Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets. Does the couple still have a favorite?

On June 8th, the Kaseyya Center Arena will host the third match of the 2022/23 NBA Finals Series between the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets. The score in the confrontation between the teams is 1:1.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Denver Nuggets vs Miami Heat

Denver Nuggets

No one was waiting for them, but they came. This is how you can describe the team's path to the 2022/23 NBA Finals. It was everything (play-ins, seven-match elimination streaks, and even the restoration of parity in the rivalry with the Nuggets). Butler is cool, Adebayo is no worse. And the rest of the basketball players of the “lights” deserve words of praise.

The minimum task has been completed. The opponent, who is the favorite of the series, was deprived of the advantage of his parquet. The series moves to Miami with the score 1:1. The intermediate goal has been achieved, but a lot of forces have been left here. Plus, the Heat are beginning to pursue injuries. Oladipo and Hirro are in the infirmary right now. In addition, there is talk that Zeller and Martin are also experiencing some health difficulties.

At home, it should be a little easier to play, since there is an audience and targeted rings here, but now we should expect a crazy assault from the Nuggets, who are not ready to let go of the “lights” forward. In the last away match, the Heat focused on long-range shots. Much has reached its goal. It was due to this moment that they managed to take the battle. At home there is a temptation to repeat all this.

Miami Heat

This is the case when being in the final is the result of a lot of work done. The team won the regular season. She then performed powerfully in the knockout games. The series with the Heat began with a confident home win, followed by a misfire on home territory. The moment is unpleasant, but now it is already part of history. We need to draw the right conclusions and start all over again.

Jokic and Murray are consistently good. The last match was lost to the opponent, but these guys were still on top and scored a double-double. The Serb chalked up 41 points and made 11 rebounds. The Canadian scored 18 points in attack and made ten assists.

What happened in the last meeting? The opponent showed good accuracy from behind the arc and managed to take the lead at the end, but still the last word in the match was for the “nuggets”. They threw a three-ruble note under the siren for a draw, but by. That happens. It's part of basketball life and definitely not a tragedy. We must continue to bend our line.

Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets

History of the confrontation

The score in the series is 1:1. First, the "nuggets" took the lead here (104:93) at home, and then the "lights" bounced back on the road (111:108). In the ten most recent battles of the pair - 7:3 with positive results in favor of the Nuggets.

Odds from download 1xbet

For the bookmakers, Denver remain the favourites for the pairing. They are willing to give 1.72 for Victory 2. The odds for the home team to win are 2.12. Bets on the total under (215.5) at 1xbet are multiplied by 1.9. Breaking this performance ceiling is also priced at 1.9. A handicap of 2(-5.5) pays 2.17. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

The Heat in the 2022/23 NBA Finals is a sensation. Miami tied the game in the tournament's main series against the Nuggets - another high-profile event. It happens, but the luck is not infinite. The visitors will win by 2 and a handicap 2(-5.5), playing their usual style of attacking through Jokic and Murray.

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