Prediction for Brandon Moreno vs Alejandre Pantoja

In 2016, during the filming of the 24th season of TUF, two guys came together in the tournament bracket: Brandon Moreno, who owns the WFF league title, and Alejandre Pantozha, who proudly wears the RFA belt. In that fight, "Kid Assassin" was defeated, and two years later - again in revenge with him. But at UFC 290 on July 9, Moreno will have one last chance to settle the score and, at the same time, defend the organization's flyweight title. Will he cope with the unshakable Brazilian?

Brandon Moreno vs Alejandre Pantoja

Brandon Moreno

Two-time UFC champion in the 57 kg division, LFA and WFF gold holder, black belt in BJJ - Brandon, at the age of 29, went through all the circles of hell in which he forged his steel spirit. From a simple jitser, he turned into a universal fighter who staged the first UFC tetralogy against Figueiredo. The Tijuan scored a series of fights that have gone down in the annals of mixed martial arts history. Six awards for the best fights and performances of the evening are direct proof of this.


Brandon is flawless in many ways. He can carry out the toughest fights, take hits, but at the same time maintain a high pace, and most importantly, workrate in such difficult conditions. His jab became an effective weapon in fights, with the subsequent introduction of twos and threes into the game. And if earlier he delivered blows and simply worked with his body, stagnating in place, now he uses footwork. And his chokes are like icing on the cake, not to mention good wrestling skills.


Moreno's main problem is that he is Mexican - the character will not go anywhere, no matter how skilled an athlete you are. He knows how to take blows, starts up from this and is ready to cut, even realizing that he does not pull out in these moments. Perhaps, at this stage of his career, his defense in the stand is the only significant drawback that leads to dire consequences.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

As mentioned earlier, Brandon is 29 years old, and his current record, if we take the last 5 fights, consists of 4 meetings with Deiveson Figueiredo (2-1-1) and one fight (by the way, this was also a rematch) against Kai Kara- France. Before that, "Assassin" walked through Royval and Formiga, therefore it can be argued that he cleared the division from its strongest representatives. Moreno fought back in January, he's still fresh, even with tough fights with Figueiredo, and, as always, he should be expected in optimal physical condition, especially when it comes to such revenge for losses.

Brandon Moreno vs Alejandre Pantoja

Alejandre Pantoja

The second number of the rating, a guest from Rio de Janeiro, is a basic BJJ master. Even before becoming a semi-finalist of that same TUF 24, he won the AXS TV show, where RFA fighters (where he was the champion) fought against representatives of Legacy FC. Pantoja is another collector of bonuses, and this is provided that he fought against strong tops, although he was always somewhere a step away from his future counterpart, in terms of the level of opposition.


Alejandra, like many representatives of Brazil, prefers an aggressive fighting style. He is not very good at boxing, but he hits a lot, chaotically and on all floors, so his pressure does not leave opponents space in the cage. And then there is a transfer, an exit behind the back, not inferior in speed to the Flash, and suffocating. Press, beat, choke - with such a motto, he goes to fights.


Again and again we are faced with the fact that sports aggression leads to defense drawdowns. It is in the stance that Pantozha sometimes eats unacceptably many punches, although he holds them well. In addition, he will enter the fight for the first time in 5 rounds, provided that he had to fight the last time almost a year ago.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

"Cannibal" is 33 years old, he won 4 out of 5 fights, losing only to Askar Askarov in recent years. Matt Schnell, Manel Cape, Brandon Royval and Alex Perez led him to a title shot. However, earlier losses to Deiveson Figueiredo and Dustin Ortiz exposed flaws that were not further worked on. What are we talking about? All the same curve of impact and a bet on the attacking of the opposition with an attacking style. But what will happen when he is faced with someone who still made adjustments to his shortcomings, which he was able to play before?

Comparative analysis

Moreno has a small but still advantage in anthropometry: 7 cm in arm span and 5 cm in height. If we compare their skills, Brandon looks more interesting in the stand, and Alejandre is still more dangerous on the ground, due to his enormous experience in BJJ. If he still holds in his head the goal of crushing the “Kid Assassin”, as was the case in their first two meetings, then in vain. Even if they end up on the ground, in any case, the current Moreno will find how to respond to the intrigues of the Brazilian. Given this, we should expect a protracted start, because after a series of attempts to get closer, Pantozhe will have to look for other ways of influence.

This is where the hack will begin - otherwise he simply does not know how. From the center of the octagon, she will constantly move to the grid, with subsequent attempts to transfer. And at a distance, Brandon's cardio will help him feel more confident in this position. Most likely, it is not worth counting on a judicial decision, since Alejandra will not allow this to happen: he will either tear the enemy apart himself, or drown in oxygen starvation, trying to do it. That is, the Brazilian's victory will most likely happen before the start of the 4th round due to Moreno's mistake (he is still a master at creating drama), if not, then the finish from the Mexican will follow in a round, maximum two, later.

Brandon Moreno vs Alejandre Pantoja Prediction

Two patient, uncompromising and hungry fighters will meet in a cage. This fundamental duel really has every chance not to reach the final gong. And if Alejandra fails to strangle Brandon, who "loves" to fall for this technique, then the champion will show him his speed qualities in the rack, and entertaining developments in mixing blows from different positions. Perhaps one of the best options would be to bet on total rounds under 4.5, but for more risky fans, you can choose values lower (total under(3.5)), because the collision promises to be hot. In the overall standings, Moreno has more leverage on his opponents, since he will no longer mindlessly eat up all his attacks. It is doubly interesting whether the psychological moments will play in this meeting. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Under (4.5) by rounds / Brandon Moreno win

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