Prediction for the fight Evgeny Goncharov vs Muhumat Vakhaev

In February 2020, the ACA league held one of the most anticipated heavyweight matches, where a new champion was determined: Muhumat Vakhaev opposed Evgeny Goncharov that evening. The conflict between the fighters, which flared up on the eve of the fight, continued in the cage, but Vakhaev's triumph did not put an end to their history.

At the ACA 150 anniversary tournament, two ex-champions will once again meet in battle and, despite the fact that the title will not be at stake, both of them have something to prove. Already on December 23, in the third most important duel of the card, Goncharov and Vakhaev will reveal the strongest in their pair and, quite possibly, we will have a reserve for a bright trilogy.

Evgeny Goncharov vs Muhumat Vakhaev

Evgeny Goncharov

The representative of the city of Rostov-on-Don, Eugene is a basic melee. In this discipline, he became the champion of the Southern Federal District, then tried himself in freestyle wrestling, kickboxing, universal combat at the amateur level, thanks to which he collected many prizes and first places in competitions throughout the country. As a professional, Goncharov also achieved success, becoming the champion of the WFCA leagues, and then the ACA.


The basis of the athlete's style is percussion technique. Heavy punch, confident combinational work, small (for heavy weight) dimensions, which adds to his speed, as well as a preference to act as the first number, allow Evgeny to complete about half of his performances ahead of schedule. In wrestling, he is also not bad, but here we are talking exclusively about the superiority over his opponents of his anthropometry, with a lower level of par terre. At the bottom, he often connects the ground and pound, only resorting to submissions in extreme cases.


Goncharov's obvious problems throughout his career were stamina and low hanging hands. If at the beginning of performances he demonstrates excellent speed and does not allow himself to be hit, then by the 3rd round of intense battle the picture changes for the worse, and the battles of the Rostovite turn into naked attempts to cut down the opponent with a heavy hit.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Eugene is 36 years old, and his track record in recent years consists of 4 victories in 5 fights. He lost to the same Vakhaev, whom he will soon meet, but victories were won over a very serious opposition: Tony Johnson, Anton Vyazigin, Daniel Omelyanchuk - these names deserve attention. Goncharov shows himself worthy in fights for 3 rounds, his punches are only getting better, and his skills are fully consistent with his rich experience in MMA. That is why, in the upcoming fight, we expect to see a charged and motivated athlete, eager to avenge the defeat.

Evgeny Goncharov vs Muhumat Vakhaev

Muhumat Vakhaev

The fighter from Grozny won prestigious awards in the amateur field, becoming the champion of the Southern Federal District in mixed martial arts, winning first place in the Russian Cup, and also being the best in the Sambo championship of the city of Rostov. Years later, Muhumat managed to take the DIA title and consolidate his superiority over other Russian heavyweights by taking the ACA gold in his hands.


Often, Vakhaev relies on close combat and wrestling, since it is on the ground floor that he manages to realize all his pluses in the best possible way. Non-standard strike technique with curves and sweeping strikes, due to natural power, allows Muhumat to shock opponents and refine them on the ground. And there, in his arsenal, there are not only guillotines with choke from behind, but also excellent position control, with blocking of the opponent's limbs.


Muhumat three times in his career ended up in technical knockouts, and in battles with drummers, it is easy to notice all his shortcomings in percussion technique. He does not see most of the blows, moves away from them in a smooth trajectory, and does not even try to keep his hands above his head. And in combination with not the most polished counterattacks, and frankly lame cardio in protracted battles, such shortcomings have serious consequences.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Muhumat is 32 years old, and his successes in recent years are encouraging: 1 defeat to Tony Johnson interrupted the winning streak of 8 fights, but he managed to cover that failure with a bright victory over Denis Smoldarev. Rafael Pessoa, Evgeny Goncharov and Sergei Bilostenny also moved to the asset of Grozny. It cannot be said that he demonstrates significant progress in all aspects of the fight, but he managed to bring his strengths (wrestling and clinch) to a well-established form. A heavyweight in his prime will definitely show a quality performance, especially since the point here is about the personal history of the confrontation.

Comparative analysis

In anthropometry between athletes, the difference is minimal and, despite a few centimeters of superiority in the reach of Vakhaev, he did not manage to complicate Goncharov's life in the stance at all. He was much more mobile, attacked more, and in the context of the planned revenge, it would be wiser for the fighter from Rostov to develop his success in the standing position, since there Muhumat looks uncompetitive against his background. Both single blows and bunches will go well with Evgeny, since he noticeably tightened his boxing, based on extreme fights.

As long as both are fresh, the favorite is unlikely to emerge at close range and on the ground, because the guys know how to fight, they just use different tools for finishing when they are on top. Cardio will play a key role in this fight, and it will be the most important in the 3rd round, if it comes to it at all. At the start, Goncharov has every chance to break the opponent, and Muhumat will not be able to influence this, even if he constantly spams with takedowns - this will tire him no less than the defending side.

As soon as Evgeny gets space to work, if not able to counterattack at all, the Grozny player will have a hard time. The gap in their levels is noticeable and, despite the fact that in revenge everything will go differently, because everyone has gained experience and will no longer make the same mistakes, Goncharov’s arsenal is wider and more effective. In addition, he is more mobile and hits harder, because if the fight doesn’t work for Muhumat, he has few options for victory, except to dry the fight in clinches.

Evgeny Goncharov vs Muhumat Vakhaev Prediction

Taking into account past experience, it is easy to predict that the second fight will take place according to a completely different scenario. Everyone will definitely add in those aspects that brought them success last time, and correct mistakes. Be that as it may, it will not be easy to keep up with the more experienced and versatile Yevgeny Muhumat, exactly until the moment when he finally swings, which the Russian’s corner should not allow.

Vakhaev's blunders in the standing position and Goncharov's worthy rebuff on the ground floor should lead the fighter from Rostov to victory, however, such a possibility as a lakipunch and a swift finish performed by Muhumat on the ground floor cannot be completely ruled out. After all, we are talking about heavyweights. Therefore, closer to the event, when bookmakers expand the betting line, it is wiser to choose the option - the duration of the fight, or the early end of the meeting by any of the participants. And only after that think about betting on the favorite. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Under 2.5 / Evgeny Goncharov's victory

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