Zenit vs MBA. Zenith will lay down the championship powers?

Sibur Arena in St. Petersburg will host a basketball match between Zenit and MBA clubs on the first of February. This is the second round of the VTB United League 2022/23 winners stage.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Zenit vs MBA


Everything looks as if the champion era of the St. Petersburg team is striving for its end before it really begins. Last season, the Blue-White-Blues were good, but in the current season they started having troubles from the start. Still, Zenit managed to finish in third place in the regular season, but everything was very controversial. It seems that being in the top three is a positive thing, but the last two matches of the last round of the competition were lost. Let's add here a misfire with Loko in the first meeting of the winners stage, and the overall picture becomes very sad.

Ardent fans of St. Petersburg say that this is Pascual's cunning plan and the club simply misleads opponents with its mediocre basketball, and saves energy itself. The main argument of the fans is based on the assertion that the winners stage is not important, since all its participants will go to the playoffs anyway. Objectively, these are just attempts to justify the failure of their idols, and nothing more. Zenith is out of shape. He needs to recover as quickly as possible or it will be too late very soon.


The team is very cool joined the championship. The regular season of the tournament was passed by Muscovites on top. It turned out to be a slightly blurry ending, where the fourth place was given to the Nizhny Novgorod team, but overall it was great. In the VTB United League winners stage, MBA basketball players started with a predictable defeat from CSKA. Still, this is a completely different level of competition. Then there will be almost the same UNICS, and with all the other opponents on the table it is quite possible to cut down on equal terms.

MBA and Zenit meet at a moment when the St. Petersburg team is completely out of sorts. Perhaps on paper they are better than Muscovites, but in reality here and now everything is not in their favor. Departure to St. Petersburg will not be an easy walk for the team. In this case, guests are required to play on their own. Some of them are easier. They are not subjected to colossal pressure from the outside, as an opponent.

Zenit vs MBA

History of the confrontation

In the regular season of the VTB League this season, the teams played two games. In these battles, the clubs have upset each other once. First, the St. Petersburg team won at the end of November 2022 at home with a score of 87:62. Later (mid-January 2023) Muscovites got a positive result on their territory in overtime (76:75 after 67:67). Last summer, in the Gomel Cup semi-finals, the teams met. Then the Blue-White-Blues entered the main match of the tournament, winning with a score of 67:59.

Odds from download 1xbet

Zenit are the reigning tournament champions, while IBA are newcomers to the VTB. The Peterites are the clear favourites for the bookmakers. For Victory 1 they give only 1.10. The odds for Victory 2 are 7.0. Bets on Total Under (156.5) are multiplied by 1.97. Breaking this point ceiling is worth 1.78. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

A sensation is coming. The team from the banks of the Neva have enough physical problems, and now they have psychological problems to add to them. The lively boys from IBA will be happy to take advantage of the situation and inflict a defeat on the Petersburgers (Victory 2). The game will be fast, exciting and productive - Total More (156.5).

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