Prediction for the fight Artem Reznikov vs Davi Ramos

After the protracted conflict between the ASA and their fighter, Artem Reznikov, no one believed that he could break into the Lightweight Grand Prix to meet the best representatives of his division there. However, all issues were settled, and at the ACA 140 tournament, which will be held in Sochi, our athlete will meet with ex-UFC fighter Davi Ramos.

The Brazilian is very dangerous on the ground, so it will be doubly interesting to see whose technique on the ground is better. The winner of this pair will reach the semi-finals of the tournament bracket, and it is quite possible that this is the only chance for Reznikov to prove once again that he is the best representative of his category in the entire post-Soviet space.

Artem Reznikov vs Davi Ramos

Artem Reznikov

For our athlete, the road to martial arts began with freestyle wrestling, which he practiced until his debut in mixed martial arts. Artyom supplemented the resulting set of skills with striking techniques, as he initially had serious knockout power. This allowed him to win the title of champion of the Alash Pride promotion, and start playing in the top leagues of Russia.

Reznikov fought under the banner of Fight Nights Global, as well as a number of Kazakh organizations, where he opposed such famous athletes as Grigory Kichigin, Mikhail Tsarev, Dmitry Aryshev and others. After signing with the ASA, even more significant names appeared in his statistics, but the main achievement in Artem's career was the victory over Yusuf Raisov.


Without a doubt, the main trump card in the sleeve of Spartak is its wrestling and ground and pound. Most of the victories, he got technical knockouts, which were achieved due to his heavy fists, working both in the rack and on the ground. However, it was not without grappling either - 7 out of 22 victories, Reznikov scored through submissions. Pressing, hard hitting, ground floor control – the perfect balance between power and technique gives him the ability to compete at the highest level.


The main disadvantage of Artyom is his impulsiveness, because sometimes, in pursuit of the finish line, he not only wastes his energy on unprepared attacks, but also exposes himself to the enemy’s response. At such moments, his defense in the stand becomes vulnerable, and given that Reznikov has not competed since September 2020, “rust” and stamina problems can be added to this.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

The Kazakh fighter is only 30 years old, he goes to a series of 8 victories, the last of which were won over Khasan Khaliyev, Khamzat Aushev and the aforementioned Yusuf Raisov. There are no questions about the level of Spartak, his technical skills and everything else - he is a top fighter. However, again, returning to his current condition, the question of downtime remains open, because being out of work for almost two years is a serious test for the body of even such a young athlete.

Artem Reznikov vs Davi Ramos

Davi Ramos

The Brazilian has become known in the fighting arena as a great master of BJJ and grappling. He has an ADCC world title, a 3rd dan black belt in jiu-jitsu, and a number of victories at the largest venues (like Grapplers Quest) of the planet in these disciplines. Davi performed not only in the 70 kg category, he has experience entering fights in the category up to 77 kg.

Over the course of his long career, Ramos has appeared at various promotions ranging from the RFA to Bellator and the UFC. There he had to deal with a diverse opposition, but fights in the major leagues clearly showed that our South American friend was not at all ready to compete with elite athletes.


As a world-renowned partner, it's no surprise that Davi's forte is ground floor combat. His attacking jiu-jitsu, rich experience in setting traps and holding tricks allow him to finish opponents of a fairly high level. In addition, Ramos is distinguished by his impenetrability and good cardio, so protracted viscous confrontations are not a problem for him.


Give another example of how successful athletes from other martial arts have not been able to adapt to MMA. He is good at BJJ, but at the same time he cannot develop his success in fights with titled wrestlers. There is no need to talk about the stand at all, there is nothing for Ramos to catch with good strikers. In addition, the Brazilian shows himself worthy in attack, but in terms of work as the second number, he does not do much. In addition, to match the opponent, he has not fought since the summer of 2020, and at that age, such downtime is critical for functionality.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

The fighter is 35 years old, in the last 5 appearances he won three times, defeating Nick Hayne, John Gunter and Austin Hobbard. But the two final fights, Ramos lost, losing to Islam Makhachev and Arman Tsarukyan. In this case, we are watching a veteran who keeps afloat due to experience and adequate physical conditions. But, in fairness, we note that 2 years without fights, the “retirement” age for the lightweight and Davi’s one-sidedness do not bode well for him in the upcoming confrontation.

Comparative analysis

The anthropometry of the guys is almost identical, and the dimensions are the same - both are knocked down, muscular, with short arms and a low center of gravity. Yes, and stylistically, you can draw a line between Artem and Davi, because they prefer to fight in a horizontal position, however, each in his own way. If Reznikov can afford to cut himself, demolish the opponent in the standing position due to striking power, and then start working with him on the ground, then Ramos prefers to press more carefully and transfer his opponent to the ground as soon as possible. From his side, it will not be possible to observe such a furious ground and pound, like Spartak, but there are some nuances here too.

The Brazilian is clearly a higher level than Artem as a jitser. In his piggy bank there are a lot of tricks that he throws from any position, but at the same time, the Kazakh can offer him total control of positions, and in such situations, Davi did not always show his best side. Simply put, it will be enough for Reznikov to do what he loves - to shove on an opponent, throw heavy punches and take a dominant position on the ground. The only moment that can seriously affect the course of the fight is cardio, because Ramos has repeatedly gone the full distance, and always fought at a good pace. The icing on the cake will be a simple guys, 2 years each. And here, age should definitely play a key role, because at 30 years old it is much easier to shake off rust than at 35.

Artem Reznikov vs Davi Ramos Fight Prediction

It's not easy to judge fighters who haven't fought for so long, because in that time any of them could have made great progress or stagnated, which would eventually affect not only the fight itself, but the weight class as well. That aside, Artem looks more advantageous in terms of skill and freshness, who is dangerous in the standup and also quite good on the ground - he has also won many times with receptions. In fact, Davy has a chance of success only if he manages to outbreathe Reznikov and then strengthen himself on top, gradually preparing one of his holds. In other scenarios, however, it will be Spartak who will be able to offer their vis-a-vis a stand-up fight, amplitude transfers and tight work in the parterre, including punches, position retention and more. No one has been able to shut Ramos down, or to finish the fight as a whole, so it would be wise to count on the referee's decision, with the younger and more active Artem taking at least a couple of rounds, if not to rush forward from the very first seconds. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Artem Reznikov to win

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