Canada vs France. The debut match of the teams at the World Cup-23

Canada and France will start their journey at the 2023 Basketball World Cup with a head-to-head match on August 25. The meeting will take place on the floor of the sports complex "Indonesia Arena" in the city of Jakarta.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Canada vs France


The team goes to 15th position in the FIBA TOP (fourth line in its zone). In general, not bad, because the team qualified for the World Cup, and random teams do not get there (almost never). Not so long ago, the Canadians won the DBB Super Bowl, breaking the Germans in the final. The title is not the most prestigious, but there are never many victories.

In the summer, the national team played three control battles. Unfortunately, she has two misfires here. The North Americans qualified for the World Championship by taking first place in the qualifying group. Canadians are not very successful in modern World Cups. It would be nice to get into the top ten at the upcoming competition. Perhaps this is the ceiling for the current team, and only if we are very optimistic.

If we talk about bright personalities in the national team, then we must definitely name Murray from the Nuggets, Gilges-Alexander from the Thunder and Barrett from the Knicks. There are bright stars in the team, but they cannot yet become a great team.


The team ranks fifth in the FIBA world rankings (second position in Europe). The team has a serious composition, and it goes to the World Championship for medals. The team made it to the tournament without any problems, winning in its qualifying group.

During the summer, the French fought seven friendly battles, and in six of them they were successful. The Frogs are good. They have their own style, which is undoubtedly quoted in world basketball right now.

France got to the World Cup-23 in one quartet along with Canadians, Latvians and Lebanese. In theory, the team should have no problems getting out of here. If we talk about sad things, then we must definitely mention that Victor Vembanyama will not play in the tournament. This is his personal decision. Fortunately, the light does not converge on it like a wedge. The following guys will play for the national team at World Cup 23: Fournier (Knix), Batum (Clippers), Gobert (Timberwolves), Yabusele (Real), Fall (Oli), De Colo ( ASVEL) and others.

Canada vs France

History of the confrontation

The teams have five general meetings. The oldest of them took place back in 2010, and the most recent - in 2016. In these battles of the teams - 3:2 by positive results in favor of the Frogs.

Odds from download 1xbet

Bookmakers estimate Victory 2 at 1.85. For the Canadians' success they pay 2.06. Bets on the total less (165.5) are multiplied by 1.94. The odds on overcoming this performance bar is 1.96. If you bet on handicap 2(-3), you can multiply your money by 2.11. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

No sensation is expected. The French are better than their opponent. They will take it from the starting whistle and bring it to a win, but no rout is expected - Victory 2 and a 2(-3) handicap. The match itself should turn out to be relatively effective, given the fact that the teams are very skillful.

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