Prediction for the fight Valentina Shevchenko vs Tayla Santos

The lightest women's division of the UFC has been under the strict guidance of the champion from Kyrgyzstan, Valentina Shevchenko, for several years now. This pretty girl demonstrates an impressive level of skill in every fight, and at UFC 275, she will once again defend her title. This time the "Bullet" will face a powerful Brazilian - Tayla Santos, as well as Valentina herself, who has a past in Muay Thai. The ladies will meet in the co-main event of the numbered event, and despite the complete dominance of the title holder over her opponents, this particular confrontation will be of great importance for Shevchenko's future career.

Valentina Shevchenko vs Tayla Santos

Valentina Shevchenko

A full-fledged champion trains as part of the Tiger Muay Thai team. During her long career in martial arts, Valentina managed to perform in the professional boxing ring, as well as win serious awards in kickboxing and Thai boxing, where she had 58 fights in the overall standings, losing only two of them. In recent fights, Shevchenko has outmatched Liz Karmouche, Kathleen Chookagian, Jennifer Maya, as well as Jessica Andrade and Lauren Murphy, removing both by technical knockouts.
  • 68% of meetings won ahead of schedule (8 KO/TKO, 7 submissions);
  • About 52% of the punches, out of their total number, deliver directly to the target;
  • Stops 64% of takedowns, and often becomes the initiator of transfers herself.
Having had enough of her career in the ring, Valentina tried her luck in MMA, and we have to admit, here she managed to open up to the fullest. Unsuccessful races for the title in the lightest division, where in close fights “Bullet” twice lost to Amanda Nunez, opened the way for her to 57 kg, where it was much easier to pick up and also keep the main trophy. In addition to all the above names, Shevchenko has dismantled such eminent opponents as Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Jessica Ai and others, and now, after the closest defense, she plans to go for the 61 kg belt again. 


  • Goes on a winning streak of 8 fights;
  • Equally well developed skills both in the rack and on the ground;
  • Perfectly combines the work of the legs and arms, combining it with footwork and a good sense of rhythm;
  • Possesses the ability to analyze opponents during the meeting, adjusting the battle plan in time;
  • Able to work out for 25 minutes at a high pace;
  • He has experience playing with heavier and more massive opponents.


  • Older than the opponent;
  • Has been at the TOP level for a long time, which can affect overall motivation.
  • Now let's move on to Tayla Santos, who quite unexpectedly became a contender for the title, because many were waiting for the organization of a completely different fight for Vali, for example, with the newly minted bantamweight champion.

Valentina Shevchenko vs Tayla Santos

Tayla Santos

The Brazilian athlete represents the Astra Fight Team. The base athlete is Muay Thai, but she also has a blue belt in BJJ. Last 5 appearances Tayla was more than successful, winning 4 of them, only Mara Romero Barella managed to defeat her, and even then - a close judicial decision, which was the first in the career of the contender. The rest: Molly Makann, Gillian Robertson, partner Roxanne Modaffera and Joan Wood, Santos defeated with a weighty superiority.
  • 69% of performances completed before the final gong (10 KOs / TKOs, 3 submissions);
  • Delivers to the target exactly half of the total number of thrown blows;
  • Defends against 87% of takedowns, while she rarely resorts to transfers herself.
Tayla's career in mixed martial arts has been going on since 2013, and during this period of time, she managed to win the AFC organization title, as well as earn a bonus for a masterful submission in a fight with Wood. Santos has an impressive streak of early wins - at one time she took out 10 rivals in a row in the first round. Now, with an increase in the level of opposition, we see the finishes in her performance less and less, but the performances of this athlete leave no questions. 


  • Younger than the opponent by 6 years;
  • Possesses serious physical strength and a very heavy blow;
  • Superbly defends against transfers, counterattacks, and also has a good base of tricks in stock;
  • As a traditional taika, she often resorts to elbow strikes, she is fluent in kicking technique, punching crushing haikiki.


  • This is the first time he has dealt with opposition of this level;
  • Never spent more than 15 minutes in the octagon;
  • There are questions about the skill in the stalls, and work from the back from below;
  • Often he hopes for pressure and a forceful solution of all issues in the cage, not shining with tactical abilities.

Valentina Shevchenko vs Tayla Santos Fight Prediction

There is a high probability that Valentina is being fed another contender only because there are no more worthy candidates on the horizon at the moment. Taila is good, however, so far she has shown herself only in fights with the middle peasants, and such a jump in the level of opposition can seriously affect her future career.

Nevertheless, this is a strong, dangerous prospect in the stand, and she certainly has a chance for a knockout. Outplaying Shevchenko is very difficult, especially considering that she moves better, always does the job perfectly and is ready to fight in any plane. And therefore, it would be reckless to count even on a sudden, early victory for Santos.

Most likely, "Bullet" will let the Brazilian work in the first segments, after which he will begin to sort out the initiative in his hands, finishing Tayla by 3-4 rounds. Or, the champion will decide to close this issue on the ground, and will do everything much faster. It is not easy to believe in an upset, given all the facts, so Valentina should once again come out of the octagon with a belt around her waist. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Valentina Shevchenko to win

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