Real Madrid vs Olympiacos. A repeat of the last Euroleague final?

Spanish Real Madrid will play on January 25 with Greek Olympiacos in the Euroleague 2023/24 regular season. The teams will sort out their relationship on the Viznik Center arena. Let us remind you that the teams played in the finals of the last season of the tournament.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Real Madrid vs Olympiacos

Real Madrid

With 19 wins and three losses, the club is confidently in first place in the Euroleague 2023/24 standings. In their last match, the Spaniards lost to Monaco, and a little earlier they could not withstand the onslaught of Barcelona. Between a couple of these negative results, Madrid, not without problems, gained two wins. In both of these cases, the matches went into overtime.

Is Real strong? Definitely yes. Is it in standard form right here and now? Perhaps the team has had better periods in the current Euroleague. Now you need to understand the reasons for your difficulties without panic and solve everything in your favor.

The Los Blancos have the most productive offensive line in the EuroLeague 2023/24. This is very cool, but these are just statistics and they do not guarantee anything. Plus, we must not forget that the team is now in decline. Rivals will also pay attention to this fact. Absolutely everyone in the Euroleague respects Real, but big teams can try not to be afraid of the Spaniards on the floor at the moment. Olympiacos must be among such impudent people. This is a fact that should not be disputed.


The team is in sixth position in the Euroleague 2023/24. He has 12 successes and ten defeats. The Greeks won their last match in the tournament. This happened at the right time, since previously the club could not get a positive result in two matches in a row. The series of failures ended before they could get too long.

“Oli” has the most reliable defense in the current Euroleague season. This is a special tactic of the Greek team. The team spends a lot of energy on defense. This fact partly affects the decrease in attacking performance, but Olympiacos knows very well what it is doing. This is result-based basketball and so far everything is going well.

The main argument of Madrid is attack. If the Greeks manage to deprive the opponent of his main weapon, then everything may well end positively for Olya. The team has a strong composition. He can compete with Real Madrid. The main thing here is to believe in yourself and your basketball. You can’t adapt to your opponent here.

Real Madrid vs Olympiacos

History of the confrontation

The teams have already competed in the 12th round of the current Euroleague. That battle took place last December in Greece. Real won it with a score of 77:71. If we look at the ten most recent meetings of the pair, then it will be 7:3 in terms of winnings in favor of the “creamy”.

Odds from download 1xbet

Bookmakers consider the Spaniards as favourites for the match. For their success at 1xbet they give only 1.24. Betting on Victory 2 is multiplied here by 3.95. The odds on the total under(160.5) is 1.93. For the breakdown of this cut-off pay 1.87. If you take handicap 1(-8,5), you can multiply your money by 1.72. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

Real will run forward and look for options to score points. The Greeks will offer him the tightest defence possible. This is a matchup of teams that are currently practising opposite styles of basketball. The Spaniards faltered recently against Monaco. "Oli will make adjustments to their style in light of this fact. We should expect a sensation here, i.e. a Greek victory. We take Victory 2 for 3.95.

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