Zenit vs CSKA. Derby of two capitals in the VTB League Winners Stage

The winners' stage of the VTB United League 2023/24 is suspended on March 1st. The break is a thing of the past. On the first day of spring, Zenit will play against CSKA Moscow in St. Petersburg. The battle will take place on the parquet floor of the Sibur Arena sports complex.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Zenit vs CSKA


In the last VTB United League, the St. Petersburg team was left without medals, and this result is a failure for them. Now we need to work on improvement. Zenit finished the regular championship of the current tournament in fourth place. Modestly. The blue-white-sky blues began the winners' stage with a crushing victory over Loko, which is now higher in the table. Now the “railroad workers” are ahead of the basketball players from the banks of the Neva by only one success. The big race is in full swing.

Zenit is good in front and defends well at the back. Quite correct classic basketball. The army team prefers about the same style. An interesting rivalry is emerging, but, objectively, Zenit is now in better shape than the Army team. The guys from the banks of the Neva need to squeeze a positive result out of this fact, although the opponent will not give up here without a fight.


The club is changing, but it is trying to remain the best in the VTB League. Last season there was a misfire, and he took third place. Now I want to perform more powerfully. The CSKA team finished the 2023/24 VTB United League regular season in first position (22/4). In the last match here, the Muscovites lost to the Kazan team. Then they started with a defeat in the Winners' Stage, losing to a rather modest PARMA (last position in Group A). Now CSKA is ahead of UNICS by only one positive result. The situation becomes slippery, since there is no doubt about Zenit’s class, the battle with which is already close.

On the other hand, CSKA also has its heroes. The team's offensive line is now the best in the tournament. Her defense is also good, although not number one. Yes, the Muscovites lost two matches in a row, but that didn’t make them any worse. They are still the same and are the main contenders for the championship in the VTB United League 2023/24.

Zenit vs CSKA

History of the confrontation

The teams have already crossed paths twice in the current season of the VTB United League (the regular season of the competition recently ended). Both of these matches benefited the Muscovites (80:76 away and 104:89 at home in overtime after 82:82). Previously, the Muscovites were stronger in pairs four more times in a row. Zenit was better than CSKA the last time in May 2023.

Odds from download 1xbet

Bookmakers believe in this case in Zenit. 1xbet pay 1.6 for Victory 1. A win for 2 is priced at 2.35. The odds for Total Under(160.5) are 1.9. Overcoming this points barrier will multiply your money also by 1.9. If you take handicap 1(-5,5), you can increase your bank by 2.07 times. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

Meeting of strong teams. There should be intrigue here, but there isn’t, since the teams are now in very different states. The home team will break their problematic opponent in front of their home audience, and do so relatively confidently. Here it’s worth taking a closer look at handicap 1 (-5.5) for 2.07.

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