Denver Nuggets vs Miami Heat. Will it all end very quickly?

On June 2, the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat will play their first matchup of the 2022/23 NBA Finals. The meeting will be hosted by the parquet of the Ball Arena sports complex.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Denver Nuggets vs Miami Heat

Denver Nuggets

In some way, the club is the benchmark of the current NBA draw. He won the regular season, plus he hasn't faced much opposition in the playoffs yet. At times, it seems that the Denver Nuggets are many times more powerful than their opponents. Jokic scores, rebounds and distributes. Nobody can stop him. In addition, the team has Murray, who rarely misses and loves to throw balls into the basket.

The team won the semi-final series against the Los Angeles Lakers in four games. It turns out that now the guys from the Nuggets are in good shape. They are rested and ready to become champions. The battle with the "lights" begins in Denver, which is another undeniable advantage for the "nuggets". On paper, the situation is as positive as possible for them.

If you look for some problems in the Nuggets camp, then we can say that Gillespie is now injured, but the basketball player is not a key player for the team and he has been in the hospital for a long time. The team has already managed to adapt to his absence.

Miami Heat

Almost no one believed in them at the start of the NBA 2022/23. The team finished the regular season in seventh place in the East and then got into the knockout games through the play-in. Then the basketball players of the Heat increased sharply. They first passed the conference-winning Milwaukee Bucks in five games. Then the team finished with the New York Knicks (4:2), and then with the Boston Celtics (4:3).

The last series with the "Celts" took a lot of strength (both physical and moral). There was a most dangerous moment when the lights, leading in it with a score of 3:0, allowed the opponent to catch up with them. It worked out, but the situation was almost extreme.

Jimmy Butler is in great shape. He drags the team on himself and can decide at crucial moments. Yes, the Heat had less rest before the final, but now it seems that they don't care too much now. They are ready to make a result here even solely on emotions. Oladipo and Hirro in the infirmary. This is an embarrassing moment for the team. These guys are important for the club, and cutting the roster now is definitely not good.

History of the confrontation

This season, the teams had a chance to compete twice already. In both cases, the "nuggets" were stronger (112:108 away and 124:119 at home). In ten extreme battles, the pair - 8:2 with positive results in favor of the Denver Nuggets basketball players.

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Game Totals Prediction

The Nuggets are full of energy, and they will try to run across a tired opponent in a productive shootout. The plan will work, but the guests will actively snap. Intrigue at the end of the battle is not expected, but the overall score will be relatively large.

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