Prediction for the fight Alexander Volkov vs Jairzinho Rozenstruik

Confrontations between heavyweights, especially when it comes to the headliner of the tournament, have always aroused genuine interest among the public. And on June 5, just such a fight awaits us, in which representatives of the UFC TOP-10 will participate: Alexander Volkov and Jairzinho Rozenstruik. These two will enter the cage after the defeats, because for both the victory in the upcoming fight is very important.

This rating fight is bound to become the decoration of UFC Fight Night 207 and, judging by the quotes, experts estimate the chances of the athletes as fairly equal. Which of the guys will be able to become a triumphant of this evening and will we see a meeting at the full distance: we will understand this issue using a detailed analysis of the current state of the athletes.

Alexander Volkov vs Jairzinho Rozenstruik

Alexander Volkov

Our athlete, to match his counterpart, also started with shock martial arts, which now does not prevent him from holding the 7th line in the rating. Karate (black and brown belts in different sections), kickboxing and a brown belt in BJJ make Alexander a well-rounded fighter. He won the heavyweight Grand Prix at Bellator twice, became the champion there, was the best in M-1, and also took several bonuses for his performances in the UFC.

During his long career, Volkov went through fights with Denis Smoldarev, Alexei Kudin, Timothy Johnson, Stefan Struve and other opponents. In recent years, facing the best representatives of the heavyweight division of the UFC, "Drago" began to experience problems, but this does not belittle his highest fighting class.


Alexander has excellent anthropometry, as for a drummer. Long legs allow him to easily control the distance, especially at the expense of front kicks, and his arms do not leave a chance for peace even for those who keep a distance from him.

Despite external clumsiness, Volkov moves perfectly and demonstrates enviable speed in battle. The past in karate and kick allows him not only to be fast and tough, but also to easily move around the octagon, remaining out of reach.

The Russian never disdained to work on the body and legs of his opponents. He pours on each tier with all the limbs, periodically issuing a series of 5-6 blows. In addition, "Drago" is able to knock out the enemy not only as the initiator of attacks.


Apart from the fact that Alexander is far from the best grounder in the division, which is not surprising given his base, defense remains the main problem. Even with long limbs, as soon as the athlete's functionality begins to dry up, he eats blow after blow, offering little or no response. That is, in fights for 3 rounds, Sasha is doing well, and then the situation changes dramatically.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Volkov is 33 years old and has 3 wins and 2 losses in his last 5 fights. Triumphs over Alistair Overeem, Marcin Tybura and Walt Harris were crossed out by failures in fights with Cyril Gun and Tom Aspinall, whom he fought in March of this year. Alexander demonstrates a consistently good form, and in the upcoming performance, 5 rounds long, he will be able to afford to reveal himself, showing the maximum of his potential.

Alexander Volkov vs Jairzinho Rozenstruik

Jairzinho Rozenstruik

The fighter from Paramaribo has a rich history of martial arts. Jairzinho is a multiple world kickboxing champion with more than 80 professional fights (76-8-1) and titles of Supercombat, Wu Lin Feng, Slamm and others. After, already in the status of a star, he switched to mixed martial arts.

Starting out playing little-known venues, Rozenstruik tried his hand at Rizin and then, with a 6-0 record, signed with the UFC. Here, he was almost immediately thrown under the veterans and “near-tops”, whom he managed to finish: Allen Crowder flew off in 9 seconds, Andrey Orlovsky in 29, but with Alistair Overeem, the Surinamese scored one of the latest knockouts in the history of the heavyweight division.


Only once in his career "Bigi Boy" won the fight by decision. He completed all other performances ahead of schedule, and all this thanks to the potential inherent in nature. Even short non-amplitude strikes performed by Jairzinho put opponents on the shoulder blades.

About a third of all Rozenstrike throws are lowkicks. Since the athlete is not very fast, it is beneficial for him to dry out the lower limbs of his opponents, for more effective and successful attacks in the future.

As for a kickboxer, "Big Boy" has non-standard technique, holds his hands low, often hits sweepingly and from those angles that have nothing to do with the "standards" we are used to. In addition, the athlete prefers to throw series in motion towards and away from the opponent, catching him by surprise.


At first, Jairzinho can afford a lot of movement, high-quality pressure and short exchanges. But the further the fight goes, the less profitable it looks against the background of opponents who can work out more than 2 rounds.

Even in a duel with Overeem, the Surinamese exposed his main drawback - an absolute lack of understanding of work in a horizontal position. Even a physical fortress does not help him in this, because technically he is at the most basic level.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Rozenstruik is 34 years old, and in recent performances, he changed victories with defeats. Tops like Cyril Gan and Curtis Blaydes opened the eyes of the audience to the difference in the levels of the elite and who is outside the top 5. But the downed pilots, like Augusto Sakai and the old Junior dos Santos, Jairzinho passed confidently. According to all the canons, he should win the next fight, but the lack of progress and the boring manner of fighting is unlikely to lead him to victory, perhaps, due to lakipancha.

Comparative analysis

Already by tradition, let's start with an assessment of dimensions and anthropometry, especially since in this case there really is something to talk about. Our athlete is 13 cm taller than his counterpart, but in terms of arm span the difference between them is not so great - only 5 cm. In any case, longer limbs, especially the lower ones, already open options for Volkov to control the distance and successful defensive actions. Their weight is approximately equal, but the body structure is polarly different - a more downed and muscular Rozenstrike will use his shortcomings for diving and surprise attacks from below. Stylistically, the guys also differ.

Alexander has a wide stance, he often uses front kicks and hits serially, increasing the tonnage from round to round. But Jairzinho uses a waiting tactic, preferring to close the enemy at the net, or to catch him on the counter move. He's more explosive and doesn't waste time on pointing punches, cutting down opponents for sure. And the Surinamese will definitely offer his heavy lowkicks to the Drago front-kicks. On the ground, where they are unlikely to be at all, Volkov will have the advantage. He has already defeated opponents with submissions, and controlling Big Boy on the ground is not such a difficult task. The most likely picture of the meeting: attempts from Rozenstruik to close the distance and a lot of footwork performed by Alexander. More importantly, the Russian has a real opportunity to breathe the enemy if he does not plan to kill him, because it will play into Jairzinho's hands and open the way to victory. Another point is simple, and in this component “Bigi Boy” loses, as he has not fought since September.

Alexander Volkov vs Jairzinho Rozenstruik Fight Prediction

The incalculable number of finishes by both athletes, hints that this encounter will not go all 5 rounds. At the very least, neither is capable of maintaining a high pace at such distances. Neither fighter can be expected to go for the take down, unless Volkov wants to cement his superiority. The most likely we will see periodic attacks from both fighters, with Alexander going for numbers and precision, and Jairzinho trying to settle the matter with a single solid shot. Taking the dry stats into account, it is 'Drago' who has the better chance of winning, as his striking skills, experience and size, speak for themselves. However, the fact that someone will fly into a knockout cannot be denied, and that role can be played by any of them. It could come down to the fact that Volkov will outbid the challenger, and in the fourth or fifth segment, miss a punch, after which he will no longer be able to recover. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Victory of Alexander Volkov.

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