Canada vs Germany. Who will take the World Championship gold?

On Sunday, May 28, the final match of the Ice Hockey World Championship will take place. Finnish Tampere will be the venue for the final match between Canada and Germany.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Canada vs Germany


For the fourth time in a row, the Canadian team reaches the final of the World Cup. But if in the previous three times in the fight for gold, the Canadians were opposed by the Finns, now the rival is a new one - the German team. Past finals were held for the North American team with mixed success. In 2019, there was a 1-3 defeat, then the Canadians took a full revenge, putting the squeeze on the Finns in overtime with a score of 3-2. A year ago, the Canadians were again content with silver, with ambiguous refereeing losing to the same Finns 3-4. Now the Finns are no longer on the way, so the only thing left to beat is the German national team.

In the course of the group stage, the Canadians frankly did not impress, having scored only one bright 6-0 victory over the Latvian team. In this case, there were two defeats with the same score 2-3. And if a misfire in the game with the powerful Swiss team was expected, then the embarrassment with the Norwegians hurt the pride of Canadian hockey players. The Canadians transformed in the playoffs, defeating the main rival of recent years, the Finnish national team, with a score of 4-1 in the quarterfinals. In the semi-finals, the Latvian team was passed, and the Canadians were twice inferior in the score 0-1 and 1-2, but in the end they won with a score of 4-2.


It's a historic moment for German hockey. Almost a century ago, in 1930, the German national team played in the World Cup final for the last time. Interestingly, Canadian hockey players were also rivals of the Germans and that match ended with a score of 6-1 in favor of the Canadian team. Leaving the World Championships aside, here it is worth paying attention to the 2018 Olympic Games, where the German team was one step away from gold, but lost to the Russian team in overtime.

The start of the current championship, the German team frankly failed. Three defeats in a row have thrown the Germans to the bottom of the standings, with vague prospects for getting into the playoffs. However, this was followed by a series of four victories in a row, which allowed the German team to take fourth place in the group. In both the quarter-finals and the semi-finals, the German team was not the favorite, but first they sensationally beat the Swiss team 3-1, and then won a strong-willed victory in the semi-final over the US team. Losing 0-2, the German hockey players evened the score in the first period, but then conceded again. The Germans were saved by Nöbels, who equalized the score in the 59th minute. And the winning goal in overtime was scored by Frederik Tiffels, who scored two goals in this match.

Canada vs Germany


Germany has scored at least three goals per game in the last six league games, including two in the play-offs (Individual Total 2 over (2.5) - 2.7). Canada has an average efficiency of 3.5 pucks per game in these championships (individual total of 1 over (3) - 2.02). Last year the two teams met in the group stage and defeated their Canadian counterparts 5-3. Germany has only beaten the Canadians in World Cups once in the last 10 years. That was in 2021, when Germany defeated Canada 3-1 in the group stage.

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It is quite expected that, according to the bookmaker, the Canadians have a much better chance of winning in regular time. The victory of the Canadian team in regular time is offered with a coefficient of 1.72, while the possible success of the German team can be taken for 3.8. The option with overtime after a draw in regular time is 5. Quite interesting quotes from 1xbet bookmaker on the total effectiveness of teams: total over (5.5) - 2.34, total under (5.5) - 1.6. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

With clear evidence of the final favorite, the German national team should not be discounted. Gradually adding in the course of the tournament, the Germans approached the decisive match with excellent statistics, first of all, it concerns the attack. Canadians also traditionally rely on the attack, preferring to act as the first number in every match. At the same time, the defense of both teams is far from sinless, so the final should turn out to be effective. Our prediction is Total Over 4.5 with odds of 1.66.

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