "Last Master of Styles". Now, after the defeat, there is no doubt that Adesanya's mood will be in full order, because his pride will not allow him to lose to the same opponent for the 4th time in a row. Using the experience of past encounters with Pereira, Easy can take different paths to victory.

For example: fight, dry the fight at the net, acting more tightly than last time, or turn on your footwork to the maximum, delivering a small number of shots from a long distance, and relying on their emphasis. Alex is good at the middle-close range, where his hooks are used, but he successfully conveys them only to those who stand still. Training with Glover will make him better, but no one has become a wrestler in less than 5 months. For this reason, as the winner, again, it is preferable to choose Adesanya. And who knows, maybe his charge will be enough to drop Alex until the middle of the 5th segment, although this outcome is unlikely. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: total over (4.5) by rounds / Israel Adesanya to win

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