Finland vs Canada predictions

The main hockey tournament of the year for national teams is coming to an end. In the game for the gold of the world championship, the two strongest teams of the tournament will meet – the national teams of Finland and Canada. The final meeting of the championship will be held on June 6 in Riga. Who will get the gold medals of the World Championship?

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Finland vs Canada


The Finnish national team is close to becoming the strongest team on the planet again, as it was two years ago. There are quite a lot of parallels with 2019. On the coaching bridge, the same Jukka Yalonen, the creator of the Finnish miracle-2019. The composition of the team is largely similar to the principles of two years ago – a minimum of players from the NHL, the main backbone is made up of hockey players from the local championship plus representatives of the KHL. And, of course, the style of the game remains unchanged. Perfectly built team interaction, where the emphasis is primarily on a reliable game in defense. The Finns almost do not play first number, preferring counterattacking hockey. The latest comparison to the 2019 World Cup is the opponent in the final. Again, as two years ago, the Finnish team will face the Canadian team in the fight for gold.

The teams have already met in Latvia, on the final day of the group stage. Even then, the Finns could have left the Canadians without a playoff if they had won in regular time. But that match ended in a 2-2 draw, and the victory of the Finnish national team was brought by a more confident shootout. At the end of the group stage, the Finns finished in second place, which sent the wards of Yalonen in the quarterfinals to a rendezvous with the Czech national team. Everything ended more than expected. Innala opened the scoring in the middle of the second period, after which the Finns habitually dried up the game, saving the winning 1-0 until the final siren. Similarly, the Germans were beaten in the semifinals. Pakarinen and Bjoerninen made the necessary groundwork in the first period, the maximum that the Germans had was to score one goal. Thus, the Finnish national team gets to the third final in the last five World Championships.


For the Canadians, this will be the fourth final in the same period of time, but in all cases, the founders of hockey had to leave Latvia at the end of the group tournament. The reason for this is a disastrous start, when the Canadians, for the first time in their history, lost the first three matches in a row (Latvia 0-2, USA 1-5 and Germany 1-3). A turning point can be considered the appearance of Andrew Manjapane, a forward for the Calgary Flames, in the national team. Appearing only for the fourth match, Manjapane became the leader of the national team, first of all tying all the creativity in attacking actions. As a result, having spent only seven matches in Latvia, Manjapane has already reached the clean first place in the list of snipers, having already scored seven goals.

It was Manjapane who became the evil genius of the Russian national team, scoring the decisive goal in the quarterfinal match against Bobrovsky. It was Manjapane who scored a double in the semifinal match against the United States, which eventually ended in a 4-2 victory for the Canadians. So if the Finns were moving to the final evenly, the Canadians, after a disastrous start to the championship, are adding with each match.

Finland vs Canada predictions


In the last five years, this will be the third final with the participation of the national teams of Finland and Canada. In 2016, the Canadians beat the Finns in Moscow, scoring two unanswered goals. The Finns took revenge in 2019, beating the Canadians 3-1, with two goals scored by Marco Anttila, who will appear on the ice in this final.

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The bookmaker leaves equal chances of success to each of the opponents, putting the same coefficient 2.47 for the victory of both Finns and Canadians. The option with a draw after the main time can be taken for 4.1. In terms of expected performance, everything is quite predictable: TB (4.5) – 2.38, TM (4.5) – 1.56. 1xbet offers to download 1xbet, where you can bet on this event.

Game Totals Prediction

The national teams of Finland and Canada are absolute antipodes in the style of the game. If the Finns traditionally prefer to play the second number, somewhere even consciously giving the puck and territory to the opponent, the Canadians prefer to hope for their attack. In this game, much will be decided by the first abandoned puck. If the Canadians score first, it will open up the game, forcing the Finns to play in a more attacking manner. Given the high performance of the Canadians in recent matches, the chances of this are quite high. Our forecast is TB (4) with a coefficient of 1.84.

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