Lokomotiv Kuban vs CSKA. Will the hosts be able to extend the series at least for a match?

The first semi-final pair in the VTB United League is not particularly pleased with the intrigue and struggle. Lokomotiv-Kuban is in a difficult position, as it is inferior in the series with CSKA with a score of 0-2 in matches. The next mistake could be fatal, completely cross out all chances to save the situation. Therefore, it is time for the club from Krasnodar to connect hidden reserves if it does not want to leave the fight for the title ahead of time.

The Moscow "army" everything is in perfect order. The team is gaining momentum from match to match and looks more and more powerful. She expects to calmly close the current confrontation in order to have more time to prepare for the final "boss". On May 10, the rivals will clash with each other in the third match of the series.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Lokomotiv Kuban vs CSKA

Lokomotiv Kuban

Lokomotiv-Kuban looks very interesting, but frankly it is of little use. He loses in the series and runs the risk of finally flying past the final in the next match. The coaching staff tried to correct the mistakes of the first game, but in the end drove themselves into an even more serious impasse. It is no longer possible to get out of it, this must be objectively understood. But there is a chance to loudly slam the door in front of the native audience. The team definitely would not want to leave the tournament with a "steering wheel" in such an interesting series.

Moreover, the first fight gave quite a serious reason for optimism. The team should forget about the defense of their own possessions and lean heavily on the opponent's ring in order to confuse them with their own activity. An inert game can only finally finish off the “railroad workers”.


CSKA does not allow itself to stumble during the playoffs. The team looks just great, smartly uses its capabilities. She looks much stronger and more confident than her competitors. It is for this reason that even on the road the dominance of the “army men” is beyond doubt. They will try to seize the initiative from the very first minutes, calmly bring things to the final of the competition.

Leaders in the course of the current series are showing themselves just great. The Moscow club has several top basketball players at once, decisive moments due to individual skill. They are happy to take the initiative, do not hesitate to make non-standard decisions. In addition, the "soldiers" have an incredibly powerful bench, people from which come out and really enhance the game, show solid basketball.

Lokomotiv Kuban vs CSKA

History of the confrontation

Now the history of this rivalry has 38 head-to-head matches. CSKA dominates and continues to increase its advantage. The Moscow club has managed to outplay the opponent 29 times, does not let them in and does not allow to close the gap, but only makes it more impressive. But Lokomotiv-Kuban has froze at the mark of nine victories, it cannot move from this "dead center" in any way. The last head-to-head match took place on May 7 and ended with a convincing victory for the “army team” with a score of 86:72.

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At home, Lokomotiv Kuban does not look like a favorite, but they give it more chances for a final victory than on the road. To place a bet on a possible victory of the hosts of the parquet is given with a coefficient of 2.84. CSKA continues to be considered the clear favorite, but with a slight increase in quotations. Guests are offered to bet on a potential victory with a coefficient of 1.48. The base total of the match was set at 169.5 points. You can bet on its penetration with a coefficient of 1.85, and the reverse option is estimated at 1.95. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

CSKA is cruising close to the end of the series in its favor. It is noticeable how confidently the team holds the threads of the game in their own hands. She calmly owns the initiative and competently manages her opportunities. The leaders have turned on to the maximum and do not allow opponents to breathe freely. The amplification also turned out to be very high-quality, the new basketball players quickly fit into the tactical schemes and are of great benefit. Lokomotiv-Kuban has practically resigned itself to the fact that the semi-final stage will be a beautiful finish to the current competition draw. She will try to oppose something to her opponent, but she is unlikely to cope with this task. We predict that the final victory will remain with the guests with a handicap of (-5.5) points.

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