CSKA vs Zenit. Future champion vs current?

The basketball court of the Megasport Arena sports complex in Moscow will be the venue on February 6 for a clarification of relations between the CSKA and Zenit clubs. This is the match of the VTB United League 2022/23 winners stage.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on CSKA vs Zenit


The team continues to write the history of the VTB United League. She went through the regular season undefeated (22/0) and now pulls off a similar trick in the winners' stage. Here, the "army" has two positive results in a row. There is reason to believe that CSKA will reach the final of the tournament and take the trophy. Of course, it’s not worth running so far ahead, but there are definitely prerequisites for such layouts. We must crush our rivals and further. Ideally, you need to finish the season undefeated.

Objectively, CSKA basketball players are now better than their counterparts from Zenit. This applies to both physical condition and psychological state. It is important for Muscovites not to underestimate the strength of their opponents. If you manage to do this, then victory is almost in your pocket.

Milutinov is actively being matched in the MVP of the season, but Shved is not averse to imposing competition on his partner in this nomination. Alexei received a similar award for January, and he also started February very actively. There is a feeling that the Russian will come out as motivated as possible for the upcoming fight. This is the case when internal competition benefits the common cause.


With the arrival of Pascual, the team improved well. Last season, Zenit won the trophy in the VTB United League for the first time in its history. Further, the composition of the team was forced to change, and so far the process of adaptation of new basketball players in the club has not been completed. Hence the relatively vague achievements of St. Petersburg in the current tournament.

According to the results of the regular championship of the United League 2022/23, the team from the banks of the Neva took third place, losing a couple of final matches. The "blue-white-blue" stage of the winners also started with a misfire. Three negative results in a row - almost a protracted crisis. Fortunately, in his last match, Zenit got the victory. In any case, now basketball players from St. Petersburg still have unresolved problems, and this will greatly hinder them on the way to the final of the competition.

CSKA vs Zenit

History of the confrontation

In the current VTB United League, the "soldiers" have already upset the "blue-white-blues" twice. First they beat them in St. Petersburg (85:80) in November 2022, and then in January 2023 in Moscow (100:80). Before the start of this season, Zenit was stronger than CSKA in the final of the VTB Super Cup, and even before that in the main match of the Gomel Cup.

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CSKA are stable in their powerful performances. He is the favourite to win the match. The bookmakers are willing to give only 1.23 for Victory 1. The odds on Victory 2 are 4.2. For Total less (169.5) they pay 1.78. If you bet on breaking this points bar, you can increase your money by 1.97 times. The Handicap 1 (-11.5) is priced at 2.2. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

The Army Men are good and they will not hide it. The Muscovites will go forward from the start and seize the lead in the match. The visitors will be chipping away at it, but it's hard to argue anything here, as CSKA will not fail. Zenit will not give up, but they certainly lack the strength to win. The capital team will confidently take the match - Win 1 and Handicap 1 (-11.5), which promises to be relatively productive - Total more (169.5).

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