Denver Nuggets vs Atlanta Hawks. Everyone wants to beat the champions?

The Denver Nuggets and Atlanta Hawks will play on July 10 as part of the NBA pre-season tournament in Las Vegas.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Denver Nuggets vs Atlanta Hawks

Denver Nuggets

The team is the reigning NBA champion. Basketball players of the team completed the task assigned to them. Jokic dragged the club throughout the season and was actively assisted by Murray. Yes, the contribution of other basketball players to the overall success was also impressive, but the aforementioned duet was amazing. Perhaps these guys deserve a break in the preseason. Perhaps they will appear on the floor, but none of them will give all the best, since there is no point in this. It looks like we can see what the other Nuggets guys are capable of.

The battle with Hawks is not a matter of principle. Here you can try some new bundles and combinations. In the draft, the Nuggets signed Jalen Pickett (32 pick). It is possible that the guy can be run in Vegas. He was good in Pennsylvania. For his university, Jaylen made almost 18 points per game, making about 7.5 rebounds and handing out seven assists. At the same time, the guy showed excellent accuracy (more than 51% from the field and 38.5% with long-range shots).

Atlanta Hawks

The club was eliminated from the 2022/23 NBA playoffs at the 1/8 final stage, having taken a couple of matches here against the Celts. Well, I think everyone at Hawks would like more. The team recently extended the contract of Dejont Murray for four years, and also released Aaron Holiday as a free agent. It is said that John Collins will soon leave for Jazz, and Rudy Gay will arrive from there in the opposite direction.

Atalanta is being rebuilt. Not so long ago, the club's bosses instructed their front office to withdraw from the luxury tax in the near future, so the roster shuffling will still continue. How will this fact affect sports results? It’s hard to predict, but the point here is that the current Hawks don’t take out too much, so why pay more? The leaders are likely to be retained, but the bench will be modified. The team signed Kobe Bufkin 15th overall in the current draft.

Denver Nuggets vs Atlanta Hawks

History of the confrontation

Ten extreme rivalries of the couple fall on the period from November 2018 to February 2023. In these battles - 6:4 with positive results in favor of the Denver Nuggets basketball players. The Eagles have been doing quite well in recent years against the NBA Nuggets, who are the reigning NBA champions.

Odds from download 1xbet

The current champion is the favorite of the match, but it is impossible to call his superiority in the eyes of bookmakers total. 1xbet offers to bet on the victory of the Nuggets for 1.72, while the success of the Hawks goes for 2.04. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

Nobody is going to overdo it on holiday. The main characters of the nominal hosts are on holiday and the opponent will take advantage of the situation, winning this match with confidence - Victory 2 and a handicap of 2(-6), which doesn't really solve anything. Don't expect big numbers on the scoreboard.

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