Amur vs Metallurg. Will Magnitogorsk be able to put a winning point in this series?

The cup confrontation between Amur and Metallurg reached the sixth match. This time the teams will play on March 11 in Khabarovsk, on the ice of the local Platinum Arena. At the moment the score in the series is 3-2 in favor of Metallurg.

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No matter how the current series ends, it is already worth noting that Amur showed his best result in the playoffs in the entire existence of the KHL. Before this, the Khabarovsk team were eliminated twice in the first round, losing to Omsk Avangard 0-4 in the 2011/12 season, and 1-4 to Ak Bars Kazan in the 2017/18 season. Now the Khabarovsk team has already been able to beat the best team in the Eastern Conference twice, and the series continues, so Amur can still lay claim to more.

While this confrontation follows one scenario, Metallurg takes the lead, Amur is in the role of catching up. This was done twice, and one of the victories was won in Magnitogorsk. Having started the series with a 1-2 away defeat, Amur was stronger in the next match, defeating Metallurg with a score of 3-2. History repeated itself in Khabarovsk, where Amur again initially lost 2-3, but then played a great match that ended in a convincing victory 5-2. Now the Khabarovsk team has no room for error; a 1-3 defeat in the fifth match put Amur on the brink of elimination from the cup, so they need to win at home.


The excellent performance of Andrei Razin's team during the regular season automatically placed Metallurg among the main contenders for victory in the Gagarin Cup. The final first place in the East sent the Ural club to a rendezvous with Amur, which guaranteed Metallurg at least one flight to Khabarovsk. Taking into account the tight schedule of games in the playoffs, and teams have to play every other day, such a flight is clearly not good for the team.

As the course of this series showed, the matter was not limited to one visit to Khabarovsk. Metallurg started the first round with a 2-1 home victory, but failed to build on the success. In the second match, Amur was stronger, beating Magnitka with a score of 3-2. In Khabarovsk, the rivals again exchanged victories, thus extending the series to at least six matches. To some extent, the sixth match of the series, held in Magnitogorsk, became the key one. Metallurg finally confirmed its status as a favorite, deciding the outcome of the match by the middle of the second period. Three goals scored by Geraskin, Kantserov and Yurov allowed Metallurg to calmly finish the match. At the end of the match, Amur scored one goal, but this goal did not affect the overall impression of Metallurg’s confident play.

Amur vs Metallurg


Metallurg under Razin has significantly changed its game philosophy, starting to play in a more attacking manner. This applies to away games as well, in the last 10 away games Metallurg hockey players managed to score 30 times, scoring an average of three goals per game. Individual Total 2 over (2.5) 1.84. In Khabarovsk Metallurg traditionally plays quite successfully, in the last 10 games managed to win 6 victories. The history of confrontation between Amur and Metallurg in the KHL totals 40 games. Metallurg has 30 wins in these games, while Amur has been stronger in 10 meetings. The puck difference is 139 - 73 in favour of Metallurg.

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Despite the away status of the game, Metallurg approaches this game as a clear favourite, with odds to win at 2.1. By comparison, the odds for Amur to win in regulation time are 3.3. Judging by the statistics, draws in this rivalry are extremely rare (four times in forty games played). You can bet on a draw and subsequent overtime at odds of 3.7. As for the expected performance, 1xbet experts offer the following quotes: total more (4.5) - 1.76, total less (4.5) - 2.05. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

Despite the higher class of Metallurg's hockey players, it won't be easy for Andrei Razin's team in Khabarovsk. Even having lost in the last match with a difference of two goals, Amur was not inferior to Metallurg in the game, outplaying the Urals in shots on target 35 to 27. The Khabarovsk team has nothing to lose, the need to win will drive the team forward, so the game will be open, with goals scored in both directions. Our prediction is Total Over 4.5 with odds of 1.76.

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