Prediction for the fight Rose Namayunas vs Weili Zhang

Women's fights, despite their increased popularity, do not cause as much public interest as men's fights, no matter how someone tries to fix it. However, there are times when fans are eagerly awaiting the appearance of their favorites in the octagon, and Rose Namayunas' rematch against Weili Jang is one of them. Their fight at UFC 261 shocked the public, and the losing Chinese title still considers that stoppage premature.

Now she will have the opportunity to rectify the situation and get even with the American at UFC 268, in the co-main event of the event. Is Rose ready to carry out the first defense as convincingly as she did when she took the belt? We will get an answer to this question only while watching the fight, and now our task is to determine which of the participants has the most chances of winning.

Rose Namayunas vs Weili Zhang

Rose Namayunas

"Bandit", does not lag behind the challenger in terms of the used arsenal. She was engaged in karate (black belt), taekwondo (children's black belt), BJJ (brown belt), as well as kickboxing. In addition, Rose became a finalist on the most popular TUF show, and after the 20th season, she quickly went to the champion Carl Esparza, losing to her, however, she did not stop showing cool performances.

In 2017, Namajunas became the champion in the 52 kg category, but lost her belt during a meeting with Jessica Andrade. Taking a convincing revenge, Rose took first place in the title race and shocked everyone by knocking out Zhang 78 seconds after the start of the fight. This is the same case when an ordinary girl, who rose from the bottom, managed to reach the highest level.


If in the first fights under the UFC banner Namajunas simply looked like a pretty girl who can do something on the ground and throws light punches, now she is a real monster in the guise of a child. She has improved her striking technique to the highest level (thanks to Trevor Wittman), and now she can drop opponents, both from hands and feet.

Jiu-jitsu Rose is a separate art. She is good in that she understands what positional wrestling is, knows how to read opponents, prepares takedowns well and boasts a python's grip when strangling her opponents.


Few people managed to hook the "Bandit" with a three-piece, but her biggest problem is that she is her own enemy in terms of pre-match psychological pumping. Namajunas is an emotionally unstable person, with her own cockroaches in her head, and when she manages to enter the cage with the right attitude, it is impossible to stop her, but this does not always happen.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

The champion is 29 years old, she has 4 wins in the last 5 fights, and the same slam in the fight with Jessica Andrade spoils this statistics. But such surprises can be safely called an accident, especially in the case of Rose. She fought back for the loss, and now has victories over two ex-champions: Weili Zhang and Joanna Jedrzejczyk, which undoubtedly adds to her confidence in her abilities. Namajunas is at her peak, and her current team will certainly do everything possible to ensure that the Queen of Straws retains her throne.

Rose Namayunas vs Weili Zhang

Weili Zhang

To match the Chinese fighters, Weili, ranked 1st in the straw weight category, was engaged in martial arts uncharacteristic for other countries. Among them were kung fu (shaolin), Shuai Jiao, sanda, and only after that, she switched to BJJ and Chinese boxing. Zhang is a multiple champion of Hebei Province in Sanda, but injuries prevented her from reaching a higher level in the national team.

After her debut in MMA, the girl became a full-fledged champion of KLF (two-time), Top FC, and already being a more mature athlete, she won the UFC belt, instantly becoming the owner of dozens of awards and prizes for her victory over Joanna Jedrzejczyk. By the way, Weili also dabbled in kickboxing, but ended her career there with a statistics of 2-2.


Zhang's modest anthropometry is not a problem for her - minimal leverage allows her to deliver powerful blows in a matter of moments. At the same time, the ex-champion has the technique of inflicting damage on opponents with elbows, knees and a wide variety of ligaments, having knockout power impressive for her weight.

Fighting for 15 minutes at a crazy pace or 25 - it doesn't matter to Weili. It seems that she does not know what fatigue is at all, because by applying heavy punches with all her limbs and moving away from the opponent's beating hand, the athlete does not lose speed even during protracted hacks.


Zhang surprises with her resilience, and the fact that for 22 career fights, even before meeting Namayunas, she has never been knocked out does not play into her hands. She perfectly holds the punch, therefore she does not hesitate to go into exchanges, and what is even worse - she periodically stagnates, waiting for the moment to launch a counterattack, which played a cruel joke with her in the confrontation with Rose. Her footwork is great, but the confidence in the strength of the jaw periodically negates this plus.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

The Chinese woman is already 32 years old, and before the knockout in the fight with Namayunas, she went on a series of 21 victories, without losing since 2014. In addition, Veili showed simply gorgeous fights with such difficult opponents as Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Jessica Andrade, Tisha Torres and other strong athletes. Due to a gross mistake in the past battle, it would be foolish to write her off, because in the upcoming fight she may well reveal herself even more than ever in her career.

Comparative analysis

The girls have only a 3 cm difference in height, in favor of Rose, but this picture is complemented by her superiority in the span of the arms by 5 cm, and legs, by more than 8 cm (and this will play a role in their fight). In terms of stance, these athletes use similar styles - a lot of movement, fast attacks and a quick change in the distance of the fight. But Veili is betting on the treatment of all floors, especially when shooting lowkiks, while Namayunas tries to transfer blows to the head using deceitful actions, using his arms and legs for this.

Athletes have a certain level of skills in BJJ, but the reigning champion will have a definite advantage on the ground. The percentage of successful takedowns in her performance is twice as high as that of the Chinese woman, plus she holds great positions and is good in one particular movement - choke from behind, although Rose's other techniques are also subject to, she just likes to fight in a stance. In contrast, Zhang can offer impeccable transfer protection - none of her UFC opponents were able to take a takedown. That is why it is worth waiting for a competitive confrontation in kickboxing, and then everyone can use their chance.

Rose Namayunas vs Weili Zhang Fight Prediction

In the rematch between Namayunas and Zhang, one should not expect an outcome identical to the first fight. Most likely, it will be a repetition of Rose's story with Jedzheichik, when she quickly finished the first fight, and then the ladies rolled an equal fight for 25 minutes. If it doesn’t come to the ground, and this is really believed, then the champion should make the most of those extra centimeters in the span of the limbs that she possesses. In terms of the number of accurate punches per minute, Weili is ahead, therefore it is not in Rose's interests to delay the meeting in the later rounds, where her cardio sags. Given this equality, I am still confident that I am in my current form and with such a gorgeous coach. Namajunas will be able, due to his advantages and competent game plan, to take the victory and retain the title. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Victory for Rose Namajunas.

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