Milwaukee Bucks vs Miami Heat. No one wants a match?

The Milwaukee Bucks will face the Miami Heat on July 14 in the NBA Summer League. The meeting will take place on the basketball court of the Cox Pavilion sports complex.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Milwaukee Bucks vs Miami Heat

Milwaukee Bucks

The club won the regular season last season, but very quickly flew into the playoffs, where, by the way, it was the guys from the Miami Heat who were beaten. Although, it seems that the preseason is not the place where it is worth avenging such deeds. The Stags did nothing in the 2022-23 NBA elimination games because they overwhelmed their leaders in the main championship. Now we need to give them a lot of rest.

Milwaukee selected Chris Livingston with the 58th overall pick in the 2023 draft. A lot of people say that the chances of this guy playing in the NBA in a team like the Bucks are close to zero, but it could very well be that he will be tried in the preseason. Here the “deer” have absolutely nothing to lose.

The best of the best Bucks need to rest. Those who are waiting for their chance in the team are obliged to work on the parquet. Here it is worth noting that Milwaukee has a big gap between the main backbone of the club and everyone else. There is fear or speculation that "deer" will not be flamboyant in Las Vegas.

Miami Heat

The team performed a miracle last season in the NBA. The Heat, like nowhere else, knows how to give a chance to players who have been rejected by everyone. This plan worked. Butler and the undrafted gang made it to the finals. It didn't win the main series, but it was cool anyway. Basketball players have spent a lot of energy and now they deserve a real rest. Don't expect them to do a great preseason game in Las Vegas.

In the final draft, the Heat took Jaime Hackes. It may well be that the guy will get his chance in the matches of the current preseason. It is also worth waiting for someone on the floor from a deep reserve. Approximately such a team "lights" should be involved in this tournament.

It is important to understand here that although the so-called no-names and outcasts are represented in abundance in the Hit roster, all of them have already gone through adaptation and gained a new faith in themselves. Each such basketball player can light up on the court, but even more so in the preseason.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Miami Heat

History of the confrontation

The teams clashed in the 2022/23 NBA Round of 16. That series lasted only five matches. "Deers" took only one match in it. Earlier in the season, the teams fought each other four more times in the regular season. It was 2:2 in wins.

Game Totals Prediction

We are not expecting a colourful basketball game with passion. It will be something like a demonstration of reserves or a two-way training session for each side to solve some of its own problems. Either way, the Heat's bench is much better than the Bucks' second tier. The nominal guests will surely win - Win 2 and handicap 2(-6), but the match will be relatively inconclusive. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

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