Ak Bars vs Amur. Will the Khabarovsk club be able to fight the favorite of the championship?

Kazan's Ak Bars will open the second month of the KHL regular championship with a home match against Khabarovsk's Amur. The meeting will take place on October 1 on the ice of the Kazan Tatneft Arena.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Ak Bars vs Amur

Ak Bars

The Kazan club rolls into the season quite hard, periodically losing points out of the blue. Star newcomers are clearly not at ease yet, with the exception of Radulov, who scored five goals, the rest of the potential stars are in the shadows. Vadim Shipachev, the KHL's top goalscorer in recent years, has only scored two goals so far, which clearly doesn't match his level. Nevertheless, the high class of Ak Bars hockey players affects, many matches of the current championship were won precisely due to the individual skill of individual players.

Paradoxically, the most confident victory of the Bars this season came in an away match against the current holder of the Gagarin Cup. The capital's army team was defeated with a score of 5-1, the remaining six victories in the championship were won by Oleg Znarka's wards in a more stubborn struggle. The defeats of the Kazan club for the starting month of the championship accumulated much less. On the road, Barça lost to Dynamo Moscow 0-2, while at home they lost to Spartak Moscow 0-2 and Dynamo Minsk 2-3. At the moment, Ak Bars has 15 points and the current third place in their conference. In the East, Barça are second only to Metallurg and Avtomobilist, with 18 and 17 points respectively.


If Ak Bars is expected to at least reach the final, then the dreams of the Khabarovsk club are much more modest. Four seasons in a row, Amur finishes the season ahead of schedule, finishing outside the cup eight. So far, there are no special prerequisites for a qualitative leap upwards. The transfer campaign was more like patching holes than actual reinforcement. Amur's financial possibilities are also limited, which leaves a certain imprint on the formation of the team. The attack does not work properly again, 19 goals scored in 11 matches played is far from the result with which you can qualify for the playoffs.

If we are looking for positive changes compared to last year, then here we should pay attention to a more successful game on the road. If the last few seasons, Amur was considered a purely home team, scoring points on the road on major holidays, then the current championship has somewhat changed the situation. Of the four victories in the current championship, Amur won three on the road, while at home out of five matches played, the Khabarovsk team won only one. Thus, with 9 points scored, Amur is tenth in the East, ahead of only the frankly failed Neftekhimik.

Ak Bars vs Amur


Seventeen times the rivals met in Kazan and only once, in the already distant 2013, Amur managed to take away the victory from the capital of Tatarstan. The overall statistics of the games is also not in favor of Amur, 33 fights, of which 25 were won by Ak Bars and only 8 by Amur. Last season, both games of the opponents turned out to be stubborn, but still the class of the teams affected. Ak Bars won both at home 3-2 and away 2-1.

Odds from download 1xbet

The bookmaker has practically no doubts that the owners of the ice will win, having put a frankly low odds of 1.34 on Ak Bars. For comparison, Amur's possible victory is estimated at 8.2, and a draw at the end of regular time - 5.6. But evaluating the expected performance of 1xbet bookmaker, it does not give a clear advantage in any direction: Total over (4.5) - 1.81, Total under (4.5) - 1.97. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

Ak Bars is noticeably stronger, but, as the opening games of the championship show, the Kazan team is still far from its optimal shape. In the upcoming game, Bars will have to overcome the defensive barriers of Cupid, who often takes his toll with a massive, viscous defense game. The games between these rivals last season followed a similar scenario, when Barca struggled to win by one goal. Our forecast is Amur's victory with a handicap (+2.5) with a coefficient of 1.59.

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