Prediction for the fight Glover Teixeira vs Jamal Hill

Just a week before UFC 282, unexpected things began to happen in the light heavyweight division. First, the reigning champion, Jiri Prochazka, dropped out of the fight against Teixeira, giving up the title, then Ankalaev and Blachowicz fought for him, but could not find the best. And now, number 7, Jamal Hill got the opportunity to fight for the still vacant belt against the same Glover.

Their showdown will headline UFC 283 in Brazil on January 22, and for the MMA public, this choice of matchmakers was rather strange. Hill, of course, deserves to be in such a position, but to see him in a title fight so soon, certainly no one expected. Whatever it was, these guys are ready to throw a bright show, where the best light heavyweight of the planet at the moment will be determined.

Glover Teixeira vs Jamal Hill

Jamal Hill

The American sportsman represents a modern school of striking techniques, where boxing is tightly coupled with Muay Thai and street style. Jamal is an ex-KOP league champion, he has a blue belt in BJJ, as well as a number of awards for the best fights and finishes of the evening (the last three meetings ended like that). Of course, Hill had to get at least 2 more victories before breaking into the title race, but the circumstances were such that UFC management had no other options.


Despite anthropometry, Jamal perfectly realizes himself in collisions at close range. Combination work, abundant use of the Thai clinch, and strikes from angles incomparable to those used by fighters in classical techniques - this approach destroys the defense of opponents and forces them to retreat.

Hill is not a big fan of high arms, as he relies on his reaction, quick feet, long limbs and core work. True, he often makes one mistake - he leaves the line of attack back, and does not cut corners.

Jamal is great at moving punches from one floor to another, pulling opponents apart, changing stances and pulling them on himself before rushing forward. The combination of these actions creates the impression of a lack of regularity in the American game plan, but it is precisely in this chaos that its essence lies.


Despite the status of an MMA fighter, "Sweet Dreams" is not at all related to the all-rounder. He was translated by the same Darko Stosic, who can hardly be called an elite wrestler. Yes, and as an attacking link on the ground floor, Hill is only good at finishing off opponents after a knockdown.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Jamal is 31 years old, and his record in the last 5 fights consists of 4 victories and one defeat received from Paul Craig. In the same fights where he managed to win, he went through the veterans: Ovins Saint Preux, Thiago Santos, Johnny Walker, who finally died out and Jimmy Cool. Hill gained a confident move, he has experience in battles in 3 and 5 rounds, however, he will meet an opponent of such an elite level for the first time, therefore all his shortcomings in defense may well play in those tones that we have not seen before.

Glover Teixeira vs Jamal Hill

Glover Teixeira

The ex-champion will enter 42 professional fights. This is one of the most titled jitters in the division, having a black belt of the 2nd degree, he became the owner of awards for the best fights, knockouts and submissions of the evening 9 times, and until the moment of winning the UFC champion belt, he smashed the league's top light heavyweight opposition for many years. Glover has beaten many former champions from Quinton Jackson to Rashad Evans.


Teixeira, contrary to all forecasts, demonstrates high-class performances in the cage, as for his age. Taking blows, he never flogs a fever, competently dries the fight and gets out of difficult situations with the help of clinches or transfers. Not a single young prospect can argue with his experience, and with physics, by the way, too.

On the ground, the Brazilian is good in everything: holding positions, changing them, consistently entering tricks, and also a furious ground and pound, due to which he also forces opponents to go into a dead defense, opening up approaches to submissions.

Glover is amazingly able to recover during the course of the battle. By the middle of the fight, the veteran starts to slow down, but in the championship rounds it seems to open up a second wind and continue to put pressure. This ability has repeatedly led him to triumph.


No matter how much we praise Teixeira, age takes its toll. In his last performance, it was clearly noticeable that the Brazilian was not keeping up with his high-speed counterpart, his reaction to blows, which was not the best anyway, slowed down, and Glover also lost his mobility. Veteran's jaw is still good, but it's getting harder to sustain damage.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

The ex-champion turned 43 years old, but despite this, in 7 extreme confrontations, he lost only once. Having defeated Anthony Smith, Thiago Santos, Jan Blachowicz and Nikita Krylov, Teixeira made his way to the throne, but it was really difficult for him to cope with Jiri Prochazka. In addition, he was unlikely to level the heaviest damage received in the fight with the Czech during such a time.

Comparative analysis

Glover, as was the case in most of his performances, is inferior to his opponent in size: 8 cm in arm span and 5 cm in height. The ex-champion is no stranger to working with such opponents, so this gap will not cause him global problems. In the standing position, Teixeira is clearly inferior to Hill in terms of speed and power, and he also rarely kicks and certainly will not be able to strike with knees from the clinch, using some non-standard angles in order to catch his counterpart by surprise.

However, Glover will be able to have a directly proportional impact on Jamal through transfers and total control on the ground. There is not the slightest doubt that Teixeira will definitely succeed in being on the ground. The American’s defense is far from the best level, and if at the start he can stop transfers due to his superiority in size, then in the end each approach will end for him with tedious attempts to defend himself and stay on his feet.

After a crazy battle with Prochazka, meetings with Blachowicz and other monsters of the division, Teixeira is unlikely to have to solve any new tasks that Hill could offer him. Standard handwork on closes, spam transfers and ground and pound along with submissions will do the trick. But Jamal will face a number of innovations, and in this case, an exceptionally quick end to the fight can save him.

Glover Teixeira vs Jamal Hill Prediction

In four dozen professional bouts, Glover only made a mistake once, flying into a knockout at 13 seconds of a meeting with Anthony Johnson. In all other cases, he always strictly adhered to the same strategy, which worked flawlessly, both with strikers and wrestlers. Considering that Hill has a similar throwing style to Jiri, it will be interesting to see how well he can defend against the Brazilian's sweeping shots.

As mentioned earlier, there is no good reason to believe that a basic striker will suddenly learn how to level 100% of takedowns. Therefore, in any case, Teixeira will be able to gain a foothold from above and gradually begin to move to more advantageous positions for holding the reception. This will happen, perhaps not in the first round, but this fight is unlikely to last all 5 rounds. We are waiting for either a finish from Glover, or a swift knockout from Hill. So, for betting, we use two options: the victory of the underdog, or the early end of the fight by any of its participants. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Early victory of Glover Teixeira/Total Under 4.5

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