Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Logan Paul Fight Predictions

44-year-old legendary American boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr., who finished his career in 2017, in the status of undefeated world champion in 5 weight categories, will hold an exhibition fight with his compatriot, famous youtuber and showman, Paul Logan, on June 6, at Hard Rock Stadium (Miami). The regulations provide for a 3-round format, while Mayweather gives a serious handicap in weight – the opponent must meet 86.2 kg, and Floyd will box as a middleweight (up to 72.5 kg).

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The former world champion in the divisions from 59 kg to 69.85 kg, Floyd Mayweather Jr., completed a brilliant career on 26.08.2017, having won the 50th anniversary victory over the famous Irish mixfighter, Conor McGregor (TKO, round 10), retaining the status of an undefeated fighter.

Performing in the pro ring since 1996, "Handsome" (Floyd's nickname) defeated elite fighters of the 5 divisions, among which were such superstars as Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, Ricky Hatton, Shane Mosley, Arturo Gatti, Zab Judah, and others. BoxRec put Mayweather-Jr. on the 2nd place in the ranking of the best boxers in the world in history, regardless of the weight category.

Floyd's high-profile wins and titles helped popularize the middle divisions, which previously could not compete with the heavyweights. Fights with the participation of "Handsome" broke box office records, and the amount of fees made him the highest-paid athlete in the world (he held this status until 2018).

Mayweather Jr. right-handed, height 173 cm, arm span 183 cm. I trained under my uncle, Roger Mayweather. In the last years of his career, he competed in the welterweight division (up to 66.68 kg). Currently resides in Las Vegas.

Logan Paul

Star YoyTube blogger Logan Paul continues to promote his popularity in a new field, participating in boxing shows. Together with his younger brother Jake, an equally well-known youtuber, Logan attracted the attention of a multi-million audience to the duels in which the brothers challenge famous athletes and colleagues in the "shop".

In the debut fight of this format (25.08.2018), Logan met with the famous British video blogger, gamer and rapper, Olajide Olatunji ("KSI"), ending the fight in a draw (bloggers earned $40 million –fees that are rarely obtained by the current elite boxers participating in megafights). The stunning financial success was the catalyst for the ongoing showdown, and after a "convincing" 2-way thrash, the parties announced a rematch. This time, the" showdown " in the ring brought victory to KSI, by a split decision (09.11.2019).

Paul Logan is 26 years old (a native of Westlake, Ohio). He received the status of a professional boxer in 2018. He fights in the left-hand stand, fighting weight 90.72 kg (cruiserweight), height 188 cm. The nickname "Maverick".

Bookmakers ' odds

The bookmakers "kept the intrigue alive" by offering a bet on the Maverick victory at odds of 13. The success of Mayweather is estimated at a coefficient of 1.036. Download 1xbet, and bet on the fight.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Logan Paul Fight Prediction

The upcoming fight can only be viewed from the angle of the show, where the financial component, not the sports component, comes to the fore. It is obvious that the new project requires a continuation (box office receipts are breaking all records) and the next upset (the victory of Jake Paul over Ben Askren) will simply "bury" the further interest of the public (for decency, it is necessary to maintain at least some status quo).

No matter how indifferent to the exorbitant fees Mayweather was presented (one of the nicknames, "Money," did not appear by chance), he will not put on the line the name that he earned through many years of performances at the highest level. The maximum that Floyd could agree to, signing up for such a "fight", is the performance of the role of a "supporting actor", allowing the newly minted professional some liberties, knowing that a heavy reckoning will not follow. No wonder the format of the match was limited to 3 rounds – the prolonged "game of cat and mouse" will reveal all the artificiality of the conceived scenario.

The arguments of Paul's fans that he is almost 20 years younger and almost 20 kg heavier than his opponent can only be considered as dry statistics, which in this case has nothing to do with the real criteria for assessing the ratio of forces – they are simply incomparable.

With a high degree of probability, Mayweather will not limit the show to an early victory and will not seek to cause serious damage to the health of a talented video blogger and actor.

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