Olympia Milano vs Zenit. What will please the only match of the 19th round of the Euroleague?

The Euroleague is going through the most difficult times, as almost all matches are postponed due to the coronavirus. Some clubs cannot even collect a full application to take part in the meeting. But the only match of the 19th round of the regular competition promises to be very interesting. Olympia Milano began to lose often, which negatively affects the emotional state of basketball players. At the start of the tournament, she churned out victories and looked just great. But over time, it became clear that resources for the entire season may simply not be enough, you need to learn how to correctly distribute your forces over the entire distance.

Zenith issued a series of four victories in a row and is definitely not going to stop there. The leaders have rebooted and are again swaggering over their rivals, acting very powerfully. Therefore, even on the road, the club from St. Petersburg may well surprise. On January 7, the opponents will converge on the floor of the Mediolanum arena in Milan. 

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Olympia Milano vs Zenit

Olympia Milano

Olympia Milano is in a difficult position, as some of the key performers still flew to the infirmary. In addition, a very difficult match of the national championship had to be held this week. There it came to overtime, in which the team still achieved the coveted victory. But you need to be aware that a huge amount of effort and emotion was spent. It will be almost impossible to reboot in a short period of time.

Probably, in the upcoming match, the reservists will have to give more game practice, since the leaders who have eaten up will definitely not be able to spend an overwhelming amount of time on the court. In such a situation, the team will try to bet on defense, will try to knit the most dangerous opponents hand and foot.


Zenith is gaining momentum with each match and looks more convincing. Only in the Euroleague, he issued a streak of four victories in a row. But the defeat in the VTB United League (67:77 from PARMA) speaks precisely of the fact that the team's main emphasis is on playing in the international arena. The coaching staff deliberately gave some rest to the leaders, who are playing well this season. The team understands very well that it is now very important to get closer to the top of the Euroleague standings, which will allow them to gain the advantage of the home court in the playoffs. In addition, the experience of the Spanish mentor Pascual works amazingly, he takes his rivals apart, finds their weaknesses well and tries to use them for his own purposes. Therefore, even now he will definitely be able to find pain points.

Olympia Milano vs Zenit

History of the confrontation

The teams up to this point have already crossed each other four times in the vastness of the professional stage. Twice the victory went to Olympia Milano's piggy bank, and the team dominated at the start of this rivalry. But after that Zenit completely seized the initiative, won the remaining two meetings. The last face-to-face match took place in November 2021, when the rivals met each other on the floor of the Sibur Arena in St. Petersburg. The Russian team played this match just fine and sent the victory to their piggy bank with a score of 74:70. It is noteworthy that at the moment the team that accepts the opponent on the home floor invariably wins.

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Despite external factors, the favorite of this rivalry is precisely Olimpia Milano, who has the advantage of the home court. You can place a bet on its victory with the odds of 1.44. But Zenit goes to Italy in the status of a "dark horse", which can even play into his hands. The guests will bet on potential victoria with the odds of 2.93. The basic total of the fight was set at 148.5 points. Both available outcomes offer to play with odds of 1.94. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

The bookmaker's belief in Olympia looks rather odd considering the teams' recent results. Zenith caught the courage and looks really convincing. He churns out victories and makes his way to the top of the standings. The team is excellent at taking advantage of the weakness of its competitors. Therefore, now the team from St. Petersburg must demonstrate high-quality basketball. We predict that Zenit will outplay the rival and send Victoria to its fifth in a row.

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