Prediction for the fight Brandon Moreno vs Deiveson Figueiredo

How often do we talk about tetralogy in MMA? It is unlikely that someone will offhand name at least 2-3 cases when two fighters brought out the best so many times, however, history is happening right before our eyes. At the first numbered event of 2023 - UFC 283, reigning flyweight champion Deiveson Figueiredo will enter the cage to put a long-awaited end to interim champ Brandon Moreno.

A draw in their first meeting, and one victory on each side forced the promotion management to organize this confrontation for the fourth time, and on January 22 one of them will still take the title and be able to call himself the undisputed, dominant king in the category up to 56.7 kg . This is one of the most difficult fights for any predictions, but this is what attracts the attention of the public, who miss the unique duels in the UFC octagon.

Brandon Moreno vs Deiveson Figueiredo

Brandon Moreno

No. 1 and interim champion, Brandon had a solid track record of accomplishments even before he made his UFC debut. He became the owner of the LFA and WFF league titles (three belt defenses), reached the final of the TUF show, reached the black belt level in BJJ, and after his debut in the world's top promotion, he was nominated 6 times for bonuses for the best fights and performances of the evening. This is not counting the fact that “Kid Assassin” had a number of fights with the tops of his weight class, demonstrating great fights.


In the flyweight division, talking about cardio athletes is inappropriate, but in the case of Brandon, we take into account fights at the highest pace for 15-25 minutes, with a significant level of damage received in them. And even in such conditions, he manages to maintain good speed until the very end.

Moreno is good at taking positions on the ground floor, however, his favorite maneuver is a swift exit behind his back and a choke. 11 out of 20 early victories, he got it that way.

When "Kid Assassin" is not flirting and working to win, you can see a polished jab with a deuce in his performance, as well as an excellent sense of distance. Quick cuts and moving to a safe distance, diluting the situation with kicks, repeatedly allowed him to take entire episodes in battles.


If on the ground Brandon skillfully gets out of the most difficult situations, then in the standing position his careless attitude to missed punches is sometimes surprising. Recently, he does not even see sweeping sidelines, falling into knockdowns, which, in meetings with punchers, forces him to solve current problems, and not follow the game plan.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Moreno is 29 years old, he spent his last fight in July 2022, defeating Kai Cara France, and before that he had a chance to clash with Figueiredo three times in a row, organizing a personal score of 1:1:1 with him. Is Brandon ready to show off something new in the cage? Most likely, he can hone certain aspects of the fight a little, but this guy has already given out his physical maximum. Almost everything in this case will depend on the strategy, as well as a clear understanding that the time to be creative and take risks has passed. If "Assassin" understands this and can keep his cool, then we may well see the best version of him in years.

Brandon Moreno vs Deiveson Figueiredo

Deiveson Figueiredo

The two-time undisputed champion hails from Brazil, is a top P4P, BJJ black belt, and is one of the few in his weight class to have a knockout punch. Deiveson killed such strong opponents as Joseph Benavidez, Tim Elliott and others, but he proved his absolute solvency as the leader of the division in battles with Moreno.


Due to the impressive muscle mass, Daveson generates powerful blows, and his technical arsenal allows him to do this both with his hands (including elbows) and legs (kicks, knees, and so on). It is due to the power of his striking technique that he is the most serious weapon, regardless of the duration of the battle.

The Brazilian cleared the lion's share of the opposition on his way to the belt precisely through the use of submissions. He doesn't reinvent the wheel and finishes opponents with rear naked choke guillotines, which are his best.

Let's not forget that Figueiredo has lost only twice in his entire career, and now he makes significantly fewer mistakes than before. The experience gained in previous battles and excellent physical data make him an ideal MMA fighter.


Despite the general impeccability, it was in the context of confrontations with the Mexican that Deiveson showed gaps in defense both on the ground floor and in the stand. Periodic passivity for the sake of maintaining strength for all rounds sometimes does not give him the opportunity to fight without critical moments.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Figueiredo is 35 years old, which is a very solid indicator for his division. Despite this, the Brazilian got 3 victories in 5 fights, defeating Brandon, Alex Perez and Joseph Benavidez, as well as additionally closing meetings with the same Moreno in a draw and a loss. By the time he enters the cage, Deyveson will be in idle for a year, but at his age this is not a critical indicator, but the opportunity to come to the fight recovered and without injuries. The champion is unlikely to conquer new heights in terms of his form, but there is no doubt about his readiness to give the toughest fight to the challenger.

Comparative analysis

It makes no sense to mention once again who has superiority in anthropometry, since past experience shows that for these guys, limb length and height are not important at all. In the first meeting, Brandon and Daveson collided on a collision course, as the champion will use all his strengths in the best possible way, working as the first number, and the challenger simply wanted to prove with all his might that he was competitive. In the second fight, Moreno pressed much more seriously, while maintaining a safe distance for himself - Figueiredo crumbled because of this.

Well, in the third, Brandon heavily loaded his right hand, wanting to win an early victory in the standing position, and failed, which Daveson used ideally. Why is all this said? And to the fact that the situation in their fourth fight can unfold according to any scenario, and for the most part depend on whether Moreno is ready to keep a cool head, not to go into exchanges with a more heavily charging opponent, and try to snatch victory momentarily, taking risks . On the stand, the Mexican's jab and deuces work great, but only when he carefully prepares attacks, because the slightest slowdown becomes a catalyst for the Brazilian's instant counterattacks.

With the highest degree of probability, both will be cautious at the start, which will definitely be followed by a duel in the clinch and on the ground floor. It was there that the guys had success in past clashes, but only after the equator of the battle. And this time, you should not expect a quick denouement, because the athletes spent more than an hour of pure time with each other in the cage. The stamina and high skill of each of them will allow you to continue the meeting even after gross mistakes.

Brandon Moreno vs Deiveson Figueiredo Prediction

Contrary to all opinions and forecasts, the outcomes of past confrontations indicate that both of them have a chance to win. The most sensible betting decision would be to choose the length of the match, but there is room for risk here too. Given past experience, there is good reason to believe that the fight will go into the 4th round, where stamina and character will play a key role. A lot depends on who is the first to join the fight and feel the octagon, because distance control in their case is of key importance. In any case, a beautiful, intriguing fight awaits us, with the most unexpected outcome. Download 1xbet to your phone and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Total over 3.5 (4th round will start)

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