Prediction for the fight Movsar Evloev vs Dan Ige

Fighters with “0” in the defeat column often fly into the UFC, since such craftsmen are much easier to promote, and fans always wonder if an athlete will keep such statistics at such a high level. In 2019, the first representative of Ingushetia in the octagon, Movsar Evloev, also came to measure his strength against the best athletes on the planet, and after so much time, he manages to emerge undefeated from the fights.

But on June 5, our fighter will have to meet the most formidable opponent in his career - Dan Ige, who managed to establish himself as a very strong middle peasant, ready to enter the cage with any opponent. At UFC Fight Night 207, they will have to fight for a place in the TOP-10 of the featherweight division, and who is most likely to get the victory - we will understand our detailed prediction.

Movsar Evloev vs Dan Ige

Movsar Evloev

On account of the Russian there are significant achievements in the Greco-Roman wrestling, with which he began his career in martial arts. The title of candidate for master of sports was not in vain for him - speaking in MMA, Movsar focuses precisely on his wrestling skills. They also helped the Ingush to become the champion of the M-1 organization, where he competed in the bantamweight division, combining a temporary title with a full one.

Speaking in Russia, Evloev managed to fight with a number of strong fighters: Sergey Morozov, Pavel Vitruk and others, could not compete with him. Now, Movsar's winning streak has grown to 15 victories, but his track record does not include really serious opponents, whom he will definitely meet in the near future.


The goal that Evloev pursues in each of his performances is to pinch the enemy and transfer them to the ground. He does this with enviable frequency and diligence, literally laying down his counterpart, only occasionally going to tricks and delivering effective blows.

The fighter covered the distance in both 3 rounds and 5. For him, work as the first number and constant pressure is not a reason for quick fatigue. Therefore, opponents do not have to count on success in the later rounds - Movsar is as good there as in the beginning.


In those cases when a Russian is faced with problems of keeping an opponent on the ground, he has to fight on his hands, and here we see serious shortcomings in him. The lack of work on the floors, the frank aiming of the head, as well as the low percentage of early victories by knockouts, do not allow him to compete on equal terms with good strikers.

Remarkably, Movsar is really good in attack, but when the rod is on him, problems begin. In addition to the fact that he can be transferred, the athlete has problems with punchers, and when he takes the blows, he has no choice but to retreat. And even more remarkable is that the jaw of the Ingush is far from ideal, and he was seriously shocked several times, fleeing defeat in the stalls.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Movsar is 28 years old and his 15-0 record speaks for itself. In his last 5 UFC appearances, he has only won decisions, sometimes close ones, beating guys like Nick Lentz, Hakim Doudou and Mike Grundy. There is no doubt that Evloev is actively progressing, attending the best halls around the world, and is now approaching his cherished goal - to get into the TOP-10. However, in the upcoming confrontation, he will have to show more than usual in order to win.

Movsar Evloev vs Dan Ige

Dan Ige

This American is one of those examples when a basic wrestler and judoka willingly retrained as a striker. Dan is a black belt in jiu-jitsu, a brown belt in judo, and competed in NCAA Division III wrestling for several years. Despite long winning streaks in various US promotions, he failed to become a champion in one of them.

But in the UFC, Ige dealt with the kind of opposition that many would envy. Having made his way to the UFC through the Challenger Series, he went through a number of avenues, then took on veterans like Edson Barbosa, and fought against the tops with mixed success. It is thanks to this that now "50K" closes the top ten of the featherweight division.


A background in wrestling and training at the AKA, as well as other gyms, revealed Dan's talent as a drummer. He has impressive knockout power, but can still offer submissions to the opposition (9 out of 15 victories are finishes). True, the athlete has not earned early victories on earth for a long time, and this is not surprising, given the growth in the level of rivals.

When Ige has space to strike, and he takes the initiative into his own hands, he is unstoppable. Hard punches to the body, transfers to the head, albeit rare, but low kicks, all this is assembled into a single puzzle that can create serious problems, even for more skilled opponents, a level higher than himself.

Caging real sharks, Dan has always demonstrated amazing durability and functionality. Even under a hail of blows, he did not stop following the plan, and has never found himself on the floor after a heavy missed one.


Carrying out fights with representatives of the TOP-5, Dan always had problems, moreover, both in the stance and on the ground. Not the best protection against transfers, as well as not perfect boxing, make him look worse than the division's elite, but even there the fighter shows himself worthy.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Dan is 30 years old, and this is the very case when the athlete was stuck among those very “gatekeepers”. He loses relentlessly to tops like The Korean Zombie, Calvin Kattar and Josh Emmett, but the previously mentioned Barboza, Mirsad Bektic and Gavin Tucker managed to pass. Ige always goes to fights in great shape, he is ready to work at a high pace the full distance, but in terms of skills he still has not managed to reach the top.

Comparative analysis

In terms of anthropometry, the Russian is quite a bit ahead: a couple of centimeters in height and 4 cm in arm span. Both athletes are dry, muscular, so no one will have a serious advantage in size. A completely opposite situation occurs when comparing their styles: if Dan was previously a wrestler, now he cannot be attributed to confident parterists, against the background of Evloev. Our athlete will definitely be better in takedowns and control, but the American has his trump cards, in the form of BJJ, which will also play a role with the careless Movsar, who repeatedly gives his neck to opponents.

In the standing position, the opponents' levels have no smaller gap, but already in Dan's favor. He works more competently on floors and definitely outperforms his counterparts in speed and hit density. However, the pressure and intransigence of Movsar will play a much greater role here. He is constantly moving forward, and is unlikely to allow the 50K to linger on his feet. What will it turn into? Most likely, the initial reconnaissance and counterattacks from the American will gradually turn into clinches and "active fallow" from the Ingush. But, Ige is not in vain on the 10th line of the rating, because his skill is enough to resist such a one-sided opponent as Evloev. So, a successful start from our fighter, over time, can move to a retaliatory offensive, because Dan knows how to adapt and adapt very well.

Movsar Evloev vs Dan Ige Fight Prediction

Such an impressive spread in the coefficients looks frankly strange. Many have managed to go undefeated without encountering high-level opponents, and in the case of Movsar, there is definitely no need to hope for an easy walk in the octagon. He can afford to lay Ige, only for this he will have to give out 120% of his capabilities, since he is not a gift at all. The American poses a serious threat in the standing position and his blows can shock Evloev even at the start of the fight, which will undoubtedly affect the condition of our fighter. Considering all the variables, the most reasonable option would be to bet on the duration of the meeting, because both guys have 9 decisions in 10 extreme fights. Otherwise, the chances are equal, but Dan's experience will play a huge role, thanks to which he can get an upset, for example, by a split decision of the judges. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Dan Ige win/fight will go full distance

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