Real Madrid vs Panathinaikos. Battle of the Euroleague leaders

Spanish Real Madrid will host Greek Panathinaikos in Madrid on February 29 in the 27th round of the Euroleague basketball season 2023/24. The game starts at 22:45 (Moscow time). The battle will take place on the parquet floor of the Viznik Center sports and entertainment complex.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Real Madrid vs Panathinaikos

Real Madrid

The club won the title in the Euroleague 2022/23. Now he wants to repeat this trick. Today, Los Blancos occupy first place in the overall standings of the tournament. They have only four negative results after round 26 of the competition. Everything looks very nice, but there is always a fly in the ointment.

In the last match of the championship, Real lost to Olimpia, and it is now below the top ten teams. Plus, the memories of how Madrid were torn apart by the guys from Monaco are still fresh. Moreover, if we dig deeper, we will find Real’s weak matches during this period within the national championship. Madrid are dangerous, but now we can fight them. It is a fact.

Real Madrid has the most productive offensive line in the 2023/24 Euroleague and a very solid defense. Yes, not so long ago the team failed in terms of defense, but in the long run the picture is still positive. At home, Los Blancos simply have to perform at their best against their opponents from Greece!


The Greeks currently occupy third position in the Euroleague 2023/24 summary table. Panathinaikos basketball players achieved 16 victories in 26 matches of the tournament. Lately the team has been alternating successes and defeats. This arrangement played into the hands of competitors. Several of them have already overtaken the Pao table. Monaco and Virtus now also have 16/10. Olympiacos and Fenerbahce have 15/11 each. It turns out that any misfire of Panathinaikos, under certain circumstances, can greatly spoil its tournament schedule.

Now the Greeks definitely need to get a positive result. The only difficulty is that there is an away match on the horizon with the best team of the tournament today. The opponent has complete order with the attack. This is his main weapon. Here we need to try to level it out by playing from a tight defense.

Real Madrid vs Panathinaikos

History of the confrontation

In December 2023, the clubs already met in the 13th round of the current Euroleague. That battle took place in Greece. The Spaniards achieved success in it (90:78). In the last ten matches of the pair - 9:1 with positive results in favor of Madrid. Panathinaikos won the pair last time in the spring of 2022.

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Game Totals Prediction

The current Real are dangerous, but they are not 100% perfect right now. The Greeks will try to work the Spaniards from a strict defence. It is not a fact that this tactic will work, but it is also possible. In any case, such an arrangement will make the overall score of the match relatively modest. Here we should take the total under(163,5) for 1.9.

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