Real Madrid vs Monaco. Basketball showdown between teams from the TOP-4 Euroleague

Real Madrid will face Monaco on November 16, 2023. It will take place under the arches of the Viznik Center arena. This is the central match of the ninth round of the 2023/24 Euroleague basketball.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Real Madrid vs Monaco

Real Madrid

The team won the trophy in the Euroleague of the previous convocation and has serious intentions to defend the title this season. Madrid have already played seven matches here. There are no defeats in them. The team leads the competition standings and it cannot be said that there is anything wrong here.

Real is the Euroleague leader in points per match (over 86), plus in terms of the performance index (104.5), and points scored from the free throw line (16.7). In addition, the team really likes to shoot from distance and here they have good execution. On average, Real makes more than ten shots from beyond the arc per game in the Euroleague. Madrid are also very productive in rebounds (37.3). Here they are in the top three in the tournament, and if we talk about the collected balls on their board (27.2), then here they are number one in the competition. In addition to all of the above, the club is in order with blocked shots (3) and assists (22.2). In these categories, Real is third and first, respectively. This is the case when the team has absolutely everything perfect. Facundo Campazzo is the 2023/24 Euroleague leader in assists (an average of eight per contest).

The club is quite capable of winning the match with Monaco. The opponent's James is incredibly cool. If he can be stopped, then everything will turn out very positively. Are there any weapons against him? Perhaps it’s a tight defense, plus the guy has a complex character. You can try to piss him off. Not a very nice act, but here all means are good, as they say.


The club started the Euroleague season with two misfires. Then he came to his senses and won five battles in a row. Unfortunately, the last match was lost to Ephesus, which slightly spoils the beautiful picture. In any case, the club started the tournament very well. Now the Monegasques are in fourth place in the overall standings with a balance of 5/3.

Mike James is the team's hero. This guy leads the team. He often takes charge of the game and, as a rule, does not let you down. His productivity index on the floor is about 21 points (TOP-4). On average, he scores almost 19 points per match (TOP-2), not shy about shooting from afar with a very decent shooting percentage. Plus, he distributes more than five passes to his partners in parallel. Let us note that the Americans' statistics are not the brightest by his standards. The fact is that opponents guard James as closely as possible, sometimes gathering several defenders on him. This hinders Mike, but gives space to his teammates.

In the match with Real, the tactics will be classic. James will have the ball. Next, he will try to realize the moment himself. In extreme cases, the guy will look for partners with passes. The classic version is when one opposes all. Note that in the case of Real Madrid, this plan may not work, since the opponent is very well equipped in all positions.

Real Madrid vs Monaco

History of the confrontation

In 2021, the teams met. To date, they have four matches in common. All of them took place within the framework of the regular Euroleague championships. Los Blancos achieved three positive results in these battles (one of them in overtime). Accordingly, the Monegasques have one victory here (in extra time).

Odds from download 1xbet

Bookmakers believe in numbers. For them, Real is the favourite of the match. They give only 1.32 for its victory. The odds on the success of the Monegasques at 1xbet are 3.4. Bets on the total under(164.5) are multiplied by 1.9. Breaking through this performance ceiling is also worth 1.9. If you take handicap 1(-8.5), you can increase your money 1.96 times. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

One against all. That's the way it is. James will try, but he can't. He's going to be up against a tight defence. Plus, Real Madrid's offensive players have to do their part. The home team will win this match without intrigue, but we should not expect a rout. We should take the handicap 1(-8.5) for 1.96.

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