Zenit vs CSKA. Defending champion match with the most titled club in the league

The central match of the next round of the VTB United League, in which Zenit St. Petersburg will host CSKA Moscow, will take place on November 1, 2022. Play the winner of last season and his vice-champion. The game will take place on the floor of the Sibur Arena sports complex in St. Petersburg.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Zenit vs CSKA


Pitertsy lost to UNICS in the first match of the season. It was a return from heaven to earth for the reigning champion. Then the St. Petersburg team won five times in a row. Now Zenit with a balance of 5/1 takes third place in the VTB United League.

The Blue-White-Blues have improved very well in recent years. Of course, one cannot belittle the merits of Pascual here. With this mentor, Zenith shone. This season it would be good to defend the title. The team has the best defense in the competition to date and fourth offense.

Caleb Homesley entered the symbolic five of the tour before last. He marked himself in the match against Samara with seven accurate shots from behind the arc. His efforts helped Zenit win back 11 points behind Samara and win.


Muscovites go first in the competition table. After six matches, they are undefeated. Only UNICS can boast of a similar achievement this season of the VTB United League, but Kazan has a worse point difference, so they are second.

In the last game year, the "soldiers" reached the final of the playoffs of the championship and lost to Zenit there. There is reason to believe that CSKA basketball players are now very angry at their counterparts from the banks of the Neva. It would be good to beat Petrograders powerfully on their territory. The capital's basketball players are approaching this battle with the best numbers in terms of attack in the league and with the third defense.

Nikola Milutinov made it to the top five of the tour before last. He was very good in the match against Avtodor. On his account in this battle, 16 points, eight rebounds and 27 points of efficiency on the floor. The Swede also went to the new team of the best of the best. Alexei had 16 points, four rebounds, eight assists and a KPI of 26 in the meeting with Yenisei.

Zenit vs CSKA

History of the confrontation

The teams met ten times last season. One of the battles took place in the Euroleague. CSKA basketball players were stronger in it. Then the clubs fought twice in the regular season of the VTB League and upset each other once. The remaining seven fights took place in the final of the tournament. Zenit won that series 4-3. In the summer, Petersburgers were twice more stronger than Muscovites. First it was in the main match of the Gomel Cup, and then in the final of the VTB Super Cup.

Odds from download 1xbet

Bookmakers do not see a clear favorite in the match, although they believe in the owners of the site a little more. For the victory of Zenit they give 1.88, and the success of CSKA is estimated at 2.025. Bets on Total under 159.5 are multiplied by 2. Overcoming this bar on points costs the same amount. The odds on handicap 2 (-3) is 2.05. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

There are equal opponents. It is possible that they have the best lineups in the VTB United League today. There are bright personalities and well-coordinated team actions here. St. Petersburg go on a series of five victories, but in the last match they almost lost. The club still lacks stability and composure, while CSKA is in perfect order in this regard. Guests will make fewer mistakes and be able to get the seventh consecutive victory in the tournament (Win 2). They will do it confidently. There will be no intrigue at the end of the match - Handicap 2 (-3). At the same time, the Petersburgers will be true to themselves and show great work in defense, making the total score on the scoreboard relatively modest - Total Under (159.5).

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