Prediction for the fight Magomed Magomedov vs Patrick Mix

The Russian fighter of the bantamweight division, Magomed Magomedov, continues to conquer the second MMA league of the world - Bellator, and as part of the Grand Prix, where he reached the semi-finals, he will have to fight with Patrick Meeks, who is practically unknown to the domestic audience cluster.

In a contest on December 10th at Bellator 289, they will determine who will compete for the top cash prize as well as the Grand Prix title. Athletes deserve each other, and in terms of matchmaking, this is a really interesting event that has a chance to become an ornament of the event.

Magomed Magomedov vs Patrick Mix

Magomed Magomedov

The fourth-ranked Dagfighter alumnus came to MMA from Wushu Sanda. In this discipline, and in parallel with kick-jitsu, he took first place in the World Cup, also won the title of Russian and then European champion in mixed martial arts, and trying his hand at hand-to-hand combat, became the best at the Martial Arts Olympics. In 2016, he was the owner of the belt of the champion of the DIA organization, defeating Petr Yan.


Constantly improving his striking technique, filling in the gaps with fresh developments in the form of kicks, changing floors of attacks and other things, Magomed does not forget about the fight, where he also perfectly realizes his physical capabilities. In pure control and submissions, "Tiger" is able to compete with most of the top bantamweights, but, as it turned out, not all. The diversity of the style used by the Russian is complemented by pressure and successful work at close range.


One of the main problems that Magomedov faces in protracted fights is his cardio. Active actions from the first seconds of the fight and unwillingness to slow down do not allow him to feel confident at distances of more than 10-15 minutes. And Raufeon Stots clearly showed that Magomed has something to work on not only in striking technique, but also on the ground - he has a hard time with elite wrestlers.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Soon "Tiger" will be 31 years old. In the last 7 fights, he lost once, to the same Stots, otherwise, the statistics of our fighter replenished with victories over Enrique Barzola, CJ Hamilton, Matheus Mattos and other more than worthy opponents. Magomed is actively learning, demonstrating significant progress in acquiring new knowledge in the field of martial arts and understanding the game from the inside. Yes, his endurance problems have not yet been resolved, but positive changes are also observed here.

Magomed Magomedov vs Patrick Mix

Patrick Mix

The second number in the rating of the category up to 62.1 kg Bellator, nicknamed "Patchy", has been wrestling since school. He won a number of competitions at the regional level, after which he also proved himself in BJJ, and for his debut in mixed martial arts, he began training at the legendary Extreme Couture and Jackson Wink MMA gyms. In 2017, Meeks won the KOTC league title, successfully defended it twice, and three years later fought for the Bellator belt, but lost it to Juan Archuleta.


Patrick is extremely dangerous in clinches and on the ground, he instantly finds ways to tricks, in particular the guillotine, maintaining a high pace with a quick change of position. In addition, Meeks is great at using his legs to provide a comfortable fighting distance, and the front arm, due to the big reach, how about a guy? playing in the bantamweight division becomes a problem for opponents, preventing them from approaching for attacks.


Patrick's shortcomings are very typical of parterists. He is too straightforward and rough in his work on his hands, hits sweepingly and predictably, and there is no question of any serious preparation of the strike, along with serial attacks. This is not one of the representatives of the modern school of MMA, but a rather one-sided athlete, nevertheless, realizing his strengths by 100%.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

"Patchy" is only 29 years old and, despite the low visibility, he has already scored a number of important victories in his career. Going on a series of 3 wins, the American boasts a good performance against Juan Archuleta (lost to him by a decision), two submissions over Albert Morales and James Gallagher, as well as a triumph in the fight with Kyoji Horiguchi. Patrick has a lot to work on, he is far from versatile, but his grappling is enough to compete with Bellator's tops. The athlete is steadfast, enduring, well restored (did not fight for 7 months), therefore, in the framework of the semi-final, he must show high motivation and physical fitness.

Comparative analysis

Mix, like many Western athletes, drives a lot of weight, therefore he has a noticeable superiority in anthropometry and dimensions: in the span of his arms he is 7 cm ahead, and noticeably ahead of his counterpart in the amount of muscle mass. First of all, we will touch on the clash of styles on the ground for the guys, because this is the most interesting part of their fight. Patrick is much more likely to try to hold tricks, he does it both from the stand and on the ground, besides, he is excellent at defending against takedowns.

Magomed, on the other hand, puts much more pressure on the opposition and becomes the initiator of those same transfers, so in the starting segment, it is likely that neither one nor the other will initiate passes to the legs. For Magomedov, it is much more profitable to stay on his feet, because he is much better as a drummer, while Patchy will rely on footwork and will wait for mistakes from the Russian. His reach will be the key to work with his front hand, while the Tiger will break his defense with kicks and subsequent combinations.

And, as soon as the American realizes that his arsenal in the rack is sorely lacking, he may think about moving to a horizontal position. However, the ability to submit opponents performed by Mix will be blocked by the quality control of positions by Magomed. Due to the fact that both represent a danger to each other on the ground, and the Russian has trump cards, like a striker, the meeting can be seriously delayed, since great prospects in sports are at stake.

Magomed Magomedov vs Patrick Mix Prediction

From all of the above, it follows that we have no doubts about the success of Magomed as a drummer, because technically he is on a different level compared to the American. The main questions arise in the plane of their confrontation as wrestlers. It is quite possible that our fighter will be even more interesting in the role of a freestyle wrestler, but Patrick is dangerous because he does not manage with wrestling alone, but uses his achievements from BJJ and grappling.

In any case, over the past couple of years, "Patchy" has never won before the 3rd round, and for the "Tiger" this is quite a convenient option, because neither one nor the other will take risks and go all-in. And this means that the meeting has every chance to cross the equator, and already in the final round, physical endurance and experience will come into play. Collectively, Magomedov has broader skills, so choosing him as the likely winner is the right decision. But, as an option for a bet, such an option as the duration of the fight is available, and it is unlikely that the guys will be able to finish the fight before the third segment. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Magomed Magomedov to win/Total over 2.5.

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