Prediction for Calvin Kattar vs Josh Emmett

For years, Josh Emmett has been in the shadow of the UFC featherweight division, taking on little-known opposition and winning fights by decision. However, after a crushing knockout in a duel with Ricardo Lamas, he began a rapid ascent to the TOP, where he showed the public his full potential. He will have the opportunity to do it again at UFC on ESPN 37, where an equally awesome fighter, Calvin Kattar, will stand opposite.

On account of the American, a good dozen confrontations with eminent opponents, and his uncompromising style leaves no chance for an easy walk in the cage. That is why, the clash of two titans of this level will be a real decoration of the upcoming event. And what will be more effective: technique and power, or inhuman stamina with an insane desire to arrange a felling? It's time to find the right answer.

Calvin Kattar vs Josh Emmett

Calvin Kattar

The fighter takes the 4th line of the rating in the division up to 66 kg. Having started with wrestling, in his student years, Calvin showed himself well on the carpet, but he did not plan to stop there. Later, boxing and BJJ were added to this, where the American reached the level of a blue belt. But despite this, Kattar most of the time prefers to trade blows rather than fight.

He has no championship belts to his credit, but there are several awards for the best fights of the evening and memorable fights with such counterparts as Ricardo Lamas, Shane Burgos, Jeremy Stevens and others. At this stage of his career, it makes no sense to consider Calvin as a contender, he has already used his chance, but as a gatekeeper, filtering fighters at the entrance to the top five, it’s completely.


One of the features that has repeatedly allowed Kattar to win, even in the most difficult confrontations, is his strong jaw and head. Based on official statistics, he misses more punches than he throws himself (7 vs. 5 punches), but neither a broken nose nor a bloodied face has ever stopped him on his way to triumph.

Moving on the opponent, through punches, and total pressure for 15 minutes - this is how this guy wins fights. Protracted combinations, elusive elbows and feints, literally force the opposition to move backwards in an attempt to escape.

It is rare to see Kattar tired, because this person is able to work out any distance, setting a crazy pace in the very first seconds. There is no need to talk about quality here, but the overall tonnage of hits and aggression do their job.


The unwillingness to stick to the plan for the fight, to analyze what is happening, to change the strategy during the meeting and the banal desire to see the opponent's blood, close the way for Calvin to the first lines of the rating. He always sticks to the same plan - go ahead and hit, but this does not work with everyone, because the guys of the championship caliber declassified the American, simply interrupting him from a distance.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Kattar is 34 years old, and his last performance dates back to January 2022. In the final 5 bouts, he lost twice, losing to Zabit Magomedsharipov and Max Holloway, but victories over Jeremy Stevens, Dan Ige and Giga Chikadze confirm Calvin's high status in the division. Over the past few years, he has shown an excellent level of training, and at the moment there is no doubt that this athlete is at the peak of his form. As before, we expect him to be in good condition and have the right mental attitude.

Josh Emmett

The Californian rightfully occupies the 7th line of the rating. Josh has a successful amateur wrestling career in the NAIA, as well as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, where the fighter won the world championship among blue belts (now wears purple). In mixed martial arts, he distinguished himself by winning the belt of the WCFC organization in the category up to 70 kg.

Despite such a past, Emmett has become one of those wrestlers who are well accustomed to striking techniques, and now the opposition considers this athlete as a puncher, not a grounder. And, what is there to hide, the same Lamas and Michael Johnson will not let you lie - every blow of Josh carries a crushing power.


Emmett is interesting because with the "touch of death", he always knew how to wait for the perfect moment to attack. Precise movements, perfect strike angles, and explosive combinations reach the target at the most opportune moment. At the same time, he combines work on the floors, competently lowering his opponent's hands with punches on the body, and then discharging on the head.

The wrestler's past gives Josh an operational space for action on the ground. Translations in his performance are rare, but it is as an attacker that he copes with his task perfectly. To hold the enemy, as well as besiege him with ground and pound, Emmett can easily.

This fighter cannot be called a cardio machine, and he understands this very well. That is why Josh always approaches the issue of energy consumption in rounds wisely. He moves well, does not rush into "attack for the sake of attack", being able to play the role of not only the first number, but also a counter-puncher.


Despite all the technicality and high class of training, the same mistake can be traced for Emmett - he reveals himself in the attack, which is skillfully used by fighters who surpass him in speed. The same Stevens found the perfect moment for a decisive blow, and Johnson, although he lost, interrupted Josh, creating a lot of problems for him. And in the upcoming battle, defensive actions will play a key role.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

The American athlete is 37 years old, but despite this, he won 4 of the last fights. The previously mentioned Michael Johnson, Mirsad Bektic, Shane Burgos and Dan Ige were all beaten down by Emmett or knocked out. A break from December 2021 will only benefit such an age-old fighter, but the fact remains: with general physical freshness and the presence of heavy blows, he will still tirelessly degrade from fight to fight, because for 66 kg this age says a lot.

Comparative analysis

Traditionally, let's start with the anthropometric figures, especially as the situation here is extremely interesting. Calvin is the absolute favourite in terms of size, as he is 13 cm ahead in height, and 5 cm ahead in terms of arm span. This will definitely give Kattar the bonuses in exchanges he loves so much. Obviously, we're looking at two different schools of striking techniques, Calvin's style is all about pressure and throwing punches at his opponent, while Josh is a sharpshooter, consistently preparing his opponent for a lightning-fast, precision attack. He's the only one who can't knock down the favoured player with a decent shot, so Emmett will need to use his arsenal to take down his opponent, and stay in one piece himself.

We can't expect any action in this match, and we can't pick a favourite here, because one of them is a better jabber, and the other one is a good handler, but he can finish on the ground floor only if he's hit in the clinch. Of far greater importance here will be Calvin's cardio, as well as his impenetrability. He will definitely be going at Josh, trying to blow his head off, and this pressing will not stop under any circumstances. Emmett, on the other hand, boasts neither. He's already been knocked out, and is unlikely to pull off a fight with such an opponent. The strategy of Max Holloway, who was moving a lot and outmaneuvering Kattar by the timing, is perfect here, but Josh is not Max, and that says it all. For this reason, Calvin has the opportunity to not only outbid, but to trivialise his vis-a-vis by finishing him closer to round 3.

Calvin Kattar vs Josh Emmett Fight Prediction

From all of the above, only one conclusion follows: there are much more trump cards in Kattar's sleeve than Emmett's. The seventh rating number is very dangerous, and who knows, maybe his power will be enough to knock out Calvin for the first time. However, putting aside all assumptions, it becomes obvious that due to the steel jaw and the style of the savage, it is Kattar who will be the winner in this clash. If Josh's team doesn't figure out how to avoid chopping by shooting the enemy from afar, then he will not see victory under any circumstances. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Calvin Kattar to win

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