Prediction for the fight Artem Reznikov vs Andrey Koshkin

The current Lightweight Grand Prix, held by the ACA league, has become extremely problematic for a number of reasons, and one of the favorites of the competition, Artem Reznikov, who was already in tense relations with the promotion management, was picking up a new opponent for a long time.

Despite all the obstacles, on December 23 he will share the cage with the top league, Andrey Koshkin, in the semi-finals. At the final event of the year, ACA 150, the fate of the finalist will be decided, and each fighter has a chance to go to the next stage to compete for the main prize.

Artem Reznikov vs Andrey Koshkin

Artem Reznikov

The representative of Kazakhstan is an experienced wrestler who actively uses his skills on the ground, speaking in the top MMA leagues in Russia. In his homeland, he won the title of champion of the Alash Pride organization, after that he fought in Fight Nights Global, and after moving to the ACA, he quickly became one of the contenders for the belt, and also successfully showed himself in the quarterfinals of the Grand Prix.


Artem managed to do a tremendous job of adapting his wrestling style to effective work in mixed martial arts. He actively uses striking techniques to capture the operational space in the cage, and makes opponents raise their hands due to powerful overhands, followed by a transfer. And on the ground floor, his signature north-south move increasingly finds its victims. An eyeliner to it is the densest ground and pound, along with excellent control of positions and their constant improvement. In addition to this comes good timing and endurance.


Of course, Reznikov is not able to match the level of top Russian strikers. This is clearly expressed in his inability to defend against body kicks, as well as to work in a rack with those who have good transfer protection. With the same Raisov and Khaliyev, Artem ate a lot of blows, although from time to time he skillfully seized the initiative, sitting down under kicks with his feet and executing takedowns. Be that as it may, three times in his career he fell precisely from failures in battles on his hands.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Artem is 30 years old, his winning streak consists of an impressive 9 victories, and not over someone passing, but over such monsters as the aforementioned Yusuf Raisov and Hasan Khaliyev, ex-UFC fighter Davi Ramos, Khamzat Aushev and others. Right now, Reznikov has gained a good move, his physical form and skills have been brought to an excellent level, and the motivation to win the Grand Prix surpasses any other desires. Kazakh is hardy, outperforms the lion's share of rivals in terms of physical strength, and is definitely ready to break them on the ground, taking advantage of all the advantages in this position.

Artem Reznikov vs Andrey Koshkin

Andrey Koshkin

The Russian devoted many years to performances in hand-to-hand combat and pankration, where he won the title of champion of Russia. Also, he has the title of master of sports and champion of the Central Military District in army hand-to-hand combat. Later, he took part in the World Championships - twice became the winner there, after which he went to MMA. At the moment, the athlete occupies the 5th line of the ACA league top.


First of all, Koshkin is a drummer, however, many underestimate his shots. Speaking in pankration, he now and then threw the opposition to the floor with amplitude, with further finishing. Of course, at a higher level, with basic wrestlers, this does not work as effectively, however, the skill itself is present, and can act as a surprise effect. Otherwise, mid kicks, kicks to the head, play from the opponent and timely counterattacks allow Andrey to systematically break the opposition's defense, winning fights with decisions and finishes in the late rounds.


Like any other fan of stand-up duels, Koshkin has difficulty on the ground. He is great at defending himself from passes to the legs, and also perfectly knits the attacker, preventing him from working. However, Andrey himself is absolutely passive at these moments, since he does not have sufficient skills in positional combat, and besides, he does not always see the moments when the opponent enters the tricks. An unpleasant bonus here is also his slow starts, because by relying on increasing the pace after the equator of the battle, he gives up the beginning, and does not always have time to deprive the opponent of strength in order to pick up the ending.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Koshkin is 32 years old, suddenly for many it was he who was chosen as a participant in the Grand Prix, despite the fact that in the last 5 fights the athlete from Novokuznetsk lost twice. Having lost to Ustarmagomed Gadzhidaudov and Ali Bagov, he hardly passed Murad Abdulaev, and got more confident victories over Alexander Butenko with Altynbek Mamashev. Simply put, the lack of a universal style leaves its mark on Andrey's performances in ACA, where the lion's share of wrestlers is located, when compared with other promotions. However, he always demonstrates good cardio performance and excels at using his strengths in fights with equal opposition.

Comparative analysis

In this pair, Koshkin has a slight superiority in anthropometry, which is 3 cm higher, and in the arm span is 4 cm ahead of his counterpart. However, Reznikov unequivocally levels this due to his physics, because the muscle mass, which does not squander his endurance at all, repeatedly allowed him demolish opponents much larger than Andrey. If we analyze the technical aspects, then everything is obvious here: Koshkin is not an opponent of Artyom on the ground, and he is unlikely to impress him with his striker developments. The only problem for the Russian is that Reznikov, in case of failure in the standing position, has an option - a fight, but in the case of Koshkin, he will not have a plan "B".

It is likely that the Kazakh's starting attacks will be leveled due to the takedown defense and high-quality defense on the ground. In addition, Andrei is great with his legs, which always fettered Artem in offensive actions. But, Reznikov will not slow down during the meeting, and it is not worth counting on the fact that Koshkin will switch from work as the second number to the aggressor by the later rounds. He will cause problems in exchanges, he will move a lot, but the representative of Almaty will do his job sooner or later. What is even more interesting, it is increasingly going to the same north-south, and who knows, perhaps the Grand Prix semi-finals will be decorated with a victory in this way.

Artem Reznikov vs Andrey Koshkin Prediction

There is too much at stake in this bout for either of the lads not to be ready to go all the way. Both can spend as much as 25 minutes in the cage, albeit not at a high tempo, and each has his own strengths. However, Reznikov's obvious superiority not only in clean wrestling, but also in grappling, with his ability to get close, perform one and two leg passes, and physical strength does not bode well for Koshkin's chances of triumph. His ability to open and furious counter jabs and dry body with his feet will only increase Artem's desire to get in closer and spam him with takedowns, so the encounter promises to be tight at the start, and then Reznikov moves to more action, including elbows and occasional takedowns in each round. As stated above, it's not at all unlikely that there will be attempts at submissions from the Kazakh, after working his opponent's head off with punches. A scenario in which Koshkin gets the upper hand can only be considered, but only if Artem makes gross errors, which is unlikely. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Victory for Artem Reznikov.

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