Zenit vs UNICS. Principal confrontation in the VTB United League semi-finals

The second semi-final confrontation within the framework of the VTB United League begins. Zenit held a very high quality regular drawing of competitions. He swung for first place, but lost all his advantage right at the finish line. It is for this reason that the team approached the playoff stage as angry as possible, charged to fight. In addition, the removal from the Euroleague could very seriously unload the calendar, retained a large amount of strength and emotion.

UNICS this season outplayed almost all the giants, and stumbled in matches with outsiders. Therefore, the third place in the standings was a completely natural result. At the same time, the team performs very well on the road, which can become a trump card in decisive battles. On May 6, the rivals will meet on the floor of the Sibur Arena in St. Petersburg.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Zenit vs UNICS


Zenit was very confident in the regular championship, but the finish segment still failed, so he could not stay in first place in the standings. Now he will try to improve qualitatively for this in front of the fans who were waiting for the victory in the regular season as well. The team will try to completely seize the initiative from the very start of the most important series, in order to then calmly bring things to the final of the competition. Relegation at the semi-final stage for such an ambitious team will be a complete failure.

In the quarterfinals of the tournament, basketball players literally destroyed the Yenisei. They outplayed the opponent in each of the three matches - 104:55, 83:75 and 82:55. Therefore, now the team will try to demonstrate the strength of its defensive line. The size of the defensive players allows them to dominate under the basket and control the situation.


UNICS is one of the brightest teams in the VTB United League; in terms of play, it has practically no equal. But he is too often carried away by the attack, sometimes he completely forgets about the defense of his own possessions. And against Zenit it can be very dangerous. The team will try to adjust its tactical scheme specifically for the upcoming opponent. She performs quite well on the road throughout the season. Therefore, now the team will focus on high-quality protection. You need to work on the reliability of the defensive line, otherwise the opponent can simply endure it, push through his line. In the quarterfinal round, the team quite calmly left the Yenisei out of work. She won all three matches with a clear advantage - 106:76, 97:59 and 88:79. But now a much more serious test of strength awaits.

Zenit vs UNICS

History of the confrontation

Up to this point, the teams have faced each other 26 times in various tournaments, crossed paths in friendly matches. A slight advantage in the history of this confrontation is on the side of UNICS, which turned out to be stronger in 14 meetings. 12 fights were left for Zenit. The last head-to-head match took place in March 2022. Then the teams met among themselves on the floor of the Basket Hall in Kazan. The club from St. Petersburg won with a score of 84:80. And the best player of that meeting was Khezonya, who scored 27 points, made 10 rebounds and gave three assists.

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Zenit is the favorite of this confrontation. Therefore, in the opening match, he looks preferable. It is offered to bet on the victory of the hosts of the parquet with a coefficient of 1.65. UNICS initially approaches the battle in the status of an underdog. But the Kazan club may well surprise you unpleasantly, present a sensation. To bet on a potential victory of the guests is given with a coefficient of 2.364. The base total of the fight was set at around 156.5 points. You can bet on its penetration, as well as on the reverse option, with a coefficient of 1.92. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

Zenit is a representative of the defensive style of the game, so he will try to act with extreme caution. He will not open up, he will try to wait for his chance. But UNICS, on the contrary, will try to instantly demolish the opponent with aggression and desire. The clash of two opposing play styles promises to be fierce and very interesting. One gets the feeling that the home court will play a key role in this confrontation. We predict that the victory will go to the treasury of the hosts.

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